First Taste

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Mia or as her friends call her M, has had a crazy life story. ANd her last year of school will be no better. Being the new kid in a place you don't know by itself, but when your involved in a prophecy and have two guys fighting over you. Whom will she choose? And what will happen to the other? And what happens when your best friend wants you dead.

Romance / Action
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"You whore! Where have you been? You think you can disappear for two days and not get punished! And where the hell is your money, and don’t lie we know you are slutting around.” My “stepdad said.

“James, I was at the hospital. I am so sorry, but I left my phone here. Please forgive me. I didn’t mean to not contact you but I was knocked out.” After I finished the door unlocked. My mom had no idea what he did to me, she thought he was perfect and I didn’t want to ruin them because of me. As I was walking back to my room he whispered in my ear “ I want you tonight, so don’t even think about doing the same thing as last time.”

I knew he meant what he said. As soon as I got upstairs I dialed my dad.

“Dad, I need to leave moms please help me!” I rushed out. I was crying badly.

“Mia, you need to slow down. What happened? Did someone hurt you, are you and your mom arguing?”

“Daddy, I was in a very abusive relationship. I need to restart and it will help because I got accepted to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and I plan on going there.” This wasn’t exactly a full lie. I stopped crying now.

“If this is what you want, then talk to your mom and James. And who was this guy?” I sucked in a breath at his name.

“Okay, I will come when school ends in two weeks if that works for you?”

“You know that you are always welcome to come to my house.”

“I love you, dad.”

“Call me and tell me what your mom says.”

After I hung up I called my friend Ellie and asked if I could spend the night. She told me she was out of town and so were Byran and Kristle.

I was thinking about going to the hotel down the road, but then once he found me I knew it would be worse. Maybe like last time, I can find a way to stop him.

At ten he walked into the room. I backed fully against the headboard. I was scared and there was no way to escape from him.

“James, you don’t have to do this. Please! My mom is in the house. I am so sorry for whatever I did! I will do anything but this.”

“Now, I did tell you there’s no way out of this. I mean you’re a whore why don’t I get a turn with you. Am I not good enough?”

“You are supposed to be a father figure to me!”

“Shut up slut before I shut you up! Lay down flat on the bed.” I hesitated “Now!” I jumped into position. I wanted this done and over with.

“Now look at you such a girl.” He started to lower himself on the bed. I was crying. “I really should bring you over my knee for you disobeying me, but if you’re good during this then it won’t happen.”

If anyone else would have told me that I would be stoked, but it's my stepdad and I was not giving consent, I just froze up.

“I want you to strip completely and lay back down on the bed by the time I come back.” I did as I was told. This is not my first time having sex so at least I know what to expect.

I held back the tears because I knew that would make him mad. I knew he wouldn’t stop. I did not want to be here so as soon as this was over I knew I would be gone. I would go anywhere, but here. I knew my dad would take me in. My mom would be confused when she found out about what I told my dad, but that was for a different time.

Will I be able to keep what James did a secret? Lets hope.

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