To Love the Devil Himself

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Aliyah is an average woman who is fed up with her life. She has not had a date in forever and none of the guys she tries to be around seem to like her. She tries to seek out a life without worries and problems, but is that kind of life even possible? One night, she meets a stranger that offers her a deal of a lifetime. Can she take the deal and loose everything she knows of this world? Can she make the deal and keep it without the worries of what it will do to her?

Romance / Fantasy
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I Hate My Life


Waking up laying on a bed with a man standing there looking at me, his smile sends shivers down my spine. Looking like a god as he stands there with his perfect form, muscles bulging out of his t-shirt where everything looks so hard and tight on him. As I try to sit up then notice that I have a huge headache but I finally get my body to where I can sit up, the room along with my head spins.

“Remember, your mine now” the man says as he looks over my body slowly “You told me that you would be mine after three days.”

“I do not remember. Where am I?” looking around the huge room.

“Sometimes the shift from the mortal world to an immortal world can mess with your mind some” he smirks at me.

“What are you talking about? Where am I? Why am I in this weird bedroom?” panic is starting to set in.

“Your with me in Hell love. Remember? You made a deal with me three days ago” as he walks over to my side of the bed.

“No” trying to shake the fog out of my head “I do not remember at all. What did I do?”

His eyes swirl with fire as he looks at me. Sitting down on the bed beside me, I quickly move to the other side of the bed.

“Such a shame, there is no need to be scared. I am not going to hurt you” reaching out for me.

“What do you want from me” pulling my knees up to my chest.

He touches my face trailing a finger down my cheek. It feels like fire along with warmth together plus the smell of spice and burning wood hits my nostrils which makes him very intoxicating making my body want to lean into him.

“Oh” looking at me with a devilish smile “I have what I want from you. Your eternal devotion to me plus whatever I want from you. It has been forever since I have waited for this.”

“For what” slowly pulling away from him.

“A woman to give herself to me willing. Most people scream, holler or say things that get them into trouble, but to have someone say they will do anything I want whenever I want is a dream come true” trailing a finger down my leg slowly.

“Am I still human?” pinching myself.

“For now” as his finger reaches my ankle then starts back up “I like to play with humans for awhile before damming them to hell for the rest of their lives. It is a game that excites me but is also very pleasurable to a human.”

“How did I get here?” trying to pull away but my leg will not move “I do not remember a deal.”

I look back in his eyes as they are swirling again with flames. He is so good looking but has a power that radiates off him that I can feel his heat coming off him in waves.

“You truly do not remember do you?” his finger stops at my knee.

“No” shaking my head slowly “I am sorry but I do not.”

He takes his thumb pressing it on my forehead. I feel a jolt of power come through his thumb that flies through my body before I black out.

I hear him say “This time you will.”


Three Days Earlier

“God Dammit!” slamming my hands down on my desk.

My best friend who works in front of me jumps making her hand fly to her heart. Our desks are facing each other touching at the top of them.

“Don’t do that! God, you scared the shit out of me again!” trying to settle her heart back down.

“My boss is driving me crazy” my hands go to my temples rubbing them.

I am a personal assistant to the manger of the department. He always sends me things saying he needs them in a hour or so. I am always swamped with work but it seems to never get it caught up because of his ridiculous requests.

“What now?” she looks at me with her eyes as big as saucers.

“I am trying to get this spreadsheet done, now he wants me to write his speech that he is giving in an hour. Then when he gets done with that he has his meeting that needs these sheets” jabbing a finger at the e-mails that fill up my screen.

“What kind of speech?” she asks in a low tone.

“He is addressing the new hires for this department” waving my hand at the door where his office is.

She gets up walking around to my computer screen, looks at all the items that are lined up then gasps.

“Oh my God!” she runs a finger down the screen looking at all of them “Is he trying to kill you?”

“There is no way I can get this done in time” trying not to just get up to walk out.

“Here” she walks back to her desk “Send me the information for the speech, I will write it then send it back to you. After you inspect it then you can send it to him” snapping her fingers quietly.

“What would I do without you?” feeling a little relief from this.

“Be buried in work and never leave the office” she giggles.

I send her the e-mail that she needs then turn to finish my work that I started. I finish the spreadsheet just as she finishes the speech. It is sent back to me, I copy it sending it to him.

“Lunch time” she looks at the clock on the wall.

We get up to walk to the elevators. Just as the doors open my boss catches me telling me he needs one more thing. I turn to her with tears in my eyes dropping my head.

