Im Sommer

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They were sitting on Judith’s balcony, just the two of them, enjoying each a glass of rich red wine. Angela felt decidedly lazy, a little heavy from the alcohol, but not tired. It was after nine, but there was still enough daylight to see by and Angela decided on looking at Judith.

She was beautiful. Her red hair seemed brighter and her skin had a bronze glow about it. Angela would’ve liked it better if they could’ve sat side by side, but there was just enough space for two chairs and a table, the latter unfortunately standing between the chairs.

“Is this where you bring all the girls you fancy?”

“Err, fancy?”

“Girls you like?” Angela explained with a smile.

“No, I... I just brought the chairs up this afternoon. I thought it would be nice to sit here with the view and all.”

“I was just teasing.”

“Oh.” Judith shook her head, then she smiled.

Angela felt like melting on the spot. While the wine certainly had a relaxing effect, her body seemed to tingle from an overdose of Judith. And Angela wasn’t sure what Judith liked about her, but she pretty much liked all about Judith. She had to swallow at a sudden lump in her throat and took a sip of wine to recover.

“Do you like it?”

She looked up.

“The wine. It’s my grandfather’s favorite.”

Angela had met the jovial older man. He had been the one insisting that Judith and Angela should spent some time alone - young folks don’t wanna spent all their time with old people, Judith had translated what he’d said.

“I like it. It’s not too sweet and... there’s like substance to it.”

“Full-bodied,” Judith said.

“Yeah, that.” Angela couldn’t help laughing, Judith seemed to know her wine jargon, too.

She turned to Judith as she heard her sigh and saw her close her eyes contentedly. It was really beautiful up here, and so relaxing after the hour-long hike on the vineyard. They had the full view of it now.

Angela never would’ve thought that this could happen. It was all so... different, but there was a comfort about it that seemed familiar. And then there was Judith and she really hadn’t been prepared for meeting someone like her. She’d never felt... anything like it, certainly not with any of the guys she’d gone out with. And even the memory of Denise seemed to fade with what was happening right now, right here.

She put her glass down on the table, then reached out her arm to touch Judith’s. It was warm from the day’s sunlight and Angela caressed it with the tips of her fingers. When she looked up, she encountered Judith’s eyes resting on her.

They both leaned over as if pulled by an invisible string. As their lips met, Angela felt an excited stirring in her lower belly. Her lips captured Judith’s and there was no thinking about stopping anytime soon.

They had to, though, their leaned-over postures too uncomfortable to hold for long.

Judith leaned back, smiling. “I like kissing you,” she said.

“I like kissing you - a lot.”

Judith nodded, she seemed thoughtful. “Would you...” She cleared her throat. “Do you want to go inside?”

“It’s so nice out here.”

“Yeah, I just thought... maybe you would like to... get more comfortable?”

The implication left Angela speechless for a moment. “Err, I...”

“I mean... that’s not what I meant. I mean... sorry,” Judith stammered, blushing an even darker shade than the freckles covering her nose and cheeks.

Angela still had her hand on her arm and now she squeezed it. “What did you mean?”

“I just thought... we could... kiss a little more, if you’d like. We would be more comfortable inside. Also,” she pointed at the yard where people stood under sunshades, talking and tasting wine. “Nobody could look just up and see us, like they could now.”

“Are you out to your parents?”

“Well, it’s... I haven’t really told them. My mom knows I think, but my dad is kinda clueless. I don’t feel like making a big announcement.”

“Your grandparents?”

Judith shrugged, but she seemed pretty uncomfortable right now. “They’re... a different generation. I’m not even sure they’d understand... or like it.”

“They won’t if you don’t give them a chance to. They seem pretty great to me.”

Judith nodded, but looked rather thoughtful. “They are, I just don’t know how they feel about... homosexuality and all that.”

“Do you have Pride here?”


“You know, parades for lgbt people?”

“You mean CSD, Christopher Street Day?”

“Yeah, I mean we just say Pride. Christopher Street Day is kinda the New York thing, Christopher Street being in New York City.”

Judith nodded. “I know about that. We still call it that in Germany, though.”

“Do you go?”

Judith nodded. “I went the last two years, yes.”

“With your friends?”

“Well, not with those you met yesterday. I mean, some of them go, but it’s more to party. The boys are usually too uncomfortable, but the girls go. I have some friends, gay friends, and we go together.”

“And your grandparents are aware of that? I mean, the whole concept?”

“Yes. I mean, they don’t go. Last year, my mom suggested that it would maybe be a good opportunity to... you know, put something up, a winetasting thing...”

“Like a booth? For advertising?”

Judith nodded. “It was kinda the day before, so it wasn’t really possible with the whole organization and all, but... well, my grandfather wasn’t against it, and he makes the decisions about something like that.”

Angela smiled. “See?”

“Yeah, I know. It’s still... it’s so... difficult.”

“I’m not trying to talk you into it, but you seem close with your folks. I bet they’d like to know about you.”

“I just figured I’d bring my girlfriend home... if I ever have one and introduce her. I don’t like to make a fuss.”

“I bet you’ll have many... girlfriends, that is. You’re so beautiful.” She hadn’t even meant to say it and was a little shocked that it had just come out like that. As Judith didn’t answer for several seconds, Angela finally looked up at her. Judith looked at her open-mouthed.

“Don’t look so shocked, it’s true,” Angela said, grinning.

