The Shattered Mate

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The Meeting

"Do you remember how we met?" Tanner says barely able to stay awake. He releases a light chuckle.

"Tanner," Carlos says. "Fuck! Let's get you out of here." He struggles to release Tanner from his bondage. He winces from the burns of the mountain ash and wolf's bane. The first degree burns heal, the skin connects with each other.

"You should get out of here," He says weakly. "They will be back."

"I am pissed off at you, but I will never abandon you. You are my mate and I love you." Tears freefall from Carlos' eyes. "I will make sure that you are safe."

"How did you find me?" Tanner smiles.

"I felt this feeling in my heart," Carlos attempts again to free him from the constant pain of the ropes, but no use. "That you were in danger and that you needed me."

"How, though?" Tanner flinches from the pain.

"When we mated, we bonded--literally. When you allow me, I can see your thoughts." Carlos places his hand on Tanner's heart and pulls back very slow. A blue link forms from Tanner's heart to his, and a pink one from Tanner's head to his.

"I feel what you feel and know what you think, when allowed that is," He explains. "I'll explain that later."

"You should have left when he told you to." The man walks back into the room with a rifle in his hand. A read laser aimed at his heart. "Your link is beautiful. How about I shatter it?"

That statement gets a roar from Carlos. "No one touches him, but me."

"I am going to cum all over his ginger face, corrupt him and your link while you watch and cringe as your link burns."

"I will rip your dick through your mouth if you put your dick anywhere near him."

"If you want your mate to live, then I suggest you ask him what the fuck happen to Jeff!" His face turns red with rage. The red laser is pointed at Tanner's head.

"I didn't kill him," Tanner sobs. "I loved him."

Hearing those words spill from Tanner's mouth stabbed Carlos in the heart. Those words were supposed to be resolved for him, and him only. Tanner passes out.

Two male witches barge into the room with their hands in front of them and Carlos grips his head while collapsing to his knees. The constant blood rush to his brain causes major headaches. Blood drip from his nose. One of the men closes his fist and Carlos grips his chest and then his head.

"I wish Tanner was awake to see you die," The wolf circles around Carlos and Tanner. "Like he watched my mate die."

"Your mate was my little brother," He says between breaths of pain. "I am pissed at Tanner too, but...ahhh." He continues to hold his chest, breaths are shorter. "God dammit!"

The wolf lifts his hands and the witches stop their spell. Carlos catches his breath and rises from the floor. "I am pissed at Tanner too! But you are not going to kill him."

"I have two witches with me that can ribbon your brain and stitch it back together like beautiful bowls, or leave it like spaghetti."

"You better do it before this becomes a three-person massacre," Carlos' eyes locks with the other wolf. "What the hell is your name?"

"Everyone who needs to know knows." The wolf says.

Carlos rushes to Tanner's side. He pauses to regain his composure. Noticing his mate in a blood-soaked state brought a rage that he has never experienced in his life. The anger was like acid reflux fighting to be released through his fist.

"You aren't going free him." The wolf laugh. "He's staying right here. As a matter of fact, you aren't going anywhere either."

The witches continue their spell and blackout. The witches gather ropes and drop them in the solution with the blade he used on Tanner.

"Once that get nice and soaked, tie him with it." The wolf exits the room.

A Year Ago...

Rain torrents through the woods, the ground morphs into mud underneath Tanner's feet. The muddy paste causes him to plummet into the ground every couple of feet. The puddles throughout the forest didn't help in his escape. Water splashes even though he attempts to avoid them. His shoes and socks absorb some of the freezing water. The roars of werewolves echo throughout the woods. Tanner dashes through trees and fallen branches to evade the hounds.

The wolves are close behind him if he slips one more time he was demolished. One of the wolves is black and huge with longer claws than the others; the other one was brown with huge fangs; another has a tan coat with a small frame, and the other black wolf is two times the size of the huge wolf with a thick black coat, his eyes are a violet purple. Trees and bushes are coming up fast, which causes him to have to exert extra energy to run away from his predators. He races, his lungs burn from the lack of air.