“Bring me something back, please?” I say in a defeated tone.

“That sucks!” she puts her hands on her hips “You can not even get a lunch break like you are suppose to” she huffs.

“I will just leave an hour early then” turning around to head back to my desk.

“Yeah” she mutters “Like that will happen.”

“Oh, I will make sure of it” shooting her a look.

She gets in the elevator while I go back to my desk to work for the rest of the afternoon on what he needs for his meeting in the morning.

“Hey” she taps me on the shoulder “It is five. Ready to go?”

“Ugh!” shoving my chair back “I am not finished with this. He needs it at eight, I am not coming in early to work on it either.”

“Need me to stay?” as she lays her hand on my shoulder.

“No” as I stretch for a minute “Go home to be with your family. I will be fine.”

I have never gotten married or really had a boyfriend. Have tried some relationships, but they did not last more than a few weeks because of my job. Unfortunately it is high demanding taking up most of my boring life. I hate it but the money I make keeps me here because I could not make this much anywhere else. I finally finish up at six-thirty finally ready to leave the building then looking around, a tear slips down my cheek as I pass all the empty chairs and offices where everyone else left on time. Hitting the button, I step into the elevator to try to go home for the night.

“I would do anything for a better life than this” I mumble to myself in the empty space as it goes down the shaft “I would sell my soul to the Devil just to have a break from all this.”

The doors open into the badly lit parking garage. It is already pitch black dark while the lights down here are horrible. The employees that are not in management positions or higher have to park on the bottom level underground. I step out as a ice cold wind blows through the empty garage making me shiver while I slowly walk to the end of the building to retrieve my car.

“Well, well, well” the voice behind me makes me jump “What is a pretty thing like you doing all alone in a dark place like this?”

I ignore the strange man then try to quicken my pace. Four men in a group step out from behind a pillar blocking my path. Trying to turn around to run, the strange man along with two other men step up behind me. As he approaches, his eyes are scanning my body from head to toe with a smirk on his face.

“Well boys” he takes a piece of my hair in his fingers “Looks like we might have scored us a woman for the night.”

Grabbing me, one of the men takes my purse off my shoulder the goon goes through it. He throws it on the ground, thank goodness I did not go to the bank like I wanted to and my card is locked in my dash. He pulls out a five dollar bill handing it to the guy that has my arm in his grip. He looks at it in disgust then grabs me by my hips.

“Where is your money at” as his hands roam my body seeing if I have any stuck in my clothes.

“I do not carry much cash, my card is at my house. I only go to the bank on the weekends” shivering as he checks my pockets.

“Well now” something evil flashes in his eyes “We are going to go to your house, have some fun with this beautiful body of yours then you will take us to the bank. There, that card will pull out everything you can to give to us” he grinds his hips into mine as I try to back off.

Just then, a crack of lighting lights up the garage where I see a very muscular man standing there glaring at these guys.

"LET HER GO!" his voice booms through the emptiness making me feel the vibrations of his voice though my body.

“What if we don’t” the guy grips me tighter.

“Then you are going to play with the DEVIL himself” the guy eyes me then snaps back to the thug holding me.

“Ha, yeah right” the goon turns to his boys “Take care of the problem. Me and the lady are going to fuck in her car right now before we go to the bank. I can not wait any longer.

“I would not do that if I were you” his voice is deadly.

“It is six to one” he scoffs while rolling his eyes “Please.”

He snaps his fingers then starts to drag me away while the lights in the garage comes on very brightly as the guys jump the single man. He beats them off him one by one and to my surprise it does not take much effort on his part at all, one punch is all it takes before they are out. The goon that has a grip on me let’s go pulling a knife.

“Oh” a smirk creeps across the muscular guys face “You want to play that way huh?”

The lights go out where it is pitch black. I freeze as I hear a crack of a neck next to me, then as the lights come back on; the stranger stands beside me with the goon dead at his feet.

“Idiot” he snarls “He never listened anyway.”

He bends down on one knee while plunging his hand into his chest. A white light is pulled out that looks like a transparent ball with a tail on it that he is holding it by.

“To bad you threatened the Devil himself boy” as the light bobbs in his hand.

With the free hand, he does a complicated hand gesture as a small black portal opens with a red glow to it. He puts the light up to it where it is sucked into the hole. Clasping his hands together the portal disappears, looking at him with a horrified face, I scream taking off running towards the car as fast as I can.

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