The Billionaire CEO

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Lunch Time

A dark-haired waitress walks up to our table and introduces herself "Hello, My name is Paris. I will be your waitress this afternoon. What can I get you to drink today?"

"Whiskey on the rocks" Danny answers.

"Bourbon for me, thank you" Cory says.

Steven just says "Scotch."

Bailey chimes in "Diet coke for me please."

"Ice tea, no lemon" I reply.

She nods "I will be right back with those."

Danny looks at me and asks "Not a drinker?"

"Haven't had a lot of chances yet, but I will explore them soon. Don't want to get a hold of something that might not settle with my stomach good" I reply.

"You don't need to start" Danny says "As soon as you are pregnant, you will not be able to touch alcohol at all anyway."

"Are you trying to call the shots with me already?" I challenge him.

He leans forward, locking eyes with me. His dark brown eyes are showing that he knows he is in control of this question.

"Your not allowed to have it while you are pregnant with my child. The doctor's orders will also say it" he smugly replies.

"Yeah, I can see where this will be going" I coil up into myself.

"Where's that" he asks with his eyes on fire like someone just smacked him across the face.

"You are going to start telling me what to eat, then what you want me to wear eventually, huh?" I demand.

"As long as you eat what the doctor says is fine, then I won't say a word. If you go off and start doing things that you do not suppose to, then yes, I will step in, taking over at that point. I want the best health for both of you. I figure within a month after we're married, you will be pregnant anyway" he says in a snarky tone.

I lock eyes then shockingly look at him "Um, why do you say that?"

He smiles "Between the fertility shots you will be receiving plus us doing to multiple times a day, then I say there's a huge possibility of that."

I drop my head, blushing hard at what just came out of his mouth. It shocked me but was also kind of embarrassing. His brothers laugh as they look at us.

Steven catches his breath and asks "Damn man, what are you going to do? Be a machine or something? How many times a day are you talking about? You know you will have to work some of the time correct?"

Danny glares at him, making him shut up immediately. He knew he overstepped his bounds on that question big time.

"Now" Danny regains his composure "Back to the other business we need to take care of."

Just then the waitress comes back with our drinks setting them down.

"May I take your orders" she asks in a very polite voice.

Steven's the first to speak up "I want the all-you-can-eat shrimp, baked potato with the Cesar salad."

Cory is next "I'll take the ravioli along with the garlic bread."

Then Danny "Twenty-ounce rib-eye, steamed vegetables, and the Cesar Salad."

"Potato soup for me, please" Bailey says in a quiet voice.

Cory looks at her in shock "You are going to order more than that. Can you eat lobster?"

"I guess I have never had it" Bailey shrugs while still in her quiet voice.

Cory turns to the waitress "Give her the lobster plate with a baked potato plus whatever salad she wants."

"Uh..." Bailey looks at him with shock on her face.

"No arguments" he says "You are going to try it to see how much you like it."

"House salad with ranch dressing will be fine" she adds.

Danny looks at me and says "You had better not cheap out on me either, or I will be ordering your food also."

"I'll have the grilled rainbow trout, steamed vegetables along with the house salad with blue cheese please" looking at him as I say this.

"Good choice. You like fish?" he asks me.

"Yes, trout is my favorite one" I reply.

"Well" he fires back at me "At least I know you have good taste in food."

I narrow my eyes at him while answering "I like different varieties of food. Just didn't have the money to buy things like this all the time. Some of us were not born with silver spoons in our mouths, you know."

The waitress looks at us in a bit of shock but says "Thank you, I will go put your orders in."

She walks away then Danny turns back to me again with hard eyes and his jaw set.

"Now, where were we?" he says roughly "Oh, yeah, our business we needed to attend to."

"Oh, which one are you referring to now" I say smugly.

He reaches in his coat pocket, pulling out a box. He hands it to me, so I open it. When I see what's inside, I gasp. It is an engagement ring with a massive stone surrounded by a pink flower on each side lined with diamonds.

"This is your engagement ring. Our wedding bands will be given and exchanged when we get married in a few days." his eyes are softer now as he looks at me.

He takes it out of the box, sliding it on my finger, then kisses my hand as it sends shivers up my arm and through my body. Smiling as he holds my hand for a short time, but when he lets go, the weight of the ring becomes a realization on my hand. It is heavy but also very beautiful.

"I have picked out mine as well" he adds "I hope you like yours?"

"It's gorgeous. I didn't expect anything like this though" looking at the most expensive ring I have ever seen that now sits on my finger.

"We are to be married" he scoffs "We have to do everything just like we are going through this like lovers. The press will know a difference if we don't."

"Well don't the press know something anyway?" I ask "I mean; it was in the papers, so they know you are only after a child."

