A Taste of Love

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Scarlet. 26 years old. Single. I love my job. I get to travel. I get to party. I even get to sleep with guys and wake up the next morning knowing they will be gone. Who wouldn't want my life? Then one day I bump into this man. That one little encounter changed me. Now all I can think about is Jayson. ------------------------------ After Scarlett's grandmother passes away unexpectedly she begins questioning everything in her life. Including Jayson and even her job that she loves so much.

Samantha Douglas
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When you reach a certain point in your life, especially when you are twenty-six years old, you constantly have people asking you all kinds of silly questions. For example my grandmother always asking me, " Oh honey, when are you going to make me a great grand?" Moments like that I have to bite my tongue and take a deep breath. How am I supposed to think about having kids when I do not even have a man in my life? I am happy with where I am with my life right now. I have a great job and I have great friends. Well, I have a great job because of who my parents are. My parents own their own bakery. Yeah, you're probably thinking how in the world does that give me a good job when all they own is a bakery. Well, they have bakery's open EVERYWHERE. All over the United States plus in places like France. I travel a lot. My job is to go where I'm sent to make sure that the bakery is running right and everyone is doing their jobs. So if I go to one and someone is not doing their job correctly, I have the oh so wonderful job of firing them then having to find someone to take their spot. If I have to do that, that leaves me staying in that town for how ever long it takes me to find a replacement. Do I like having to fire someone? No, not at all. But I do enjoy getting to stay in places for a period of time. I work but it is also like a mini vacation. Yeah, yeah, I can hear your thoughts now. You are thinking "Wow, she has the greatest job ever. Work during the day and party at night." Honestly, you are right. I work during the day and at night time I find the hottest club or bar and I party. Sometimes I am lucky and I have my best friend by my side. Oh, and yes I do hook up with some of the guys that I meet. But I know not to look any further into it. I meet a guy, we have sex, we fall asleep, and by the next morning when I wake up he is gone. That is just how it goes for me. Yes, I am OK with this. I would not have it any other way.

"I have to leave to go to Vegas in a few days. I know you will not be able to go with me this time, so I just wanted to let you know that you are more than welcome to stay at my place while I am gone." I tell my best friend Caroline as we sit down to have lunch. Caroline squeals before she basically knocks the table over to hug me. "You are the absolute best! I could get used to using your hot tub everyday after a long day of work." I can not help but laugh. "You act like you don't already do that now. But we can pretend you don't. All I ask is , if you have any of your boy toys over, stay out of my bedroom and do not have sex in my hot tub or pool. Oh, and do not try taking over any more of my clothes." Caroline blushes but recovers quickly, " Geez Scarlet. Make me sound like a hoe would you? And I would never have sex in those places. But I can't make promises that I would have a man fuck me in your shower or maybe even on your kitchen counter." I stare at her for a moment before I can't stop laughing. Finally after I get control of myself and wipe away the tears running down my face , I reach across the table and grab Caroline's hand. "Ok, Ok. Please do not have sex in my kitchen. My shower is totally up for grabs but don't you dare have your ass nor any other ass or balls on my kitchen counters. I love you but no Caroline. Just no." Before Carolina can say anything else we hear someone clear their throat to get our attention. "I'm sorry to interrupt your conversation about sex in your kitchen, but I'm Carter and I will be your waiter today. Can I start you off with something to drink?"

That moment leads to where I am now. In my kitchen with Carter pounding me from behind as I scream his name. I sure hope my neighbors aren't back from their trip just yet. I can't help myself. He was sexy as hell and single. So why not?
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