Beautifully Broken

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Adelaide Smith never had a normal life. When she was young, her parents abused her. She ran away when she was in sixth grade, leaving her best friend behind, Joseph Johnson. She gets swept up into the system and gets adopted. Her dad is a pastor and often makes us move, but it also helps her run away from her past, which is constantly chasing her. When she gets to the new school, the bad boy instantly takes interest in her. They become friends and she feels a pull torwards him. Then she gets threat to stay away from him. Will she be able to handle it? What will he do? Will Addy let him in and tell him everything?

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Getting Ready

I woke up to the sound of a train going by. I groaned as I sat up, getting off the top bunk. I climbed down the ladder and slipped my feet into my red lady bug slippers I've had since 6th grade.

I walked to my dresser and put on a tie dye shirt with paint stained skinny jeans. I slipped on my converse and walked to the kitchen. Mom and dad broke out the news that we were moving. It didn't bother me, I have to keep moving if I don't want them to find me. No one knows of my problems, my dad is a pastor and we have to move often.
I grabbed a bowl from a box and got some cereal. I sat down at the table and quickly ate. When I was done, I washed my bowl and put it back in the box. Anne is going to be a senior next year. She was sitting on the couch, scrolling through social media. I sighed and sat next to her. Then I saw Peter come running through. "Help!" He yelled.
"I will get you for that!" I turned around and saw Paul drenched, looking right at Peter.
"What is going on?" Dad boomed as he came into the room.
"Peter, dumped water on me," Paul said.
"Why?" Dad asked Peter.
"You said that I needed to wake him up." He said innocently.
"I meant for you to go and shake his shoulder, not dump water on him." Dad groaned. He walked into the kitchen to make some coffee.
"Alright, let's get moving guys, dad is leaving to go to the house and we need to help the movers get someone this stuff out." Mom said as she clapped her hands and came into the room. I sighed and went to my room. Joe was already up and was cleaning.
"Mom said that dad is leaving today," I told her.
"Yeah I know, I can hear her from here." Joe pointed out.
It's been a week since Dad left. We were finishing the last of it. I got out of bed and got dressed. I was wearing ripped skinny jeans and a plain pink crop top. I packed all my clothes and blanket up before bringing my suitcase to the living room. It was empty. I sighed and went back to my room. I walked to the closet and stepped inside. I closed one of the doors and saw my picture. Joseph had one of his arm dropped around my neck, pulling me in so he could kiss my cheek. I was laughing while it was being taken.
We both had a crush on each other, but we were young. He was my first kiss. When my birth parents found out, they had a huge fight with his parents. They were afraid he found out what happened to me behind closed doors. After we moved, I stayed for a few weeks before running away. I couldn't stay with them any longer. Joseph was the only person keeping me sane.
I smiled at the memory of our first kiss. I was with him that day and my parents got drunk and forgot about me. That night we slept in the same bed and we kissed. We snuggled and stayed by each other until my parents came and picked me up. I was way smaller than Joseph so I was able to wear one of his shirts as a dress. They were angry when they saw me.
I shook my head and got out of my day dream. I put the picture in the back of my phone case before walking out of the room. I walked to the living room and started helping the movers. It was still wet from raining last night. As I was walking back to the house, I tripped over a neighbors toy and was about to hit the mud. I felt someone hands wrap around me waist, helping me up. "Thanks," I said as I looked up at him. He had dark brown hair, forest green eyes, and was very fit. He scanned me too before releasing me and walking away. I smiled as I headed up to the house.
I could tell that he had the bad boy vibe rolling off of him. I smiled again and shook my head, I can't be thinking about boys right now. Everything was packed up and we got into the car.
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