The Billionaire CEO

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Doctor Visit

“Hello, Mr. Tucker. How is everything with your family?” the doctor asks.

“We are all doing good Chris. How is your family doing?” Cory asks back.

“Fine as usual. So who is the pretty lady you have brought with you today to see us?” he asks looking at Bailey.

“My name is Bailey, sir” she answers in a nervous voice.

“Looks like according to your charts I have been sent that you have stage 1 leukemia and a benign tumor that needs to be removed?” flipping through the paperwork. She nods “Let’s take some tests real quick to make it more current and to also make sure that it hasn’t progressed any more. I have some of the newest medication that I can put you on depending on what these test say.”

They leave to go do the test he needs done and I cross my arms looking at Cory hard.

“Don’t break her heart. She’s young and very inexperienced at this.”

“I do not plan to. She is a wonderful person plus I like her a lot” he stares at me.

“You do and I will make your life a living hell for the next year while I am stuck with your snobby ass brother” barking at him.

He laughs the straightens up in his chair to his full height. He is tall, muscular and very fit for being on the younger side.

“Don’t threaten a lion darling. You know how powerful we are, and can make your life just a horrible if I want to. I do not care that all you are doing is having my niece or nephew, my bite can be just as hard as you can dish out” he warns.

“I know you can. With a snap of a finger, I have heard the rumors along with all the stories that come off of the papers and magazines that I would find in the trash. She is my sister so I will do everything I can to protect her. I would die if I needed to” I bark back at him.

“I am sure you would. If you have seen and read things, then you know we get what we want, when we want it. We are not someone you want to cross in any way, shape or form” he snaps off.

Just then the door reopens as they walk back in.

“It looks like she is still in a good spot for treatment. Instead of radiation, she will be given a pill for a couple of months. It should kill all the cancer cells along with the cancer itself. When she is free of that, we will operate to remove the tumor before it grows any bigger doing damage to her organs” writing on his pad.

“He said it is a brand new medication that has just come out. Just take two a day with food and it will work perfectly” Bailey says in a chipper voice.

“Sounds good Chris” as Cory stands up “Call it in then we will pick it up on the way home. Same place we always use.”

The doctor nods then leaves the room. She wraps her arms around Cory while he hugs her back. I look at them with a wary eye as we leave to pick up the medication. I happen to look at the bill choking on my dry throat when I see what a one months supply cost. Fifty grand for sixty pills, holy fuck.

“It’s fine, our insurance will cover it. They pay for all the medications we have to get all the time” he smiles at Bailey sweetly.

“Yeah, but this is high” squeaking out in my high voice.

“We promised you the best so that is what you are getting. Within four months if not sooner, Bailey will be as good as new” looking at her with loving eyes.

“I hope so” she says with her eyes peaking out from under her eyelashes.

We continue down the road making a left turn. I look out the window confused why we are not headed back to the house.

“Uh, where are we going?” I ask.

“We have one last stop to make before we go home. You have your appointment now” Cory smirks.

“What am I getting done? I am healthy and not sick” I exclaim.

He gestures to me “He wants to make sure everything is intact as you say.”

“Are you saying that he thinks I am lying? That I am not a virgin?” blinking quickly at the remark.

“Precautions only. Don’t get mad. You are getting married in two days, that is when half of your money will be transferred into your account that he has set up for you. He just wants to give you a clean bill of health, your shot for the week and to check on your purity also” with a devilish grin.

“Well, I can tell you for sure that she has never been with a man before” she defends me “I would know if she had because that one works way to much to even have time for a boyfriend.”

“Wait, what? Have you never been kissed before?” in a raised, high pitch voice.

“I am pleading the fifth on that statement” I cross my arms while glaring at Bailey for opening her mouth.

Cory bellows out laughing hard “Damn! He got himself a diamond in the rough here. He is gonna be so surprised at this.”

“Don’t you dare” swatting at his shoulder “He will know anyway when he first kisses me how inexperienced I am. You men have plenty of one night stands behind you. I was not raised that way. I wanted to save myself for whoever I married so it would be all my first with them.”

“Not all of us do the one night stands” he growls “He may have in the past but not me. I am on a mission to find miss right, settle down to start my own family. No, I am not a virgin, but I do not have a string of broken hearts behind me either.”

“Really?” she looks at him and smiles “That sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders then.”

“I may be the youngest out of group but I am not the wildest” he traces a finger along her jaw “My life has been pretty calm, the overbearing brothers and them drilling into my head the things they did not take to heart. I am the only one out of the three that never had partied uncontrollably, take women to bed all the time plus I act like I actually had a brain growing up.”

“Well, that is good to know” crossing my arms again.

The car stops and we get out to walk into the front waiting room as the door is immediately opened again for us. Heading straight back to a room the doctor is sitting there waiting in the room for us. I shake my head because this is hard to get use to. Telling them to leave so we can get this done, since I have to strip out of my clothes. Definitively do not want Cory in the room with me while we do this since I have never let a man see me in the nude. They leave to sit in a couple of chairs that are right outside the door. The doctor helps me up on the table getting me into position to be examined. Squirming since I am nervous as hell about this then to have never had a male’s hands on me like this, my mind is somewhere else so not to freak out while he checks me.

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