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🚫 This story contains mature language and mature scenes 🚫 •••••••••• Rhion had been walking on the face of earth for a very, very long time. Once upon a night, as he was drowning his feeling and thoughts with alcohol, he stumbled upon a mermaid. After feeling all alone and lost interest in living, he finally found a purpose in his uneventful live. The two tangled between the sheets and also their hearts. He swore to protect the magical creature with everything he has, even if that means he has to face his own long forgotten demon. On the land where people were moved by their greed and lust, they found themselves running from one danger to another. Will he able to protect the mermaid? Or will he get sucked back into his deep depressing past?

Romance / Fantasy
Imogen Brown
Age Rating:


Thank you for giving this book a chance. With this book I'd like to take you to another dimension where Mermaids and witches are real. Their world is unlike ours. They have their nature thrives, and their technology unexplored. In this book, you will find mature scenes and a lot of mature languages. There will be a (almost) rape scene, so if that triggers you, please don't bother to read.

And most importantly, this book is a full work of fiction. Nothing in this book is real, and I would like to make it clear that I have NO INTENTION to make fun/joking about ANY RELIGIONS. The purpose of this story is to entertain, I DO NOT write this as a way to mock or trying to influence anybody's believes.

Last but not least, I stumbled upon Rumi one day and fell in love. There will be frictions of his poem and all credits go back to whoever they belong to, I DO NOT own any of those. And before anybody is attacking me, telling me they are offended that I put his poem as spells, I just want to make it clear that the reason I did it because I found his words are just otherworldly and mesmerizing, in a way, they captured my soul. Never in my mind I intend any disrespect to Rumi or his culture.

With all of that being said, please go on and read the book. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Stay safe,
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