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Roman… 36 years old, working as a government assassin. Zyanya …26 year old salon owner. What happens when two very different peoples worlds colide to find out a higher source has brought them together? Their lives had been planned out for them before they even met… join Roman and zyanyas chaotic journey of love, lust and power. Authors Note, this is my second book so again im not a professional writer its just somthing i enjoy doing and kept me sane during lockdown, so please don’t expect great grammar and punctuation. MATURE CONTENT 18+ only This book is a stand-alone Copyright@ksimone All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means including photocopying,recording,or mechanical methods without the prior written permission of the author ,exept in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other non commercial uses permitted by copyright law.

Romance / Fantasy
Kiesha Simone
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Chapter one


I shot up, bolt straight in my bed, sweat dripping from my forehead joining the small beads that had formed on my chest to gather together and roll down between my breasts and onto my stomach, my breath was fast, I felt like I was hyperventilating so I tried to calm myself and breathe, in…two three four and breathe out….two three four, I continued until the dizziness had slowly passed and I could breathe again as close to normal as I could get. The sweat on my body had started to go cold and my little silk nighty was stuck to my skin, goosebumps rose all over me and I started to shake, I need to get myself warm before I get a fever, that’s the last thing I need right now. I climbed out of bed and turned on the tv to distract my mind from where my dream had taken me. I walked into the en suit shower room and turned on the water as hot as I could stand it, I stood under the running water for what seemed like hours, anything to avoid going back to sleep.

All my life I’v had dreams that have shown me things, it started off as plane crashes and in my dream I would be helping people who have passed away at the crash site, telling them not to be scared and that they will be ok, then within a week I would see on the news the exact crash scene where I had been. Iv spoken to people in these dreams who have died and they have told me information about their death or about who killed them, a man called Aapo came to me one night in my dream and told me that he was like me, (whatever that meant) and that a government organisation had him killed because he knew information about the things that could ‘out’ them, Aapo visits me a lot, I can talk to him for as long as I want to and ask him questions, when he said he was like me, I think he must have had these same dreams, I will ask him next time he comes to me. Iv only ever told my boyfriend about what happens when I have these dreams, Nate says I’m overthinking them and he said to never tell people as they will just think I’m crazy and that I should only ever talk to him about what I see. Nate has started to work away a lot more so I don’t get to see him so much, I called him yesterday and told him I don’t feel as though the long distance thing is working and that we need to talk. He only seems to call in a morning to remind me to eat breakfast and take my vitamins. He goes out of his way to order my vitamins, he says they will keep my mind healthy, admittedly when I do take them I don’t wake up in a pool of sweat from one of the messed up visions. I probably only actually take them a couple of times a week and I should make more of an effort to remember so I can sleep peacefully. The shower started to run cold and pulled me from my thoughts so I turned it off and wrapped myself in a bath towel and headed to the kitchen.

It’s only 5am but I have to be in work today at 7am, we have a wedding party coming in for hair and make up. I own a little salon, it’s not a big place just a nice little friendly dwelling in a back alley, the rent is cheap, not extortionate like the high street stores and we have back to back clients all day long 5 days a week, i have two girls who work for me, Tia who I made the manager for when I want time off and sally, she’s a young girl who’s just finished cosmetology school. Both of my girls are very talented and that’s why we have an amazing reputation. Tia specialises in hair, sally in make up and I do both and barbering as well. The lady clients love it when the men come in for a cut, they say it gives them something to look at when they run out of magazine’s. I grin thinking about Mrs Gladys shaw, she’s a filthy old doll, Iv seen dribble leaving the corners of her mouth before now when young Matthew has been in getting a skin fade, she always says “ooooooo if only I was 5 years younger” with her false teeth slipping from the top gum before she sucks them back in. She’s a hoot.

I finish my coffee and put on my salon uniform and head out. “FUCK it’s freezing” I whisper to myself and it’s foggy, I'm thinking I should have drove, it’s only a 15 minute walk but these dark cold mornings are not nice. I started to feel as if I was being watched or followed so I quickened my pace, I reached into my purse to take out my potato peeler incase I needed to attack someone, yes I know a potato peeler isn’t the best option but I’m not about to get arrested for carrying an actual knife, no cop is going to charge me for carrying a potato peeler, the blade is sharpe enough to scrape a mans face, which would give me time to run, and I’m a fast runner. I couldn’t hear anyone behind me so I slowed down a little, my breathing was a little shaky, I know I’m not being paranoid because Iv felt like this for a week now, I have a heightened sense of awareness, all my life Iv been able to sense anyone near me even animals and spiders, it’s really weird how I can just feel something in my vicinity, and I’m positive someone is watching me. I mean if they wanted to murder me they have had more than enough chances, I laugh to myself at how dramatic I am. I get to the salon unlock the door and slide in locking it behind me and that’s when I see him, a dark figure, I can’t see a face just a shadow of a very tall large man disappearing into the fog. I let out a breath I didn’t even know I was holding. Why would someone bother following me? I’m hardly very interesting, apart from weird visions and dreams I’m the most normal boring person ever. If I see him again I’m calling the cops.

A banging on the door startled me and I turned to see Tia with her face up against the glass door shouting “come on Zye it’s fucking freezing out here” I unlocked the door and she gave me a look, “girl what are you locking the door for, do you have a man back there?” I laughed and said “girl you know I’d never cheat on Nate, I know he’s never here anymore but he has a job that takes him away” Tia looked at me and stopped what she was doing “Zyanya you know I love you, but he’s strange, he gives me a bad feeling when he’s around, he’s never there for you and you deserve so much more, I know I keep saying it but I don’t want to see you hurt” I look down at the floor, I know she’s right, I don’t even think he loves me or me him, it’s as though We are together out of habit. I can’t remember the last time we even had sex or kissed each other, I guess I was just hoping things would be better when he was home. I smiled at Tia and said “I know girl, Iv told Nate that we need to talk, he’s home in a few days”.

The wedding party arrived and we went to work making them look beautiful. The day went by really fast and before I knew it it was 6pm and I was ready to go home, take a hot bath, order pizza and watch the rest of a series Iv been watching on Netflix. Tia hugged me and said “see you Tuesday Zye, have a good weekend I’ll call you tomorrow” and she left, I turned the lights out ready to leave and realised I’d left the towels drying in the dryer so I went in the back to turn it off. I was walking back into the front of the shop and someone grabbed me from behind, it was HIM, I knew it was the man who had been following me he had his hand over my mouth and an arm around my waist, I remembered the potato peeler in my pocket so i took it out and dragged it straight across his hand as hard as I could, I was dry heaving as I felt it taking his skin off, “fucking bitch” he said as he let go, I turned around but before I could run he pushed me up against the wall with his bleeding hand wrapped around my throat “I should have killed you a week ago”.

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