The Other Side

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When Maddison and her parents move to Maine, they find the beauty of a lake house undeniable. The summer had only just begun and already her parents make good use of the lake by having get togethers with co-workers and new found friends. Maddison on the other hand is more quiet and less outgoing- preffering to read or sit out on the dock quietly. During one of her parents parties, a friend of her mother's brings along her troubled son, hoping the goodness of Maddison will rub off on him before the school year starts. Westly grew up with his father who was heavy into the motorcycle scene. He was always at parties where drugs and alcohol were being used and it eventually became his life too. After failing his senior year and his father's passing, his mother was his new guardian and she had expectations. What happens when good girl meets bad boy? With their total opposite upbringings will they be able to make a connection? Will they get along, who rubs off on who, and who ends up getting hurt if their playful house of cards comes tumbling down?

Romance / Erotica
Vanessa Hawk
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Chapter 1

"Get up Maddison, we're here." My mothers voice rang through my head as if it was an alarm bell of some sort. "You know you have to help us move things in the house to help us old folk out." I heard the car door open, "Come on, lets go."

I groaned and sat up and immediately began searching for my phone. "It's fifteen past midnight mom, can't we do it tomorrow?" I asked, only to have my father chime in.

"The movers already moved the furniture in yesterday, all you have to do tonight is bring your boxes in; you can help with the rest tomorrow." he said, as he got out of the car.
It wasn't that I was tired at all, I just slept through most of a fourteen hour drive after staying up for over twenty-four hours to help my mom finish packing the last of the stuff before we left. I wasn't happy to leave my friends back in Ohio, but I heard Maine was beautiful, especially in the summer. I hopped out of the car and put my phone in my pocket and went to the trailer that was connected to the SUV my mom had driven. I chose to ride with my dad the second half of the ride since the first half with my mother made me want to pull my long, wavy, dirty blonde hair out. My mom was trying to pry the entire time while my dad just let me do me, which was sleep.
My dad came over and opened up the trailer, all I could do was sigh; I knew I should have packed less. I grabbed the first box which was labeled as my books. It was at this moment I wished Jayson didn't move out and stay in Ohio. He would be the one helping mom and dad with this if he came with us. I reached in and grabbed the box at the handles that I had cut into the sides and pulled it out of the trailer. Mom was already unlocking the door to the house so I just followed the path.
"Do I really have to bring in all my stuff tonight?" I asked as I walked in the front door.
"No, just bring in your clothes and anything you dont want out in the trailer or car for the night. You can bring your books and other stuff in tomorrow. I just want you to have your essentials." She said, flipping the entry-way light on.
I nodded then headed up the stairs to find my room. I had seen pictures of the house before we moved so I got to pick the second best room because obviously the master would be the best of them all. As I walked in my room I couldn't help but gasp at the beauty that was the moonlight shining into my room from the large windows and glass door which led to a small balcony. Its not that I had never seen moonlight, but our house back in Ohio didn't have the view or the lake to bring the reflection of the moon into the house the way it did here.
I set my books on the built in desk then opened the door to the balcony to let some fresh air in. I liked being able to bring the outside inside in the summer. I turned my light on then headed back down and out to bring more boxes in. I knew which ones I needed and which could wait until tomorrow so I made sure to grab the boxes with my night clothes, underwear, casual wear, and toiletries. It took me about an half an hour to get it all in the house, and once I did I realized I was actually more tired than I thought.
I took a box of my night clothes and set it on the bed so I could rummage through it. I found my favorite pair of sleeping shorts and lace tank top and threw them on after quickly relieving my body of the jeans I thought was a good idea to wear on such a long drive. My seven teen year old body was small, but had a nice shape to it. My breasts were a large B cup but not enough to fill a size C which always annoyed me. My ass was shapely but not large, but still gave me a nice hour glass figure. Overall I was happy with myself and no one really made me feel any different.
I set up my bathroom for the morning with my toiletries and a towel, everything being put in its rightful place. I liked to be organized, but there were times where I was a bit of a mess too. I found the box with the new sheets and blanket I had purchased and made up the bed just so I could flop onto it with the book I had been reading. The Art of War was not a book most people would read for fun, but I happened to find it intense and enlightening in many ways. I turned the lamp on next to my bed and crawled up under the blanket, the cool summer night air blowing in through the still open door. I knew I would be up late, but I was half way done and just had to keep reading.
I woke up the next morning to the sound of my mother, it was almost like I was living a nightmare sometimes. She had this way about her that annoyed me and dad, though he would never admit it to her. I grabbed my phone from the nightstand and checked the time; nine o' five. I got up walked out onto the balcony and took a deep breath taking in the smell of the water that was just a small walk from the back of the house. It was amazing, a warm morning with the sunshine and fresh air; not to mention the view.
"Maddison, get up please!" my mother yelled from downstairs.
I saw my dad outside and he chuckled which made me smile. I rolled my eyes then walked back inside to find some sweats and a t-shirt. I hated this whole unpacking stuff, but when dad got a promotion I knew we would be moving; it happens all the time. We lived in Ohio for nine years, and Pennsylvania before that, though I was much younger so I can hardly remember much of it.
"Maddison!" my mother yelled again.
"I'm already up!" I yelled back, "I'm changing and then I will be down!" The house was big so my words seemed to echo.
I was unsure why they had to buy such a large fancy house with just the three of us living here. There was no need for five bedrooms and eight bathrooms, but my mom has a thing about appearances so here we are. I finished changing and found some socks and slipped on my Adidas that I had worn yesterday since I hadn't brought in my box of shoes. I threw my hair up in a bun then grabbed my glasses and headed down stairs. The living room had the highest ceilings, and the kitchen was huge, even bigger in person than the pictures. White cabinets with white marble counter tops, golden fixtures, and a beautiful yet oddly shaped light above the bar top seating area.
"You slept late for someone who slept a lot on the way here." My mother remarked, flipping the egg in the pan before sprinkling in some cheese, onions, peppers, and mushrooms to make an omelet.
I sat at the bar top and poured myself a glass of water from the pitcher that mom had put out, "I was also up late unpacking some things and getting stuff set up." I took a sip of the room temperature water.
"Right, I'm sure you stayed up reading, not unpacking knowing you." she had a way of wording things that just sounded offensive, one thing that put a strain on our relationship. "Don't forget to take your medicine. It's in the box on the table." she motioned behind me to the kitchen table that held a few boxes.
I turned and sighed, "Which one?" I asked, standing up again.
"I'm not sure, just look." Her spatula swung in the air.
I searched the boxes before finding my medication in the last box that I looked in. I was already over this whole moving experience. Too many boxes and too much stuff, then add my moms attitude about things and for me it's a disaster waiting to happen. My mom thought school caused my anxiety or that I had some mental disorder, but in reality she was the reason I had panic attacks most of the time. All I knew was this was going to be a long summer, and my meds and books were all I had to keep me from launching myself into the lake with weights attached to my ankles.
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