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Their Story

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Lex has always been alone but then we met the one she thinks is her soulmate. This is her story finding the one she was meant for.

Romance / Other
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The Beginning

Today the weather will be warm with a cloudy sky,” The weather reporter says. ‘The perfect day to go on a run’ I say out loud. I get up from the couch and get myself ready to go on a run. “I’m going for a run” I scream out into the empty first floor, I know my mom is in her room so either way, I said where I was going. I jump out and start running, 2 minutes later, I finally reach the front gate, were rich so of course, we have a 2 minutes walk from the front door to the front gate, I open the gate to let myself out and I see my dad car pull up, he rolls down his driver side window “Where are you going?” He asks.

“For a run,” I told him.

“Be careful” He gives me his serious look, like the look that says don’t fuck up or you’ll be in big trouble. I roll my eyes at him.

“Yes, I know how things work,” I tell him and dash down to the side and start on my run. I plug in my earphones and start listening to a podcast. Petty Talks are my favourite kinds of podcasts, they just talk about everything and anything, no filter, no cover-ups, just straight-up bullshit and it’s hilarious.

I run for half an hour just around my neighbourhood and then I head down closer to the middle-class neighbourhood, I like this neighbourhood so much better than my own, everyone, so nice here and at least has some decency. They have this forest at the end of their neighbourhood that I used to play in all the time as a kid, I even built a treehouse in this massive tree when I was like 10 years old, I did it with my 3 brothers and a kid I don’t remember that much.

“I should check that out,” I say, “I wonder if it’s still standing” I continue, while heading that way. I get to the treehouse and it is fully still standing, 7 years later and not one piece of wood is missing. I climb up the shitty ladder and crawl inside through this small ass door. Once I finally get in and stand up, a boy is sitting against the tree that we built around, drawing. He turns around and looks at me, he has insanely blue eyes that are so mesmerizing.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know someone was here” I stand there awkwardly.

“It’s fine,” He says quietly and goes back to drawing.

“I didn’t know someone else knew about this treehouse” I tried starting up a conversation with this strange boy. I notice that he is wearing a huge black hoodie and black jeans on a hot day.

“Neither did I,” He says bluntly.

“Oh” I laugh awkwardly. I kinda look over his shoulder to see what his drawing is and it’s incredible. It’s a girl’s body but with no face. “Wow,” I say.

“Thanks,” He says, closing his book and making his body smaller by hugging his books, like he was trying to hide it from me.

“Well it was a nice meeting, but I gotta run” I giggle to myself because I literally gotta run. He doesn’t respond so I just leave. “What a weird kid,” I say hitting the forest ground.

I get home and it’s a mess. My mom is screaming at my brothers to stop fighting, my other brother is yelling at my dad to let him go to college.

“Lex, come here and separate Wrec and Lee,” My mom asks me. So I head over and soccer push Lee in the stomach, he falls to the ground groaning and I smack Wrec upside the head. Let me break it down for you, my mom had two sets of twins, the set being my older brothers Wrec and Theo, they’re older by 5 years. And the second set being Me, and my twin brother Lee, which makes us 16 years old and leaving me the only girl, other than my mom of course, in a group of guys. Not that I don’t mind since I’m stronger than all of them, and the funny part is I’m the smallest of all of them, they’re all like 6 foot and I’m standing at a strong 5’0 foot. I get it from my mom though.

“Mom” I turn around to face my mom.

“Yes?” She answers.

“I want to go to an actual school,” I tell her, “A human school.” Everyone stops and looks at me.

“You know you can’t,” My father tells me while also glaring at Theo.

“Why not?” I complain.

“Because it’s too dangerous” He’s serious.

“It’s only dangerous if they find out, but they won’t I promise!” I plead.

“Yah dad, same with me, I want to go to college” Theo pleads with me.

“No,” Dad says.

“The high school near here has a baseball team! I can sign up and be on an actual team” I clap my hands together as if I’m praying to god. “PLEASE”

“Honey” My mom joins, “I think it’s time we let them go to a real school, Lex will be a first-year in high school, that’s a pretty important experience and Theo got a scholarship to Harvard!” She looks at dad. Lee and Wrec couldn’t care less as they both went to play video games.

“Only if you promise not to lose your cool and set the whole school on fire Lex” He stares at me seriously. I laugh cause it was funny.

“I promise I won’t” I smile.

“Fine, you can go to a real school and Theo can go to your college” He finally agrees. I jump and smack a high five to Theo. “That means you’re going to Lee” My dad screams out for Lee to hear.

“I didn’t ask too” He groans back in response.

“Too bad” he shouts back at him “Just keep your powers hidden,” He says and then walks off to his office.

I guess I should explain, it’s quite easy to understand. I’m a rare type of species called an Element. See I look human but I have powers and these powers are forbidden, our species are forbidden, that’s why I wasn’t allowed at a normal school, my parents were scared we’d lose control and hurt someone, get caught by the F.B.E and taken away. That’s what the F.B.E does, they take Elements away and god knows what happens to them. Anyways, my powers come from my parents, me and my siblings are all mixed Elements, we don’t just have one power. I’m a fire and ender mixed Element. Fire comes from my dad and Ender from my mom. My parents are the reason we got to be born, see back then when Elements had their clan, where they’d study and learn their powers while being away from the humans. They weren’t allowed to crossbreed, you had to breed within your own race. My parents fell in love and completely changed that rule. Well almost, all the crossbreed children are forbidden from entering any kind of Elements realms, since we’re not the same. I roll my eyes.

