Playing With Fire (Sample Only)

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Follow Zane and Shay as their adventures continue with their lives. Watch them grow closer, get engaged, married then start the family that they both want. Also, follow to see if Conner, along with Noah, can find their own loves to start following in their own footsteps like they did with Zane. What trouble will find all of them on these new adventures, and how will they handle the new threats that will come along?

Romance / Action
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Finally On The Island!

This is the second book to Mafia Entanglement; please read that book before starting this one so you can be caught up on all the action that happens up to this point.


The next afternoon, we finally arrived at the island, so we all get off the boat and walk to the hotel I have booked for everyone. After being on the boat for three days, I do not want to stay on it for the next few days when we can stay in a very nice penthouse room. It is just a short walk from the boat, and I get all of us checked in. Conner and Noah are staying in the room with us since it is a three-bedroom suite. I put the others in a few other suites on the same floor, so we are close to each other if needed, but I am hoping that it will no longer be necessary with Luca being gone.

Walking up to the front desk, I give my name to the receptionist behind it. “Check-in for Zane Santone, please.” I see her eyes roam my body slowly with a sexy smile.

“Yes, sir, I have you right here. Three rooms on the top floor, with one of them being the penthouse. How many keys do you need in all, sir?”

“I need nine in all, please, four for the penthouse, three for the one suite, then two for the last room,” watching her closely as she gets them ready, putting them in the cardholders.

As she hands them to me, her hand slowly runs over mine. “Here you go, sir; if you need anything at all, please don’t hesitate to call me.”

I snort at her as she raises an eyebrow at me. “What, do you think I may be too much for you?”

Shaking my head at her, “No, I am not interested in anything you have to offer, lady. I would suggest you keep your rude comments to yourself along with your hands.”

Snatching the cards then walking away, Noah looks from me then back to her. “What was that all about?”

“She was flirting a little too hard if you get my drift on that,” wrapping my arms around my baby.

He laughs then we all turn to get on the elevator. As it climbs to the top floor, Conner looks over at me. “Boss, what are the limitations while we are here on the island?”

“You don’t have any as far as I am concerned. We are on vacation, so you can do what you want to. I think we can handle ourselves now, but if you want to hang around, then you can. It has been rough getting here, so I think everyone needs a good time to rest doing what they want.”

Everyone nods as the door dings and opens the doors up. We all split off to the rooms they have been assigned as we go into ours. Conner takes off towards the main master before I can open my mouth to him. Letting go of Shay, I take off after him as his laughter echos through the empty place. Right as he flies through the door, I tackle him to the ground laughing with him, and we skid to a stop on a huge plush carpet. Flipping him over, he puts his hands up in surrender.

“Hey man, I am just playing. I know this is your room, just trying to lighten the mood some to where we are not so tense.”

Hearing the clearing of a throat behind me, I look over my shoulder. “Sorry, baby, he was just leaving.”

“Children, do I need to put you in a corner for a time out?” she smirks at us walking by to put her bag on the bed.

Noah is laughing as he appears in the door, seeing me sitting on top of Conner. “Damn, boss, I did not know you were that way. I have a good friend that would love you for that.”

Climbing off Conner, I take off after Noah, but he makes it to his room, slamming the door in my face quickly then locking it. I am pounding on the door, but he laughs behind it hard.

“ZANE!” her voice slices through the room. “Leave them alone, will you!”

“But did you just hear what he called me?” as I walk back to our room, “He said I was gay, which I am NOT!”

She walks up to me, wrapping her arms around my neck, and starts kissing it slowly. “I know that, baby, but we are here just trying to get you to relax some. Some men don’t know when to grow up and act like a man.”

“We heard that Sunshine” Conner walks by the door knocking on the frame. “Uh, do I need to close this now?”

“No, we have to get ready for our dinner. Baby, if you need a quick shower, then please take one. We leave in an hour for our supper reservation.”

She looks at me with those eyes that I get lost in every time I have to look deep into them. “I could use one, are you going to join me?” she is nibbling on my neck slowly.

I groan deep in my throat “Conner, close the damn door. I will be out shortly. I need to talk to you before we leave.”

I hear the door click shut, and I pick her up, taking her to the shower as we peel off every piece of clothing we have on. After a shower, along with some damn good sex, I step out into the room, getting on my clothes while she finishes up. Closing the door behind me with a soft click, the guys are on the couch watching some action movie that they found.

“Are we going with you to this?” Noah keeps his voice low.

Looking at both of them, I can see they really want to go. Their eyes look like a puppy that just got kicked or begging for a treat.

“If you ruin this moment for me tonight, I swear to god that your lives will be hell from now on. I am a nervous wreck right now, and if your smart asses say one thing out of line, my fist will be meeting your face. Understand?”

They both grin big but nod at me. Just then, there is a knock on the door, and I open it to see Forest and Max standing there looking at the way I am dressed up.

Raising a brow at me, Max smiles. “Going somewhere nice, huh?” as his eyes sweep over my black dress shorts and white polo shirt I have on.

“Yes, we have reservations at a restaurant in about twenty minutes.”

“Are you allowing a few of us to tag along too?” Forest claps me on the shoulder.

Picking up my phone, I change the table to six instead of four. They said it was fine then my beautiful baby walks out of the room looking sexy as hell. She has a peach sweetheart dress with a huge split up the side that stops above her knee and has a rhinestone starfish right under her left breast. Damn, we just made love, and all I want to do now is call this off and take her to bed for the night.

Walking up to me, she lays her hand on my chest. “Are you ready to go, love?”

“Yes, we have a few that wanted to tag along if that is fine with you.”

She looks around the room then smiles up at me. “It is fine with me, baby, as long as they stay in line to where you don’t have to do anything bad.”

She giggles, but I glare at the men. They all nod their heads as we start out the door to the dinner that is about to change both of our lives.

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