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Inevitable 18+

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The lines get blurred... Georgia has always been attracted to Carter... however, when he becomes her step brother... what'll happen? When Carter's friends spend more and more time with Georgia, what could possibly go wrong? Previously on here. Will work hard to get it back on, and complete. *mature content warning*

Romance / Erotica
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Georgia PoV

"What's the matter? You ok?" My step brother comes and sits next to me on my bed.

"I'm fine." I sniff, wiping the tears and looking away. I don't want him seeing me like this. All puffy eyed.

"Wanna talk about it? Want me to kick some ass?" He asks softly and I just shake my head, sniffling. Bless him for offering, it's not like he owes me anything, why's he being so nice?

"Georgia, look at me." I shyly peek up at him, his handsome dark features, his soft hazelnut eyes.

People don't see this side of him, they see a bad boy, a player. In the month he's lived with us, with his dad, I've learn about the softer side of Carter.

"What's wrong?" His voice deep and soft.

"I just got dumped, by text." I feel my chin wobble as I say it. I close my eyes as my vision blurs, as they fill with tears again. I feel his arm goes around my shoulders, pulling me into his side. He must of sat on my bed next to me.

"You deserve better than that asshole. How dare he treat you like that." I hear he's getting angry. His right arm reached around me gently stroking my right arm.

"Carter it's ok." I try to shrug it off. I'm being pathetic. I don't want him to see me as weak and pathetic.

"By text? Fucking joke, I can't believe-" he starts getting angrier, louder.

"Carter" I cut him off taking his hand and looking at his face, his jaw muscle flexing in anger, teeth clenching.

I turn and gently take his face in my hands, making him look at me. Why am I touching Carter's face?

"Carter, he isn't worth my hurt, or your anger." I say softly into his eye, I watch his eyes relax, he takes a deep breath through his mouth.

"You're right. He doesn't." His dark eyes, looking straight into mine.. it's intense, I look away.

"Please can I ask a favour?" I ask quietly and he nods.

I remove my hands from his face and smile weakly.

"Can you keep me company, take my mind off of him? I don't feel tired, but I don't wanna be alone right now? Don't worry if you don't wanna, it's ok." I ramble and I see him smile and stand up. I don't know where I found the confidence to ask, but I did.

"Ok." he agrees easily and I feel so thankful I'm no longer I'm an only child. I hate spending all my time alone if I'm not in school. Being home alone so much... it sucked.

Even if it means this whole new territory of living with Carter. The popular, freaking hot Carter.

I scoot over on my double bed, tapping next to me.

He moves to sit next to me, laying back on the headboard comfortably.

"Netflix?" He asks with a devilish grin, I can only nod.

Carter PoV

I wake with a sore neck, I must of slept funny. I groan and move to roll over only to find my arm trapped under something heavy.

I peel my eyes open to find I'm still in Georgia's bed, with her lying next to me.

I'm spooning my step sister. Uh oh.

I stretch out and think back to last night. She was so sweet, calming me when she was the one in pain, in need of comfort.

We had a laugh watching Tiger King. she somehow hadn't watched it before so I found it hilarious watching her confusion at the whole thing unfolding, all the drama, and poor animals.

I raise my head to look her over. Her eyes still closed. Breathing calmly. I remove my hand from her hip, realising her ass is so close to my morning hard on.

That peachy ass in little tight shorts. The curves of her body have always appealed to me. I thought about having sex with her numerous times, but I respect her too much to ever do anything.

She's my step sister. It's wrong.

That's why I shock myself when I turn my hips, my hard on forward, just that extra inch, to press on her ass. She moves back into me and I feel the pleasure and desire for her. Fuck!

I dunno if she's awake but I certainly am right now.

I rest my hand back on her hip. I don't wanna wake her.

I relax my head back down and breath in the scent of her hair.

"Mmmm..." she moans moving her ass back into me again. Unsure on what I should be doing about it, I decide to fake being asleep.

She rocks back and forth up against my extremely hard dick.

I let her. I don't move. I want to but I don't.

The movement is enough to drive me insane but, fuck, I'm not stopping her.

Suddenly she stops. The moaning and the rocking of her hips. She freezes and I feel her slightly moving. Her breathing is quieter now.

She's awake.

I'll wait to see what she wants to do.

I keep my eyes closed and feel her turning under my hand. My hand skins along her torso, her beautiful soft skin where her sleep top has come up.

She feels closer now. I'm sure I feel her gaze on my face.