“So are you - beautiful. You’re very beautiful.”

Angela wasn’t sure if she should believe it, but from the look in Judith’s eyes she certainly meant it.

They had eventually gone inside as the sky had turned dark. They had talked, but finally Judith had gotten her wish of more kissing. Now they were lying on her bed - still fully clothed, mind you - their legs entwined, intermittendly kissing and talking.

"So that's how I found out about liking girls," Judith was just now saying.

"And you never suspected that she liked you until then?"

"No, I mean... Looking back, I can see that I had a crush on her sometimes. I should really show you a picture when I find one. She was - is, I guess - a, what did you call it, a jock?"

Angela nodded. "Is that the kind of girl you like? Sporty girls?" There seemed to be a tinge of insecurity in her question, but mostly it was just curiosity.

"I don't like that concept of having a type. When I look around, and I've done that especially in the first few months of... discovering girls, I see so many beautiful women, intelligent women, women who can do things I can't do. All these things seem kind of sexy, you know? Is that stupid?"

"No," Angela said, pushing a strand of hair from Judith's face. "I think you're right. Beauty is only one aspect of attraction."

"And sportiness is another. And Anne had that. I think our friendship might have been another. I never would've trusted her the way I did if we hadn't been friends for so long."

"Do you think that you'd still be with her if she hadn't moved away?" Another hint at insecurity.

"We were never really together. We explored things with each other, but I think... we weren't in love. Had we not been so drunk that first night, nothing might have happened."

Angela nodded. She seemed thoughtful.

"What about you and Denise?" Judith felt her own bout of doubt tying knots in her stomach.

"That was just... a thing. We texted some pretty intense stuff, but we only like... kissed. The convention was only three days and we stayed on the same floor at the hotel. We thought we'd see each other again because we didn't live that far apart, but we never got there. She texted me when she got together with another girl and I wasn't heartbroken or anything."

"And your boyfriend found those texts? Sexts?"

Angela chuckled. "Sexts, yes. Not all of them, but some were pretty steamy. We skyped that one time and that got intense, too, but... it wasn't like this."

"What is this like?"

"Almost a little too real," Angela said in a low voice.

More knots formed in Judith's stomach. Had she pressured Angela into an uncomfortable situation? She pushed herself up on her elbow. "If you want we can go outside to the others," she quickly offered.

Angela reached out, stroking the bare flesh of Judith's arm. Goosebumps formed there and Judith had to swallow at her body's instant reaction to Angela's touch.

"I wanna stay here," Angela said.

"Okay. We could sit on the couch, maybe?"

"I wanna stay right here. I'm sorry... I like this a lot. It's a little overwhelming because I like it so much. Do you understand?"

Judith found herself nodding slowly. She lay back down on her side. "There's a lot going on inside, right?"

Angela chuckled. "A lot," she confirmed. Then she leaned over and kissed Judith like she had on the balcony, slow, intense.

Judith lay her arm around Angela, shimmying closer on her rumbled bedding. As their bodies touched in a number of delicious ways, her heart seemed to burst. They came up for air, but couldn't stop kissing for long. It was certainly overwhelming, but it was also irresistable. And Judith wanted more the more she got - like an addiction.

They finally settled down again, too excited even to continue... even though Judith felt that she would have if Angela had instigated it. She couldn't keep her hands off Angela's body, caressing her back and side through the thin material of her shirt.

They lay and smiled at each other, the heightened color on Angela's face told Judith that she was just as excited as she was. What was the word for it - aroused?

"I like you, Angela."

Angela lay her hand on Judith's cheek, a very light touch. "I like you, too." She sighed. "I wish we weren't leaving on Friday. I wish we'd skipped Spain and spent our whole vacay here."

"Me too."

Pulled by that same invisible string as before they moved to kiss again. Their lips had barely met when there was a knock at the door. "Judi?"

It was her mom and Judith was relieved when she didn't open the door. They had pulled apart as it was, not in shame, just surprise.

"Judi, Angela's Eltern wollen los."

Judith sighed. "My mom says your parents want to leave."

"Already? It's like..." She turned and looked at Judith's alarm clock. "1:30? When did that happen?"

Judith couldn't help laughing.

Angela got up from the bed and Judith followed having lain against the wall. Another knock alerted her to the fact that her mother wasn't going to let them take their time. She went to open her door after checking that her clothes were all in place.

"Ja," she said a little testily upon opening.

"Es ist spät, Judi."

"Ja, ich weiß. Ist schon gut." She turned to Angela, whose color had heightened to a blush. "Let's go downstairs?"

Angela nodded. She stepped toward Judith then took her hand. She smiled at her and Judith felt her heart melt once again. Angela turned to Judith's mom. "Thank you for having us tonight."

"It was very nice having you here. Your parents really enjoyed the tasting."

"Your wine is very good. We had a glass of red, it was delicious."

"I'm glad to hear it." She spoke with a thick accent.

Angela looked back at Judith and they walked by her mom. They descended the stairs still holding hands and while Judith could have done without the frown she saw forming on Ben's face, pulling away was not an option.

They made plans to meet again the next day. They hugged at the door.

Judith watched Angela and her parents walk down the drive, sighing. She couldn't wait for tomorrow, she couldn't wait for all the feelings to flare up again, to hold Angela again. Everything seemed connected and while some of it was confusing, most of it was simply amazing. Angela was amazing. Angela was her girl.

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