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My Torment

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I never wanted to find my soul mate at the expense of my own. Those memories make us run from our future to hide in our stolen past.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1 – Interference


My story that I am posting contains highly mature content. This can include descriptions and references to things such as highly explicit sexual content, violence and sexual violence. I recognize that some of my writing is likely to contain content which is considered by some to be triggering, however I feel that writing trigger warnings for my story will result in a large amount of spoilers for the rest of my readers, and I don’t want to decide myself which themes need a warning and which don’t.

A Werewolf Story :)

I never wanted to find my soul mate at the expense of my own. Those memories make us run from our future to hide in our stolen past.


Sitting on an old man’s lap Madison smiled at him softly, her high making it only barely tolerable to keep in place. Was he supernatural or human? The sad thing was, she could not even tell, not anymore. Her senses so numbed and confused by the constant flow of drugs and liquor. A wrinkled hand groping her scantily clad body, Madison could clearly feel his erection growing in his pants against her ass. The man’s hands continuing to wonder freely without restraint, she stood turning to face him. Leaning into his ear she whispered softly as she stroked his leg. “I’ll be right back handsome.”

Supernatural it was. His hand gripping hers with force, he held her in place with ease. “You better be right back little wolf, or there will be consequences.” His expression darkening, Madison did not bat an eyelid as she turned to move through the curtain wall. His threats meant noting to her, kept here for years what could he do that had not already been done. Not to mention the fact that in this establishment, your face and body meant something. As a werewolf she healed quickly, but unhealthy and disconnected from her wolf and pack as she was, she could not recover like she used to. They would not allow her to be physically harmed unless the pay received was equal to that of what they would lose from her absence.

Passing through the curtains, Madison moved toward the table in the centre of the room to the small box. Opening the box, she intended to find something to numb her further. Flipping open the lid she reached inside as a little voice called out, “help me.” Lifting her gaze, Madison found a little black haired boy sat in the corner with chains holding him in place. Her brow furrowing, it was not often children so young were brought here, especially not little boys. Clear to her in seconds that he was there for a ransom.

Moving closer, she observed that he was well dressed, and there was something else. Unable to identify what it was, Madison continued getting closer and closer. A scent hitting her hard, it was like copping a strike to the face. No doubt this was just a stopover before he was moved to a different location. Madison looked around seeing that he was unattended before inching closer. Reaching his side, Madison dropped to her knees touching his shoulder lightly. “Hey there little man, what’s your name?”

Darius stared at the girl in front of him. His mind at the brink of caving, he could not get over his error. Why did he run from his brother? How could this have happened? Why had Ark not found him yet? A girl growing closer, she stumbled as she slurred her words. Concern pulling inside him, Darius worried that she might be sick, he had never seen a female dressed in such a matter. Her body lowering to meet his own, she reached out touching him lightly. The warmth from her mere touch set his body at easy. Darius felt tears well in his eyes as he spoke his name brokenly wanting every lick of attention this girl had to give, “Darius.”

Pulling the little boy into her arms without a second thought, Madison held him close. Tears dripping down his little red cheeks, they fell to her skin as his fists gripped at her skirt and he buried his face in her chest. “Shhhhh, it’s okay, “shhhhh.” A little unsure what to do, Madison had an urge to protect this child. She hardly had an urge to protect herself anymore, let alone someone else which was odd to say the least. She felt in the moment more sober than she had been in years, his scent coating her insides waking something within her. Dipping her head lower, she took in another deep breath of his scent. She did not have much of a nose anymore, but this boy’s scent was… Swallowing audibly Madison felt a pang in her heart, his scent with infused with that of her mates.

Madison’s mind wandering, maybe her mate was his dad? Maybe he chose a mate rather then wait? Maybe he took a mate that was better than herself? One not spoiled by others, broken down to no more than a common whore. Maybe he had multiple children? A voice pulling her from her train of thoughts, “Oi don’t touch the kid!” Raising her head Madison met the eyes of Rick who relaxed instantly realizing it was her. “Don’t touch the kid Madi, he is going to see Angus in the morning, get to bed.” A humorous look crossing his face. “Malcom has requested you for tomorrow, you’re going to need your sleep.”

Madison’s heart sinking, Malcom was a beast. Stopping herself from cringing, her voice came out a little desperate as she kept hold of Darius. “Leave him with me for tonight.”

Rick body storming forward, Madison flinched pulling Darius behind herself while standing up almost toppling over. Catching a glimpse of Dennis behind Rick, she almost cowered as she raised a hand to protect her face. Rick’s plump fingers circling her delicate neck, Madison scratched desperately at his hands trying to gain her freedom as she was lifted into the air. Struggling for breath, she coughed as Darrius’ little hands circled her leg. She never got involved in disputes that did not concern herself anymore, she never made waves. She always just did want she was told. Took what she was given, and for the most part, she was left to her clients, left to worry and dread Malcom’s visits. Madison’s feet dangling in mid-air, it was clear that today was the exception. Rick’s arms ripped downward, he lost his grip as Madison tumbled to the floor struggling to sucking in gulps of oxygen.

Rick’s dark gaze shooting to Dennis accusingly. A small cackle of laugher surfaced from Dennis’ throat. “Let her be Rick.” His smile growing as he appeared to have an idea, “Madi wants to baby sit with us. We do need entertainment.” His eyes brightening, “we would get bored on our own and you know Malcom, he will take her anyway he can get her.” Understanding washing over Rick’s face, he stalked forward lowering his hand downward.

Hey guys I hope you enjoy the chapter. Just letting you know if you wish to read ahead and support me further, My Torment is posted chapters ahead on my Patreon


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-Vanessa Larson

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