Returning Home

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Kirsten Jones is a quiet, unassuming 20 year old. As the Daughter of the President of The Skulls MC, she feels compelled into a life she feels disconnected to, so she lives like a shadow, simply there to serve a purpose. But when her Brothers actions cause her to be kidnapped, will someone banished from her past bring her back to life? Or will they forever be forced to be apart?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

~ Kirsten ~

I slowly open my eyes and switch off the alarm on my phone.

It’s my turn to go and tidy up after yet another long ass night. I need to be done before the guys come down for Chapel. I do my fair share as Patty deserves a rest. She’s the Prez older sister and my Aunt. She takes no prisoners and makes sure everyone understands she is a boss in her own right.

Me? Well, I’m the Prez’s daughter so I should be a badass right? Wrong.

I keep myself to myself as much as I can in an MC. I would love to be a nurse. I tend to be the one patching up the idiots anyway so why not learn it properly and make a career. So, until College starts in the fall, I am biding my time working in the bar, helping my Mom and enjoying the upcoming Summer.

“What the fuck? Jesus Ranger!”

He is laying on his front, butt naked on the pool table. He’s my brother Sonny’s best friend. They’ve known each other all their lives.

I grab the wet cloth, whipping his ass with it.

“God damn, K! Can’t you let me sleep? You can clean around me?”

“Yes, I could but I am already tired of looking at your nasty, hairy ass!”

“You just want a piece of me, admit it!”

“Ranger, I wouldn’t lose my virginity to you if you were the last man on Earth. Now be gone before I finish stocking up or I won’t let you have first dibs at breakfast!”

“Damn you’re mean!”


I grab the crates and start filling up the bar with bottles of whiskey, beers and shots ready for later.

It does feel a lot like Groundhog Day sometimes here. We’ve had drama for sure, dealing guns isn’t exactly a peaceful career but I don’t have any involvement in that.

I know my place and I do it well.

“Hey. You in that pretty head of yours again K?” My Aunt Patty comes into the storeroom.

“What? Oh, hey. No, not really. Found Ranger naked on the pool table, alone for a change but I still see his ass every time I close my eyes.”

She laughs at me. “Oh, you innocent little thing! I’ve seen way worse in my time. Just be grateful you haven’t had the pleasure of that yet. If you go to college, please lose some innocence and enjoy yourself. You only have one life honey.”

Aunt Patty was married to Chris until he was killed in a motorcycle accident 10 years ago. They’d been in love since she was 16, so she couldn’t bring herself to date after that.

“I know. And it’s not for the lack of not wanting to. Believe me, I’m not against it. I just can’t relax into it. I get to a certain stage and then I slam the breaks on. I think I’m messed up.”

I hear her quietly mumble. “Or still hung up.”

“I heard that! And you’re wrong. I’m not hung up on anyone.”

She looks at me with amusement. “Yeah Darl, you keep telling yourself that! Here, let me help you before I take your Mom out for breakfast.”

My parents live in their own bungalow behind the main clubhouse. My Mom was caught in a shootout at the club 5 years ago where she got shot in the back. It damaged her nerves which means she can’t walk now. She manages well, the rest of us try to care too much, especially my Father. He didn’t cope well at the time, even sending one of our own to a friendly MC in Canada. Warren King. He’s never been back but his presence hasn’t ever left.

Well, for me anyway.


After an hour of cleaning the tables, bar and stools, the guys start descending for Chapel.

“Hey K, enjoy your view this morning?” My stupid Brother, Sonny and his pathetic sense of humour.

“Yes actually, it reminded me to reply to some of the guys on Tinder. I have 2 dates on Friday.”

My Dads voice comes booming over from across the bar. “You better not. No daughter of mine is going on any dates from an App!”

I roll my eyes. Of course, he would have had to have heard that. Luckily, he was passing through going into the Chapel, ready to begin.

“Damn straight! You don’t get with anyone unless they’re vetted by us, you hear?” Sonny tries to get involved.

