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Dumping writing prompts I’ve done

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Basically I go and find writing prompts on either Pinterest or Instagram and write little story’s on them and then I come on here and dump them here, so they will be short and probably won’t get pt.2’s but idk, anyway enjoy my rambling and awful grammar

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Story #1

The kiss
“I remember kissing you, why do I remember kissing you”

he looked at me and I laughed a bit saying “cause we did” he looked taken aback and said “w-wait w-what” his face turned red in an instant

“Come on it was just a dare and you were drunk” I lied feeling disappointed, he sighed in relief saying “did um....did anyone see”

I looked down at the ground and with tears in my eyes said “pshhhh nah of course not” he looked at my retrieving figure knowing something was off

“Y-y/n are you lying” I slowly lifted my head and smiled saying “hehe yeah just a bit” I hugged myself and simply turned getting ready to leave saying “it’s ok I underst-“

He stood up and grabbed my wrist turning me towards him and crashing his lips onto mine, it was short and sweet but it was relaxing

“I-I love you” he said as he wrapped his arms around my figure and placed his forehead to mine

(So idk how the freak to put pictures 🤦🏼‍♀️, but when I do I’ll put pics of the prompts and where I found
them )

😉 “well sheeeeeeeeeesh”
_| \_

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