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Scared of the road

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Claire Jakari passed through the worst trauma that a girl her age would have. She grew up to be a tough woman and all people who sorrounded her gave her a cold heart towards men and she had one thing to do in her life, just live but things change immediately he met Daniel, who changed her life and expectations completely.

Romance / Fantasy
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I looked through the window and saw nothing. Unfortunately my room's window faced the back of the house. I was scared and my heart was about to escape its position. I felt strange and I knew my guts never lie. My mother was in danger but now no one was telling me anything. Aunt Cate left me in my room to sleep and she went downstairs to go check on what was happening. I regretted being a kid.
With all that drama that was in the car before we got home it was obvious mum and dad were fighting and unfortunately it involved aunt Cate and grandma too. What could that be? My tiny mind kept on thinking.
I checked the time and it was 9:00pm. Dad always watched news at this hour while mum is back home and aunt Cate is busy washing the dishes. I tiptoed to the door and opened after all aunt Cate liked calling me a naughty nuisance. I had to know what was happening.
I walked down the stairs silently my tiny legs were of help atleast. Suddenly I heard voices coming from the sitting room as if two people were quarelling. I took a break fast and sat down slowly not to cause any suspicions of my presence. I peeped through the staircase spaces and saw my aunt's hairstyle meaning it was aunt Cate, she was having a conversation with someone I could see nor recognize. "Now what?" She asked. I saw the other figure moving towards Dad's drinks case. He always told me that case is for grown ups and sometimes out of curiosity I always wanted to be a grown up and just have a sip it looked tasty. Maybe as sweet as mango juice or maybe milk but most of his drinks looked like apple juice and I wished I tasted. "I have bad news Cate." He said and I immediately recognized the voice it was my dad. He was limping when now I saw him in a clear view. The I saw something even much stranger, blood flowing from his leg. He looked like he was struggling.
I was shocked and my suspicions were right. But where was mum and grandma.
Aunt Cate : What's wrong Brooks?
Dad : Your mum was shot too, she's..... unfortunately....dead.
Aunt Cate : WHAT!!! You said it's Alice only. What have you done now. (Crying bitterly)
Dad : I know but she screamed, I didn't think of you going in with her our mind was fixed on Claire. I didn't want my daughter to see all this. By the way where is she.
Aunt Cate : (No answer still crying)
Dad : Where is my daughter?
Aunt Cate : Upstairs I put her to bed she looked scared though...I killed my mother and sister Brooks, why did you let this happen.
Dad : I'm sorry Cate, I couldn't prevent that. I'm also hurt remember. Let's think of how to solve this mess from this point now please.
Aunt Cate : I don't know now Brooks what about Claire, what will we tell her?
Dad : She's a small stupid girl, I'm sure she's busy sleeping and won't even know her mother and grandma are dead.
Aunt Cate : We need to tell her atleast.
Dad : Focus, Cate, Claire later she's sleeping. Call the police remember what we agreed, robbers attacked us and you had to run in with Claire and I had to stay out to protect them then I was shot and they killed your mum because she was screaming and Alice was the target okay.
Aunt Cate : Okay.
For a second I felt like my ears were deceiving me I just couldn't understand. My mother and grandma are dead and it seems my dad killed them and aunt Cate knew all this. I stood up and tiptoed to my room. I needed to think things through.
I laid on my bed and took daisy, that's how I decided to name my favorite teddy bear, from my favorite cartoon cool catz. What was happening, being a child sucks. No one believes in you and they can't let you know their issues. Where is mum and grandma? Why is my dad bleeding? Why is their conversation totally suspicious?

After a few minutes I felt footsteps coming up the stairs. So I covered myself and held daisy so tight in my arms and closed my eyes to pretend I was asleep. Shortly my door swang open and my heart started beating even quicker. "Sweety, Claire, Claire?" Aunt Cate called and I raised my head up to check her pretending I was in deep sleep. "Someone wants to talk to you." She said then turned for the door. A woman stood there in police wear. She looked at me and came closer to my bed. My heart beat increased. "How are you Claire." She asked softly she seemed so friendly. "I'm fine..." I said trying to get her to say her name. "Eunice." She said. I nodded. "I wanted to get you out of this place because something bad happened and you need to be far from here." She said smiling and sitting on my bed next to me. 'My mum and grandma are dead like dead.' I thought. I smiled fakely and nodded. The next thing I was in her arms. I held daisy close, she was my comforter. "Here is the young girl." The police said handing me to another police who took me to the police car. Our house was sorrounded by policemen. I peeped through the window and saw my dad in an ambulance. My aunt Cate was crying covered with a blanket and the house had been sorrounded by a crime scene yellow marker. "You'll be safe Claire." The police said as he sat next to me. I got the courage to ask atleast to know. "Where is mum and grandma?" The police gave me an eyes and then smiled wierdly. "You are going to meet them." He said.

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