He slides down a hill landing into a small muddy pond, finally distant from the wolves. The wolves circle the area in search for Tanner. Thank God for rain. The rain washes his scent away. In that moment, he gained a bit of faith for his life being saved. Tanner slows his breaths to maintain his location's secret. He attempts to control his heartbeat, the last thing he wanted and needed was the wolves to hear it. He crawls to a nearby tree. He inspects the area carefully. He sees no one. Shit! I can't smell them. Exhaustion has taken him as prey and he passes out on the tree.

The moonbeams wake him from him short, but much-needed nap; clothes covered in mud, his strawberry-blonde hair is matted with rain water, blood, mud, and sweat. He wipes the water off his face. His neatly trimmed facial hair is covered in mud and bits of leaves. He gets up and takes a long needed stretch, his tight bones cracking before he resumes his escape.

After hours of walking aimlessly around the forest, what is that smell. He thinks to himself. He follows the scent until he reaches a modern western town. The town has mountains in the background that is covered in a light blanket of snow, and the rest is green. The stores and houses look like the Old West, except of the cars and cell phones. He absorbs the scenery of the town. He walks until he reaches a sign saying Welcome to Parksville: Known for our Beautiful Parks.

His stomach roars, threatens to eat his chubby body. His bones ache from running half of the day, and sleep whispers to him again. He sniffs the air again, and walks to the source of the scent, he hoped for food at the end of the trail. Exhaustion and hunger double teamed him and they were winning.

"Hello, is anyone here?" He yells. He waits a quick minute. "Is anyone here?" He yells again. Nothing

He staggers over to a barn where he curls up in the corner cold, shivering, and alone. He makes a makeshift bed out of the hay.

Carlos Martinez, the owner of the ranch, hears someone call out, but the voice suddenly trails away. He looks out of the window to see if anyone was there, but no one was there but darkness. But there was a scent that smelled of the woods mixed with a sweet brown sugar scent. Leaving his house without his shirt on, exposing lots of body hair and a toned body, the scent goes through his nose and sends a surge down his body like a bolt of electricity. His dog, Ollie, runs to the barn and of course he follows him.

“Ollie! Wait! Aye.” He clicks his tongue in anger. He runs after his dog. “Ollie, you smell something boy?” Ollie leads Carlos into the barn.

Ollie trots over to Tanner with Carlos not too far behind. Carlos freezes in place, electricity surges through his whole body. His vision chrome, his eyes shifted from hazel to yellow, his claws and fangs extended. He has no control of his shift.

“Oh Shit. Of all the times for this to happen.” He pinches the bridge of his nose.

He looks at the strawberry-blond curled up in the fetal position to keep himself warm. Mate. Mate. The constant echos in his head gives him a headache. The room spins from the overwhelming emotions. He wants to kill whomever have done this to his mate.

“I found my mate, Ollie! I found him.” He walks over and lifts the young man without hesitation or sense of boundaries.

A foreign, but nice warmth covers Tanner. He no longer feels the scrathy hay, but the soft skin tells him someone lifted him from the ground. He’s too weak to defend himself. He pleas but his words come out as soft moans. The man hold him close to his bare chest. Compared to Carlos, Tanner is a lot taller. It's odd that Carlos standing at 5′5" is carrying a man who is clearly taller than him, but what Carlos doesn’t have in height he makes up with strength.

Tanner takes a quick glance at the man carrying him. He notices tan skin. His skin was soft and smells like the scent that led him to the city. The scent reminds him of his boyfriend...ex-boyfriend, Jeffery. Hunger gnawing at his stomach, but exhaustion wins and he passes out in Carlos’ muscled arms.

The wolf kicks Carlos' chair. Stings and ripped flesh causes him to scream. The more he moved the more pain he feels.

"What the fuck?" Carlos glances around the room. The wolf crouches in front of him.
"Finally, you are awake. I was getting bored. Tanner is still sleeping." The wolf walks over to Tanner and slaps him softly. Tanner moans a bit.
Tanner gazes at the wolf. Tanner slips in and out of consciousness. He glances at Carlos, sitting across from him. Tanner notices the blood on his face. Tanner shoots up and he vomits blood on the floor. This emits a roar from Carlos.
"Now you are going to answer the question for me, Tanner." The wolf sits in a chair near Tanner. "What happened to Jeff?"
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