A Blood Demon's Delight

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Cecelia has been partially blind for many years. When Aoranan, a blood demon from the second dimension, portals into her room one night, Cecelia is pleased to finally have a friend. And Aoranan is willing to keep his human "donor" alive at any cost.

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Chapter 1: Meeting the Blood Demon

Cecelia wakes up in the dead of night because of a suspicious weight on top of her chest. She remains still even as her heart pounds vigorously against her chest.

“Did I wake you?” The deep rumble of Aonaran vibrates against her chest mockingly.

She didn’t know whether to scream, or cry, and the debate made her voice extinguish.

How did he get in? I remember locking the front door and my bedroom door-

Aonaran pulls Cecelia from her thoughts by grumbling, “You locked all your doors, don’t worry. Demons portal into bedrooms, looking to feed off of pretty ladies.”

Aoranan couldn't read minds but he had encountered plenty of scared humans to guess her thoughts.

Cecelia shakes beneath him on her bed, “Are you saying your a-“

“Demon? Yes. You should be able to tell that by looking at me,” Aonaran repositions himself so he is leaning over Cecelia’s open eyes.

Cecelia smiles with tight lips, “I-I am partially b-blind. I can’t see you. O-only your outline.”

To prove her point she raises her hand and traces the outline of the shape she can see. When she reaches his head, her hands clashed into a hard object.

Her brows crease and she forgets the position she is in and the strange demon-man in her room, “What’s this?”

“Horns,” Aonaran replied curtly. He was dumbfounded that the young human would be calming down. He can hear her heartbeat slowing and her breathing stabilize.

Any human, even blind humans, are usually scared of him. It’s always the same, ‘Who are you? What are you? Please! Don’t kill me!’

At that point most humans died of shock or a heart attack. No human has ever been able to touch a demon and not become worried by what they felt.

That is, except for Cecelia. Who begins to trace both of Aonaran’s horns while he is stuck deep in thought.

At the top of his pointed horns, Cecelia pricks her finger and draws blood. It’s enough to bring Aonaran from his thoughts.

He grabs her arms and gently pins them to her sides. He’s never had an un-afraid meal, so he’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep this human calm.

“Can you help me?”

The question catches Cecelia off guard, “You can portal into a room, and have massive horns on your head. What could I possibly help you with?”

Her loosely pinned hands wriggle away from her sides. Aonaran lets them go, curious as to what she will do.

Cecelia pushes Aonaran off her waist, and he lets her, then she rubs her eyes of all the sleep crust.

When she blinks her eyes open again she pats her hand on the bed until she finds Aonaran’s hand, “What do you need help with demon?”

Aonaran can see Cecelia perfectly in the darkness, but he can’t understand her calmness.

He tries to play along with her caring side, “I’ve been- Uh, wounded. By another demon,” Aonaran quickly tries to make his story more convincing, “I can heal my skin, see?” He takes her hand and places it on an old scar, “But I lost so much blood, that I need some of yours.”

He winced at the end of the story, knowing she can’t see his facial expression. Hopefully she believes him, or else he would have to-


He must’ve heard her wrong, “What?” For a demon he didn’t feel very confident in the face of this blind human.

“You need a blood donation. I give a lot of blood at the blood banks, you can use my arm,” she holds out her inner arm.

Aonaran stares at the appendage for a moment, “Thank you.”

While he doesn’t usually take blood from such a hard to access area, he decided to take the High road and gain her trust.

“Could you…” Aonaran stops his teeth from touching her skin when she speaks, “Leave a mark. So I know this actually happened in the morning.”

Aonaran chuckles, “Aren’t you blind?”

She squirms on the bed in annoyance, “Partially blind. I can still feel scab wounds and bruises though.”

Aonaran nods with a smirk, “I think I can leave a little bit of a mark. Ready?”

At her nod, Aoranan clamps his teeth down on the smooth skin of her forearm. Only his top layer of pointed teeth pierce her skin. He repeatedly pulls his teeth out and jabs them back in, when solid divots have been made in her skin, he allows himself to fully taste her blood.

It’s O-positive. No wonder she donates blood. Hopefully, she will want to be Aoranan’s personal donor. Then he can drink freely from a steady blood supply. For a blood demon, a live human donor is hard to come by.

He can vaguely feel her other hand pet his hair. It’s long and matted from years of keeping to the shadows and not caring.

As he licks the wound clean from dribbling blood, Cecelia lets out a sigh, “I feel dizzy.”

Aoranan nods and remembers she can’t see him, “It’s a demon effect. The human body becomes tired and remains calm.” Not the complete truth, but truth enough.

It was actually demon venom that numbs the area, and sometimes when a demon drinks too much, numbs the mind.

Aoranan watches her sway to the side and collapse on top of her pillows.

He stands from the bed and helps straighten her out on the bed before flipping her sheets over her body. Before he can leave back through his portal, she grabs his arms and holds him in place.

“Will you… stay?” Her eyes blink heavily and she yawns, “Just for a little longer so I know I’m okay.”

Aoranan stares at her for a long while. To the point she almost falls asleep, “Yes.”

The sound of his voice wakes her up slightly and she moves lazily to the side of her bed. Aoranan chuckles lowly. He had already lain on top of her chest. The delicacy of sleeping beside one another has long passed.

He flops onto the bed, shadows engulfing his body as always. He then wraps an arm over Cecelia’s stomach and drags her closer to his body.

She lifts her arms and wraps them around his neck, placing her head on his chest comfortably.

Aoranan notices how quickly the little human falls asleep. Barely aware of the danger she’s in; cuddling into a blood-demon.

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