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From rebellious teen to problematic adult, Lady Jamie-Lee Toussaint has always been at the front lines of trouble especially when it comes to anything involving Darla Montgomery. A relationship that can be described with Passion, Lust, Hatred, Pain and words no one dares to utter. Whatever they felt for each other it was always strong and more often than not their encounters leave one of them heart broken or covered in bruises. A story that plays out over a decade ending with Jamie in jail for the fourth time, a result that she can only blame on Darla. Through the many ups and downs over the years, the one thing that has become clear is that no matter what, there is always more to play out. They will forever be unfinished. Until now…. A/N Updates weekly

Romance / Drama
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#1. Fourth times the charm

~~Fourth times the charm~~
January 28 2022
“You look like shit, when was the last time you showered?”

Her tone is snobbish, not that I am surprised. I look up to find crystal blue eyes scrutinizing me, undoubtedly irritated by the fact that it is past midnight.

“Is that why you came here? To criticize me?” I pick at the blood under my fingernails that has been drying for the last three hours. I smile involuntarily, remembering how I found myself in this position. “It always has been your favorite thing to do, sold me, belittle me, point out everything I ever did wrong.”

Darla sighs, running her fingers through the short blond locks. She must have gotten in cut in the last three days since I saw her. The style suits her, as far as I can tell this is the shortest it’s ever been. Her face looks rounder, her eyes bigger, she looks younger, innocent even. “You look like a little boy who just received his first haircut, did your mommy hold your hand?”

I grin as I watch her jaw clench. She steps forward, gripping the collar of my shirt and pulling me against the cold metal bars of the cell that I have been in. “Listen here, you filthy animal, I have much better things to do with my night than to entertain your pointless existence.” For a moment, my chest aches, but I refuse to change my expression.

“So why are you here, Darla? If you have something much more pressing?” Her grip on my collar tightens and the bars begin hurting as she pulls harder.

“I’m here because I’m still your fucking emergency contact. I had no choice.” She scoffs.

I bite back my laugh, remembering that I actually did forget changing it back. Five months ago, I changed it to her contact and had myself admitted to the hospital six times over the span of three months. Always around two in the morning on days when I knew she had a lot going on. It might not have been the mature thing to do, but annoying her has been one of my favorite pastimes for as long as I can remember.

“For a moment I thought that maybe something actually bad happened, I rushed over here trying to do the right thing. God, I’m such an idiot, I should have known you never change. To think that you would go this far to ruin what little happiness I try finding. But here you go bending over backwards to spite me, and getting arrested in the process. What is this the third time this month?”

“Fourth actually.” I smile, ignoring the desperate pitch in her voice. I won’t feel guilty, yes I am a nuisance, but not to the point of destroying her happiness. She didn’t have to come tonight. “Don’t play the victim here Darla, you’ve not answered before, you could be doing damage control, and checking up on William, yet here you are yelling at me. Don’t try denying the joy you feel looking down on me. You want to be here yelling at me, because deny it all you want, you can’t stay away from me. We have unfinished business.”

Her rage returns in a flash. By every definition she is my opposite, but I know her better than anyone else, I know what words to say to trigger her. “Don’t worry, I promise that this is the last time I will have you called. You can go back, pretending that you and everything around you is perfect. You won’t ever have to admit to your friends that you are associated with a bastard like me.”

She flinches at the word she once used on me. A crack becomes visible in her otherwise perfect exterior, and for a moment she looks like the girl that used to tell me that she loved me every night. The girl that was able to calm all the demons in my head once upon a time. But just as quick as the moment comes, it disappears again.

“You’re not some wounded puppy Jamie, all the shit you have endured, is of your own doing, I won’t fall for your innocent act ever again. You can’t follow rules, stick to agreements, or even be honest about the simplest of things. You will undoubtedly end up in here again, hopefully in exactly two day. Maybe then I can finally have peace.”

Venom drips from her words, but after giving her no form of a reaction, she finally releases me from her vice-like grip. I could have escaped much sooner, I am much stronger than her now, but I like playing with her.

She sighs, taking a step back when she sees my smirk. “I’ve paid your bail, Jamie, don’t contact me again.”
“I don’t need your help.”
“Then rot in here for all I care, I’m done.”

I laugh out loud, knowing that I am making it so much worse. “Please, I’ve heard that threat before, the one thing we both know is that you’ll never be done with me, you’ll never have enough, you’ll always be crawling back.”

Though she is pissed her cheeks tint showing me that she is thinking about the last time I pissed her off this much. “Fuck you.” She snaps, her eyes burning me with pent-up rage.

“If you want to fuck me, all you have to do is ask.” If there weren’t bars separating us, she would have slapped me.

Her cheeks stain darker, and she opens her mouth to scold me again, but much to my surprise, nothing comes out.

Without another word, she turns on her heels and storms out. Such a shame, I could have kept going like this for at least another hour.

The door slams shut, and I am left staring at the bricks ahead of me. Maybe I pushed her too far this time. Part of me knows that I am in the wrong, but I also know that she deserves the torment at least a bit. Everything else I did this last month might fall in the gray area, but tonight I had no choice in my actions. Not once did she ask me why I did it, she just assumed that I am in the wrong, the way she always has. Jamie-Lee Toussaint, the girl that destroys everything in her path.

I sigh staring at the clock watching the seconds tick by, and thirty minutes later the buzzer sounds. My cell opens and around the corner appear Ziggy with a raised eyebrow and crossed arms. Okay, so I didn’t completely think about how my actions would affect him, and for that I do feel some regret.

He begins walking away, and I silently follow, knowing that he has probably arranged everything. Even if Darla wouldn’t have paid my bail, he would have. He makes no eye contact until the door to the town car closes, and we are left in silence.

The driver takes the first left bringing us towards the city, undoubtedly Ziggy decided that I will be staying at his place, so he can keep an eye on me.

“You spoke to Darla?” I ask after a long moment of silence.

He hums, “She told me to take you home and put a leash on you.”

I grin, but it seems that he isn’t as amused. He studies me, trying to determine an appropriate reaction. That’s how it’s always been between the three of us. Whenever Darla and I have it out, Ziggy is left on the sidelines, either laughing and watching it all burn down, or trying to console whoever didn’t land on top of our latest battle.

“You punched William.” He says.
“I beat the shit out of his entitled ass.”
“Why?” A slight tug at the corner of his mouth confirms that part of him wanted to do it as well, so I give no answer.

“What are you planning, Jamie?” He sighs out after a moment of silence. We have a don’t ask, don’t tell agreement between the three of us, this is the first time he is breaking it. “You may be reckless, immature, and the embodiment of chaos, but you never become violent. I let it slip on new years for obvious reasons, but this has come too far. I need to know what you are planning for the next two days.”
“So you can stop me?”
“From hurting yourself, yes.”
My playful façade drops, the last thing I would ever want is to disappoint one of the two who has stood by my side even after everyone left.

“I’m fine, I haven’t lost my mind, if that is what you are wondering.”
He chuckles, shaking his head. “It would take much more for you to lose your mind, Little Monster. There is too much at risk for you to drop the ball. But I still want to know.”

My brow arches, “What do you mean too much at risk?” He shrugs his shoulder, turning his gaze to the passing cars. Neither of us answering the other’s most pressing question.

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