The Broken Cowboy

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Cole Walker is a four time World Champion Bull Rider who Vowed to never date or fall in love again. Can Angel change this cowboys vows?

Romance / Action
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Trying to Leave On Time



Cole Walker is a drop dead bull rider that is a four time world champion bull rider who got his heart crushed six years ago after he found his girlfriend cheating on him with one of his friends. He vowed to never date or fall in love again. He spends his time practicing to become the world champion again and hardly goes off the ranch anymore. He is on the tan side with his skin tone due to being out in the sun so much, dark brown eyes and brown hair.

Angel Smith is an upcoming Pro barrel racer that is just trying to fit in with her new life. She is new to the Pro circuit and is twenty-five years old runs barrels, Pole Bending and trick rider. Quite and shy but loves to compete in rodeo events. Her skin tone is pale side along with long blonde hair and hazel eyes.

Angel’s horse Better Go Lucky is a present that her dad bought four years ago before he died in a plane crash. He is a black horse with a solid white mane and tail and white on the back of his hindquarters.

Travis Hester is Cole’s Best Friend and Bull Rider but has come in second for the last three years behind Cole. He is also very tan along with dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Sofia Montgomery is Angel’s best friend and also competes in Rodeo with her but only does barrels and pole bending. She has fair skin, long light brown hair and brown eyes.

Sofia’s horse - Touch of Magic she bought horse two years ago


Now - To the story

“Come on Sofia, We need to get going. We have a two hour drive to get to Austin for the Rodeo this weekend and we have three until we check in. I’m packed and ready to go, grab your horse and load him so we can hit the road!” I yell at her as I am walking out the door to grab my horse.

Sofia’s voice floats down the stairs “I’m coming. Keep your pants on. I load Magic and we will get out of here. All my stuff is packed and is the sleeping quarters and our saddles are in the tack room also.”

We grab out horses and load them in the trailer. It is a featherlight gooseneck with a black design down the side which looks like flames as it goes up towards the windows where the horses are, it also has a four horse slant with the tack room at the rear of the trailer. Our sleeping quarters are up front that have two bedrooms, a full size kitchen, two bathrooms along with a eating area. My truck is a copper color, double cab dully that matches the trailer. We then finally set off to the arena with no time to spare.

Sofia looks over at me as we fly down the road “So are you excited? We are finally moving up and now going pro. Eeekkk! We have waited our whole lives for this, plus both have been doing this since we were eight. Now it is time that you are going to be living your dream and you are following in your father’s footsteps. I know he was a world champion Bronc rider, but you are still doing what you both loved.”

Butch Smith was a two time World Champion Bronc rider before he crashed his personal plane trying to land in a real bad storm due to engine problems.

“Yeah, Dad is probably smiling down on me right now. He always hoped we would be in the circuit together but that just wasn’t meant to be.

Sofia grabs my hand “I loved your dad and I miss him as much as you do.”

Sniffling as I think of my dad and the way he raised me to do this “Yeah, I was the twinkle in his eye and he loved me dearly. After Alex (my brother) got killed by that bull Tornado, he was thinking of quitting also. There was no way I was though. I love doing this and it is not as dangerous as what they did.”

Alex was a five time National Champion and had just got picked up for Pro when he got killed by a horn and getting stepped on multiple times by the bull that threw him.

“So to change the subject, I have heard that these Pro riders are ten times cuter then the small rodeos we have been around. I hope to find one. I am almost twenty-six and it’s about time I settle down.”

Trying to get my mind off my family for a minute “Come on girl. What happened to us growing old and being old maids together?” as I giggle looking over at her.

Sofia laughs out loud “Yeah, that’s when we were eleven thank you. It’s time to find a drop dead gorgeous man to get to know.”

Shaking my head in agreement “Yeah. I know but I am not going to worry completely about that right now. I am trying to get my time down a little better.”

“Come on girl! You have the fastest time right now in the circuit. That’s why we are going to this, we got invited to it due to our times. If you don’t win World Champion this year, something’s wrong” as she points a finger in my direction.

“Yeah, I know. Lucky has been doing really good lately. I am so proud of him. I want to get under 14.89 this weekend with him. Then I will break my personal best” smiling at how good we have really gotten in the last few months.

“Yeah I know. I can’t get under 15.04. I have tried for the last two times and I just can’t break it” she sighs as she thinks about her times.

“We’ll get it eventually. Let’s grab lunch real quick and eat on the road. I can pull into this diner and then go grab some burgers.”

Sofia smirks “Wow! We must have a mind link. I was thinking the same thing. Fine, stay here with the truck and I will be right back” as she jumps out and heads inside.

“I want a tea this time, not Dr. Pepper” rolling down the window so I can tell her what I want.

Sofia waves her hand as she goes into the place “Got it, be right back.” She runs in the diner while I check on the horses. They are calm and look sleepy, laughing I return to the driver’s seat and after a few minutes and then Sofia returns with our food. We get back on the road and arrive at the arena just in time.

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