“You’re registered for school,” My dad says at the doorway of my room.

“Awesome!” I exclaim.

“You start in a week” He leaves.

I spent the week training for the baseball team, I’m just so excited to be on an actual baseball team. Then before I knew it, it was Monday and I was on the bus to go to school. Everyone stared at me though when I got on, it was really weird.

“Did you notice everyone staring at us?” I whisper to Lee.

“Yeah, it’s probably because they don’t recognize us” He whispers back. I shrug it off and plug in my earphones for the rest of the ride.

We get to school and everyone heads off to their groups of friends, me and Lee stay together though. We get to our first class and it’s English, Lee sits at the back near the window so I take the seat in front of him. I’m concentrating on my phone till I get rudely interrupted.

“That’s my seat,” Some brunette bitch says.

“Pity,” I tell her without even looking at her.

“Excuse me” She scoffs “It means to move,” The girl says. This girl has some serious balls to be talking to people like that, I look up at her to see the kind of person she is and she’s a bully. She is wearing a tight light pink dress, with a pair of small high heels and a white puffy jacket to match her shoes. She got long brown hair, straight has a bone, with her stupid blue eyes staring hardcore at me to move.

“Aren’t you a bit too overdressed for school?” I ask her ignoring her move out of my seat bullshit.

“Well me getting dressed up makes up for you dressing like a guy” She smirks like she did something.

“At least I’m comfortable in what I’m wearing,” I say, putting my head in my hand and looking out the window. I don’t know what she’s talking about me being dressed as a boy, I’m wearing shorts and a huge t-shirt, with my hair tied back in a ponytail, though it’s falling out because my hair is so damn thick I can’t keep it in any hairstyle than just lose, my hair reaches down past my butt. Surprisingly it’s not dead after dying it blond when it was pitch black but that’s what money can buy you.

That girl kept talking to me but I ignored her the entire time without realizing it, she gave up and went to sit somewhere else.

I make it through till lunch and that’s when the baseball tryouts are happening, I struggle a bit but eventually, I find the gym.

“Hello students, I’m Coach Hug and this is the baseball tryout,” The Coach says as I sit down. He notices me and seems confused by me being here.

“You” The Coach points at me “Why are you here?” he adds.

“To try out for baseball?” I question his question.

“Girls tryouts are tomorrow,” He says.

“OK well I’m not trying out for the girl team, I’m here for the boys’ team” I replied. Now everyone is whispering.

“You’re a girl, you can’t. Leave” He tells me.

“Why?” I argue.

“Because girls can’t play as well as boys,” He says.

“I bet you, I can” I’m mad.

“Sure, join the girls and prove me wrong” He laughs and the whole class joins him. My face is hot, my blood is boiling.

“Oh, I fucking will” I get up “And for a Coach, you should probably lose a few pounds” I leave pissed. I hear the whole class roar into a bigger fit of laughter.

I walk out of there boiling, I need to calm down before I explode.

“Breath Lex. Breath” I tell myself walking down the hall into the cafe. I’m passing back and front trying to calm down.

“Are you ok?” A voice asks. I turn around and see a kid sitting at one of the tables all alone.

“Uh yeah, sorry,” I say. The kid looks up at me from his book. It’s the kid from the treehouse, with the mesmerizing blue eyes. “Hey, I know you” I sit in front of him.

“You do?” He seems worried.

“Yeah, we met in the treehouse-like a week ago” I recall.

“Oh that’s possible,” He says quietly. I kinda just stare at him without saying anything. “What,” He asks uncomfortably.

“Aren’t you hot in that hoodie?” I ask.

“No,” He says bluntly while picking his stuff up and walking off.

“Oh ok, bye then” I reply fast. What a strange kid.

I got through the rest of my day well and lucky dad sent over a car so me and Lee don’t have to take the bus, doesn’t mean we didn’t get stared at by the other kids. I get home and my mom asks how my day went, I tell her about the Coach and the weird kid, she is shocked by the coach’s behaviour and tells me to not give up and blah blah regular mom stuff.

“I should try to be his friend,” I tell myself while laying upside down on my bed. Someone knocks at my bedroom door. “Come in” I yell out. Wrec walks in.

“Yo,” He says sitting on my bed, beside me. “How was your first day?” he asks.

“Good, meet some interesting kind of people,” I say thinking about that girl.

“Did you make any friends?” He asks.

“No, but I met a boy who seems friendly.” I sit up straight.

“That’s good, you should try being friends with him”

I nod in agreement. “I’ll be fine” I reassure him.

“Just making sure” He smiles, then messes up my hair and leaves. For some reason Wrec took a liking to me when I was younger, I guess because I was his first and only sister, plus he was a huge mama boy. But all that to say, I got close with him as well and so he worries about me a lot, especially my anger issues.

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