“You do realise I’ve never been on a date because the only guys I see and know are the club guys. Most of who are too afraid to even look at me because you would shoot them! But I’m seriously not interested in guys. I want to focus on me and my future. I can’t be working in this bar all my life.”

Ranger has to put his 2 cents in. “You interested in chicks then?”

“Is that seriously all you got from that? No, I’m not.”

“Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it Sissy.”

“Well Brother, you think I’m going for any of the whores in this place, you have another thing coming!”


I’m just about done cleaning up, all the food is ready for the guys to come out any minute.

“Ah thank god, I’m starving. Sonny had me up till the sun came up this morning.” Rachel. Lead whore. Biggest bitch.

“You don’t have to tell me! My room is next to yours.” Poor Sarah. I wouldn’t want to be next to that noise all night.

Rachel over exaggeratedly laughs. I roll my eyes. “Oh yeah, sorry about that. But you know how it is. I just can’t help it. He does something to me none of the rest of them do. What happened to yours last night anyway?”

“Oh, Mek, he doesn’t hang around. You know how it is.”

I’ve been trying to keep busy in the background as to avoid them. Rachel hates me. Rachel hates all other females except her little ho-group. She fell into this life at 17 after a long list of dramas. And while she’s desperate to become my brothers Old Lady, he isn’t the kind to settle down.

Sarah’s voice draws me to turn around and face them. “Hey K, thanks for the breakfast. I wasn’t sure if Patty was on this morning or not.”

“Oh, um, you’re welcome. Patty and my Mom have gone out for breakfast today.”

“That can’t be easy.”

I glare at Rachel. “What does that mean?”

“Oh, I didn’t mean anything.” She did! “It’s just that with the chair and things, it’s not as simple as it was.”

“She doesn’t exactly have a choice in the matter does she. Just like you and being a bitch.”

I walk out before she can start. Stupid ho!


I’m sweating nicely after doing 2 hours of cardio and punching the bags in the gym, I’m not great, there’s stuff I wanted to do but daren’t ask the guys. I just stick to what I can manage alone.

Donny comes in smiling as usual. “Hey K, that breakfast was banging as always.”

I laugh. “I won’t tell Patty that. She’ll make you cook your own next time she’s on mornings.”

“Good point. So, I’m guessing it was Ho bag that’s got you beating so hard?”

“And you would be correct!”

“You know what she’s like K, she loves making herself inferior to you.”

“I know. I can’t wait till I can get away from here.”

He looks shocked. “You’re leaving?”

“Not leaving, leaving. Leaving for College. I’ve applied to do Nursing.”

“Ooh shit. You’re serious? Wow. Woah. I guess patching me up those times helped you out then.”

That makes me laugh.

“Yes Donny, thanks for your valiant effort to support me by getting shot on 3 occasions.”

He bows dramatically. “You’re welcome!”

“Dude, what the fuck you doing?” Mekka stands at the door looking confused as hell.

“Showing me what a gentleman is. Not some man-whore such as yourself,”

He walks up to Donny, resting an arm on his shoulder.

“Oh yeah, cause my man here hates being buried in some nice wet pussy, don’t you? Nice. Slippery. Wet. Pussy?”

I blush.

“Dude, shut up!”

“Why its only K?”

“I know but she’s like a little sister, I don’t need to be going that deep with her.”

I start choking.

His eyes widen. “Oh my god! That came out wrong!”

Mekka bursts out laughing. “Dude, chill! We know you feeling Lauren, it’s all good. I’m just playing.”

“Annnddd, I’m outta here!”


“You sure you wanna do this? Its bigger than you’ve tried before you know?” He asks me nervously.

“I know but just let me hold it, get a feel for it. I’ll know if I can take it all.”

He still doesn’t look convinced. “Ok. Only if you’re sure?”

Frustrated, I snap at him.

“Just get it out already! You’ve kept me waiting too long! Let me have it already...”

He releases it from its restraints and places it in to my waiting hands

“Oh yeah...”

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