"To make it where everyone knows that I have committed to one lady for a year or two, yes, I want to make sure that these women know that I have made my decision so there is nothing they can do about it" staring at the wall.

I sigh "Yeah, I guess we do have to do this the right way, don't we?"

"Don't act sad about this; you knew what this arrangement was before you signed the contract. You body to have my child, for the huge amount of money you will be getting after the contract is filled" he adds.

"I know, it is just everything is happening so fast, it is hard to wrap my head around everything right now. I am not used to moving a million miles an hour at one time" looking at Bailey.

"I know it is fast; just go with the flow, and everything will work out fine" he touches my hand softly.

Steven looks at me with compassion "You will be fine, Danielle. You are a fast learner, so with the tutor, I think you will be ready for the wedding, plus everything else will be straightforward."

"Can I ask a question?" Bailey looks at Cory.

"Of course" he says with his light tone.

"Why is he getting a child this way? Your family is filthy rich; you all are handsome and can have any woman you want at any time. Why this way?" she scrunches up her nose.

"Well, thank you for that compliment on being handsome" Cory blushes.

She also blushes, turning her head a little trying to hide it from him.

"I don't want the emotional ties that come with having a wife. I just want a woman to have my child; then, they are free of the contract. If she wants to be in the child's life, she will have visitation rights. If she wants to walk away and never have anything to do with her child again, she is free to do that choice also" Danny answers.

"But how can that work?" Bailey looks at him in shock "How can you not feel any emotions for a woman that you will be making love to over and over again? You are saying I do, till death do you part. How can someone just cut off every emotion like that without feeling nothing?"

They all chuckled at her outburst of questions to where she doesn't even take a breath while they all come out one after another.

"Men can do things that does not require emotional connections" Danny answers "It can be done between two partners like that where there can be no love there, just the feeling of being able to have what you want when you want it. I'm also not a person who can fall in love. I never have had the feelings for anyone and don't plan on it in the future."

"You will love your child, right" she rares back "So your one of those fuck them, then leave them types that I have always been warned about by my parents and sister?"

"Loving a child is different from loving a woman" he pinches the bridge of his nose.

"How? I don't see how...." she gets cut off by me, covering her mouth then shaking my head. She looks at me while sighing.

"Your sister is very bright for being so young" Danny's eyes dance a little at her, charging into the questions as she did.

"I am eighteen, thank you" she snaps at him.

"Bailey, enough" glaring at her.

Our salads are brought out, so I am glad to hush to eat for a while. It was getting a little heated in that conversation, plus I didn't particularly appreciate where it was going at all. When the salads are completed, the main courses come out. I moan a little as the fish hits my mouth. It is perfect, and the rest of my food, Danny looks at me with a heated look, so I quickly hush then continue eating. When we are finished, the bill is paid as the call comes in saying the limo is waiting to take us to the doctor's appointment.

"I am coming too. My work at the office is finished for the day; I have no meetings for this afternoon. I want to see what the doctor says anyway" he holds Bailey's hand as she blushes hard.

He stands up, offering her his arm; still blushing, she wraps her dainty hand around his colossal arm then they exit the room together. I stand up to smooth my dress down.

"She is full of questions, isn't she?" he asks as he stands up.

"Yes, she does not quite understand what I am doing, among other things. She is still young, inexperienced but has a good head on her shoulders" replying to him.

"Well, if my brother has anything to do with it, she will not be for long. As you can see, he is smitten with her" he smiles while saying this. I shoot him a glare, but he just stares right back at me. Finally, he smiles as I turn to leave. "He is a good one though" he adds "He is not like the rest of us. He believes in love, commitment, and marriage. If they stay together, he will do everything in his power to keep her happy."

"Unlike you" I snarl "Now, if you would please excuse me, we have to stay on your tight schedule you have laid out for us today."

He chuckles as he lays down the tip for the waitress then offers me his arm. Not like I have a choice, I take it as he escorts me to the waiting limo. He kisses my cheek then helps me into the car.

"The doctor is waiting for you to arrive. See all of you when you get back home later" his eyes are looking a little relaxed for once.

I nod as he shuts the door. The car pulls off, and I see Bailey sitting very close to Cory, her eyes dancing with excitement but with a little fear behind them. We pull up to the office and walk in together. The receptionist sees Cory smiling big; then the door is opened immediately to where we are taken back into a room without even signing in, paperwork, or waiting in the room, which is filled with people.

"What? No paperwork or waiting to be called back?" looking at him in shock.

"No, they know us here, so it is not required" he answers.

We sit there for only a few minutes before the doctor comes in, greeting Cory with a huge smile and a complicated handshake.

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