I decide the amount of movement would of caused me to wake.

I blink a few times, her eyes close to mine.

"Morning." I smile, licking my lips, my voice husky with sleep.

"Morning yourself." she smiles, looking down to my mouth.

I look down at my hard on, I see she does too.

"Did he wake you?" I ask, my hand on her tummy tracing circles on he skin. I feel her shiver.

She shakes her head and bites her lip, the corners of her mouth turned up in a smile.

"Thank you for last night, just what I needed to take my mind of things." Her voice so quiet. So innocent sounding.

"You're welcome." I yawn, covering my mouth with my hand. I don't wanna blow my morning breath on her.

I realise I've removed the hand that was on her, I decide I can't put it back. I would if it was any other girl this beautiful, but not my step sister.

I roll onto my back and remove my other arm from behind her head.

"Sorry I slept in here last night, I must of crashed." I mutter, sitting up, turning to put my feet on the floor.

"Nah it's ok, you were comfy." Her little voice tells me as I hear her yawn quietly.

"Gonna catch a shower, breakfast calls." I say standing and stretching.

"Ok, let me know if you want company" Georgia's innocent voice tells me. I turn to face her, completely taken aback by her words.

She looks oblivious at what she said, smiling an expected smile at me and I'm sure I don't look innocent looking at her.

"I... meant breakfast..." she starts then closes her eyes sighing, I see a blush cover her cheeks. Beautiful.

"You can join me if you want." I smirk leaving the room pausing as I get to the door, opening it and looking back at her.

"For both" I wink and she smirks at me as I leave the room.

Georgia PoV

"Want a lift to school?" Carter asks me from the kitchen table.

"Uhh..." he doesn't have to feel like he needs to take me in today, we both drive it's not a big deal my idiot boyfriend breaking up with me.

"Just thought you might like to keep me company. I'm not making you though." his signature dimples crooked smile gets me.

"As long as I'm not a burden, sure." I shrug finishing my breakfast. Why not have a lift to school. Doesn't have to be a big deal does it. Just sharing a car. Last night was sharing a bed....

"Leaving in 10 alright?"

I nod as my mouths full and I hear his dry deep laugh as he goes to the sink.

I watch him, how does someone so hot live in my house? With me?

He turns back and I'm caught staring at him. "Uh, you alright?" His grin grows.

I swallow my lunch, and self respect.

"uh huh." I let out.

He looks at me for a moment longer, we seem to be in a stare off, and if I didn't know better I'd say a little tension was building here, sexual tension?

I push to stand. Unable to take much more. I walk to him, to the sink and skim past him as I rinse my plate and place it in the dishwasher.

Once I straighten myself back up, I turn to face him.

He's clearly been checking out my ass.

Oh really brother?

He looks up to meet my eyes and I swear I see him a little flustered! The bad boy Carter is fluster for being caught checking out my ass!

He rubs the back of his neck, damn biceps. "uhh... I'm gonna go... get ready."

I watch him as he moves off to his room and I'm left smirking, feeling rather confused at what's between us.


The drive to school was fine, Drake blaring on the way in. I refrain from singing along, nobody deserves to suffer hearing my singing voice.

Once Carter parks up in his usual spot, we see a few girls standing by. Oh they're waiting for him. They wave once the engines cut and I try my best to not roll my eyes.

I grab my bag and go to open the door.

"Wait. Georgia." his voice is quiet. I turn back to face him.

"If anyone gives you shit, especially that ex of yours, you find me, ok? Nobody gives my sister shit." he says it straight into my eyes, he wants me to trust him.

Sister. Nothing but, sister. I am his sister. I am looking into his eyes. I don't know if I can call him 'brother' out loud....

"Sure, I'm sure nobody even knows..." I smile, trying to brush off the seriousness.

Jake breaking up with me hurt. Especially via text like that. I'm sure he's off telling people all sorts about me, spinning it to suit him. He won't even tell me why. I can guess why though...

Carter nods slowly, deep in thought, looking past me.

"Thank you for the lift." I mutter, his eyes go back to mine and he smiles a tight smile.

I open the door and climb out. I stand up and pull my skirt back down, then lean back in to pick up my bag off the footwell. I look up to thank Carter again, I see Carter eyes are still staring at me.

"What?" I laugh and he closes his eyes and shakes his head.

I look down, have I got food on me or something? Oh. He can now see down my top. Oops.

"See you later Carter." I almost flirt. What's gotten into me?

