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Dinner With the Family

“Ok Miss, let’s get started” the doctor calmly says as he starts the examination.

He checks my blood pressure, heart rate, draws some blood then looks down my ears, nose and throat.

“Everything looks good so far. Now, just relax while I do this other. Have you ever seen an OBGYN doctor?” smiling at me polity.

“No sir” my shaky voice is back “I am still a virgin.”

“That is what I am about to check on. Now lay down and just try to relax. I will be doing things down there that may make you feel a little uncomfortable” he nods towards my covered legs “If you have any hard pains, just let me know but there should not be any at all.”

I nod then he sits down on a stool rolling under the paper sheet that is covering my lower half from my stomach down. He helps me put my feet into a cold metal feet holders. I take a deep breath as I feel a cold metal object inserted in me then stretches me open. Trying to put my mind somewhere else I see him shine a light up in there then it feels a little warm, next I feel a scraping on the inside of the walls. He pushes my legs open telling me to relax more so it won’t be as bad. I feel the light get warmer down there as it goes closer to where he is.

“Yep, there it is, still intact along with your wall linings are also undamaged. You may close your legs here in just a second then lay your legs down on the table once I pull it out” he says from under the sheet.

He removes the metal object, rolls out from under the sheet. He pulls the table out then pulls the sheet over my legs. I lay my legs down then he pushes the sheet down a little mashing on my stomach some. Then he pushes the sheet over my breast up some mashing around on them for a few minutes, finally he nods.

“All good” he says as he pulls them back into place “one last thing that Mr. Tucker has requested for you. A fertility test along with the shot.”

He takes another blood sample for that then disappears for a few minutes. When he comes back, he smiles while carrying a syringe with him.

“Your levels are up right now. Did you just have a cycle?” he’s writing on the paperwork.

“Yes, about two days ago it stopped” replying to his question.

“Well, after this shot it will boost your levels to where within the next four days will be your best time to get pregnant. Tonight or tomorrow would be the best time if I were to say you were ready to get pregnant” he looks up from his paperwork.

“We are not married yet!” I squeak “So you are saying that I need to have sex with him by tomorrow?”

“For the best results then yes. You can wait a few days but it would be better if it was done by tomorrow night at the latest” he goes back to the chart he is looking at.

I sigh then shake my head. He gives me the shot, when he is done I thank him for his time. He leaves so I can go into the small dressing room to get dressed slowly, then realize that I may be out of this contract faster than I thought I might be.

“So” Bailey looks at me as I exit the room “How did it go?”

“All clear” trying to act normal “He found everything he needed to giving me a clean bill of health also.”

We load back up in the car then start to head back to the house. Cory’s phone rings and he picks it up.

“Hey brother, she just left from there” pauses for a minute to listen to the other end “Yeah, he said everything was good, she has a clean bill of health, she got her shot to”. He listens for a minute “That is what he told me when he pulled me into his office for a minute while she was getting dressed. Are you sure?” I see a smile creep across his face “You have fun with that then. See you at home shortly.” He nods his head “Oh, yeah sure we can go there instead, see you in a few.”

He hangs up then looks at me with a smirk. He hits a button that calls the driver telling him where to take us to.

“What?” asking with a worried look.

“Nothing, we are just meeting him somewhere in about thirty minutes” still with that smirk on his face.

My stomach growls making me look at the time. It is after six so I had no idea that we had been out that long.

“Just relax” Cory says ” We are going out to dinner first with him, then you two are going off by yourselves somewhere.”

I nod trying to settle back into my seat. After awhile, we arrive at another fancy restaurant where he is outside waiting on us. I am helped out, we walk inside then straight to another private table he has reserved for us.

The older man greets us with an very warm smile “Good evening, my name is Allen and these are my sons. I am glad to hear that everything went so well for both of your. Good to finally meet you Bailey. Cory has told me so much about you.”

“Nice to meet you too, Mr. Tucker” as she shakes his hand.

“Please” with soft eyes on her “Call me Allen. You will be part of the family shortly after your sister’s wedding. First names please.”

“Yes sir, I will” nodding to agree with him.

Danny pulls out my chair then sits down beside me. He lays his hand on my leg making me flinch a little. He smiles but does not remove his hand from on my upper leg.

“The doctor called to tell me everything went well with your check up. I was relieved to hear that” with a sexy smile on his face.

“Yes” as I feel my cheeks blushing “He did a very long check up, it was also a very detailed one also.”

He pats my leg then rubs it gently, I look at him as he has that smirk on his face. They must have ordered before we got here because our food comes out not long after we arrive. My plate is put down in front of me where I have baked chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and a roll. I look at him raising my eyebrows.

“The doctor told me the best foods for you to be on right now, so I ordered what he suggested for you to have” with a cool voice in my ear.

“Oh?” I quiver “W-Why is that?”

“You need a high protein diet right now. Grilled foods with vegetables and potatoes is what he mainly suggested. Along with some sugar, but that will be after the meal when we order dessert” his eyes have gone dark.

“Sounds good, I am hungry. All of this running around has wore off that wonderful lunch we had earlier, plus it has also wore me out too” acting exhausted.

He mumbles beside me “This is going to wear off quickly too.”

“What?” whipping my head around to look at him “I did not hear you clearly.”

“Nothing” he mutters “Just thinking out loud. Sorry.”

All the men burst out laughing at once. They must know something that I don’t. We talk while enjoying our meal together as both of us gets to know their dad a little better, he is kind along with a very soft voice. When the dessert plate comes, I ask for a piece of coconut cake, and the first piece that I put in my mouth is divine to where I finish the entire plate. When I do, I feel stuffed to where I can not move.

“We are going to get into our limo to head back to the house with dad. We will see” Cory mutters out.

I narrow my eyes at them “What is going on here?”

Steven jumps up walking out of the room quickly “Don’t know what your talking about. Enjoy yourselves.”

All of them get up then walk off quickly. I stare at Danny who has an evil grin on his face. We stand up as he guides me out to his car then he helps me in for it take off down the road.

“Did you enjoy yourself today” he asks in a smooth voice.

“Yes, it was very interesting. Lunch and dinner was absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for all of it” looking out the window for a minute.

He takes my hand making me turn to see what he is doing. His finger slowly runs down my cheek and jawline. Eyes sparkling in the lights that line the streets, he pulls me towards him slowly as he takes the back of my neck. He eyes not leaving my lips as we inch closer. When they do touch, it is like fireworks that go off inside me as the sparks fly through my body. His lips are petal soft as they move against mine. He wraps his arms around my waist pulling me closer to him as his tongue sweeps my bottom lip it makes me gasp. He takes advantage of that plunging his tongue into my mouth.

He tongue dances with mine as he deepens the kiss slowly. Even though I have never been kissed, this feels like the best kiss I have ever had. He eventually pulls back and smiles at me.

“You first kiss was not so bad was it?” his eyes are like sparking diamonds.

I blush dropping my head. He takes his finger pulling it back up under my chin.

“I thought is was wonderful.” smiling at me.

He goes back in kissing me again, harder this time wrapping me up in his arms. He pulls me onto his lap while holding me to him, I feel a hardness poking me from below making me look down at it.

“Since it is the doctor’s orders, we are consummating our wedding early” his eyes are like a fire has been lit in them.

“He told you what he explained to me?” trying to rare back in shock.

“Yes, and we are headed to my penthouse for the night. Tonight love, you loose your virginity to me.”

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