I stand with my bag, close the door and walk off in front of his car. Once I'm a few steps away I can hear the girls gossiping.

Who is she?
He doesn't go girlfriends?
Why she so special?

I look back at the car, he's still sat there, watching me, biting his bottom lip.

Damn him. I wink at him and turn to go into the school.

I have no idea what's going on with us, I'm an awful flirt. No way could anything actually happen between him and me, right?


Lunch time comes, I grab a boring toastie and a bottled water from the canteen and walk over to join my friends at our table.

"Uh and who do you think you are?" The tall girl blocking my path clearly had a problem with me. She isn't the only one.

She's only the second one since beginning of lunch to confront me though.

"What do you want?" I ask in a bored tone. I'm fed up of this game now.

"Who are you? Are you Carters new slut or something?" She screws her face up at me and I sigh.

"Is that what your issue is? Wow. Get a life Candace." I mutter, trying to walk past her.

"Hey! Don't you walk away from me bitch!" She shouts, getting the attention of the canteen I huff and turn to face her again. I don't like confrontation.

"I asked. Who the fuck do you think you are-" she starts shouting only to be cut off by Carter himself.

"What are you doing?" He stands behind her, then moves to my side.

"Nothing we're just-" she smiles and tries to lie her way out.

"She was just wondering if I'm your new slut? That's what you asked wasn't it?" I sass back at her. I'm a shy person, I don't do confrontation, but I'm no push over.

She smiles at me tightly, placing her hand on his forearm. "Carter, this girls confused all I said was-"

"Save it. You ok Georgia?" He asks turning to face me full body, ignoring her.

"I'm perfect thanks." I smile widely at her.

"Cmon." he leads me to an empty table at we sit next to each other. His body turns to face me.

"Thanks but I've been sticking up for myself all day, you'd think we'd... fucked on the school field... no just got a lift to school together." I roll my eyes and open my water bottle, taking a sip.

Once I swallow I turn to face him, he's watching my mouth "what?" I ask, I can't read his face.

"You... you've been having trouble all day?" Aw he's worried.

"Yeh, girls hate me now, before I was pretty much invisible but now-"

"You moved on quick." a very familiar voice announces behind me. I groan and turn around to face my ex.

"Uhhh... hi Jake." I look him over. His eyes can't be met by mine.

"So, you two together when we were?" He's looking at Carter. I turn and see Carter looking at him, both of them pissed off.

"No, we're not-" I start but get cut off by Carter.

"I don't know what your problem is Jake." Carter says, chillingly calm.

"You don't?" Jake raises his eyebrows up high.

"Guys, stop. Jake you broke up with me, I don't even know why? From all I know you were the one with someone else, not me." I try to keep calm. My heart is beating out of my chest.

We're seriously having this conversation in front of everyone in the canteen right now. Really? My ex, and my... well, my step brother.

No more nice Georgia. I feel braver with Carter next to me.

I look to Jake as I talk, he raises an eyebrow at me "No. Georgia. I didn't break up with you for another girl" he looked past me to Carter, I feel he's spoiling for a fight and I know if he asks he'll get it from Carter.

"Just go, you came here to cause problems, just go." I tell Jake looking down at the table.

"Fine." he's clearly angry. I don't care.

He thought so little of me to break up with me by text. Forget the past few months. I liked him. But clearly, we aren't good together.

"You deserve better Georgia." Carter mutters close to me and I turn to look at him.

I look away and sigh.

"You do, you... you deserve someone who respects you and cares about you, not an asshole like him... I mean what the hell is his problem?" He looks pissed off but his tones calm "by text... what a prick." he mutters and I giggle.

I let out a giggle that even surprises me.

He smirks at me "alright no more Jake talk. What you doing tonight?" He looks my face over, licking his lips with a smirk, his white teeth back for a smile.

I shrug "you?" I ask.

"Eh? You're doing me are you?" His eyebrows high, licking his lips but a joking smirk on his face tells me he's all jokes. He's such a flirt.

I roll my eyes "yeh yeh idiot... what you got planned?" I ask him carrying on eating. I feel all tense and... I don't know, giddy?

"Dunno, but I do know we need to go food shopping." he leans on his arm on the table, still facing me.

"Alright... straight from school?" I ask and he nods. His dark hair gets pushed back with his other hand. I fight a sigh.

"Wow, look at us... adulting." I joke with a fake shock voice, he chuckles, it's a good sound.

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