The Dark Secrets

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Jenna just escaped her abusive husband knowing that he will find her anytime soon. She tossed her life and ran away far from him, tired of living a life like a stray dog. Leaving Liam behind in Pasadena and hiding in LA was the only option left for her so she tried her luck without giving it a second thought but one didn't know that real danger was waiting for her to obey his obsession,  One night she went into a private event on ample insistence, later on, next morning, she found herself targetted by a powerful tycoon to be his uninvited one-night-stand fling and it happened without her consent, or even can say she realized when she saw marks on her body, she didn't know what she had been dragged into because he was not ready to leave her alone anytime soon.  She had no idea it was the man she's been crushing for a long time.  Brandon Grande, a formidable highest-paid model and worldwide known celebrity. He was all that it takes to be a gentleman. Looks, fashion, power, girls -he had all hold on them. He was all perfect in front of the camera world, but opposite in the real world. He had addictions, some very questionable addictions which involve innocents. The moment he saw her in that red gown was the moment he marked Jenna as next, he craved for her for malice intentions.  and when he wishes something to happen, it happens, either by hook or crook. 

Romance / Mystery
Nina Daniel
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Know Them


Jenna Maxwell, a 25-year-old woman with a kind heart and a fierce personality. She is a complete package of what men want in a woman. Looks, kindness, potential and mostly a loving nature which she had was every man’s weakness, but she wasn’t any longer available for men. Her life was given to her best friend. Yes, she got married to her best friend who was also her second cousin, Liam. They never talked to each other as kids, nor ever barely saw as they used to live far from each other. In their teens, their families used to meet at festivals or family get-togethers, but they both had never gotten a chance to entangle with one another.

Back in the day of Jenna’s sixteenth, she attended a cousin’s birthday party where Liam noticed her for the first time. At the start, he couldn’t agree on the fact that he was attracted to her and wanted to have his ways with her, he lusted her at first glance but at the time when she passed him a piece of cake with her brightest smile, his heartfelt a thing for her, a deep emotion he never felt for anyone 20 years.

He kept staring at her innocent face even knowing their family could notice his excessive attention to her. Her beauty was a shiny thing that was visibly getting out of Liam’s hands.

To him, he couldn’t handle his lust for her. His hands wanted to touch her soft body, kiss her gently and eventually get on top of her but despite having such thoughts, he resisted being a horny teenager to her too soon. He had keenly his eyes on her until the moment she left.

That’s where their story began.

He texted her first, and she hated him at first. Her nature was to stay out of boys’ situations and she knew Liam could have no chance with her at all. She sensed how his eyes were roaming from top to bottom, she felt his stares, that’s why she named him Mr. hornyjerk and just like the name, his first text was actually jerky, “Whoa, I saw you driving your car. Do you drive?” quite stupid to get a girl, right?

His intentions were too obvious that she immediately noticed him. But for some reason, she didn’t feel like leaving him on blue ticks. So, she replied to him as politely as she could, without giving him any rude vibe.

That night till today, they were together. First as friends, then as best friends, later a couple and now, as divorcees soon. Life didn’t remain the same after they wedded each other.

Before the marriage, it was all beautiful, all perfect. They suited each other in the beginning. But when their relationship picked colours into a bond, Jenna found her husband cheating on her with his childhood crush, according to him his first ‘true love’. He used to talk a lot about her with Jenna but she always overlooked his overwhelming feelings for her because she had believed in the power of her love.

Now, not anymore.

The first year was compromisable as they both gave each other time to adjust, they admitted friendship bonding was different and now when they’re in a marriage bond, things would have changed, slightly much than they both expected.

As time gradually passed, he became an obsessive abuser from a sweetheart lover. As every single day passed by, he started exposing up his wild side to her. Keeping a constant check on her, doubting her, not letting her contact even her mother, he made her cut off from the outer world and left her only for bearing him.

It was Jenna who worked like dogs to run the household. He enjoyed watching in pain. His eyes loved to catch her eyes dwelling in pain. She knew he was treating her like a stray pet intentionally because he had more than enough resources to give her a life he promised her before marriage. He was the sole heir of his father’s business which was playing in millions, he even had his owned side businesses.

When Jenna asked her for money, he hardly gave her bucks as a reward for bearing his whips.

She never imagined him like this, even had no idea he was something inhuman like this.

He was such an expert at hiding his dark side from the world and portraying her as the torturer and gaining all sympathies. It was one of his ways of torturing her, but she bore it with courage.

He had mistresses, affairs, secret drug business but it was all unknown to Jenna before their marriage. The night she learnt about him couldn’t let her sleep or stop crying for a second.

She got to know about his drug business lately and that was the first time she argued with him, they had a huge argument over it but he was not ready to withdraw his addictions at any cost.

So, that’s when she decided to leave him forever. Jenna had it more than enough and there was no reason left behind to stay. He had to choose between his drug business or his wife and he had picked the first option, so Jenna decided.

But those problems didn’t end there for her, her mother got remarried after her father’s death and his stepfather was a complete rascal. When she asked her mom if she could live with her for a few weeks. She couldn’t argue with her because of her husband, Jones.

He hated Jenna for no reason. Maybe because she rejected him first for her mother. But even after her rejection, her mom tied the knot with that man and he took her away from Jenna, leaving her all alone. He even made up his ego issue and parted her mother far away from Jenna to another state so she could never see her mother again. and never passed a day she didn’t miss her. Jenna did miss her only true partner.

Now, the only last option she had for her was her other neighbour friend. Eliana James was her childhood buddy. They were close to each other till she got engaged with Liam.

Eliana was his first target to wipe off her life in which he got successful because he saw Eliana was a great threat to him. She had a strong fierce personality and was also a psychic.

And because she warned Jenna about his sick nature Liam became her biggest enemy; he trapped Jenna in his game-talks, which caused a distance between both of the friends and now, she regrets it.

Jenna contacted Eliana after a long time, she thought Eliana would deny to recognise her but luckily, she offered Jenna her hands.

Jenna got confidence and decided to count on her, she asked her if she could live with her till she manages to get a nice decent job and able to pay for LA’s life.

Jenna wasn’t exactly expecting any positivity from her, but Eliana agreed on helping her; she was too kind to reject her childhood friend. Jenna was in tears to know that her old friend still cares for her.

While Jenna lived in Pasadena, California. Where Eliana was in Los Ángeles which was a 6-hour drive, so she had to wait for a smooth opportunity to elude Liam and get away from him forever, she was planning to file for divorce once she reached Eliana.

One of the hardest things for Jenna was to dodge Liam. A few days earlier she got to know that Liam fixed a tracker in Jenna’s car, he even hacked her phone to keep a check on her. He was way too clever to be dodged easily, so where the step that Jenna has to take should be a safe move. She was going to play with fire. His super possessiveness for her had become a loop trap for her. It was not a healthy obsession, which gave Jenna a hard to even breathe freely. She was too sick to be in his jail and now; she wanted to free herself from him. He was only super manipulative to her.

Before Liam, Jenna was a bright kid. She was an optimistic and carefree type of girl who never cared what people thought about her, she never gave a damn about it but now, whenever she thinks of doing something progressive, she could only think of Liam hitting her because she would ask him for her freedom which he’d never give her. But for her, enough is enough. She will escape him. Soon.


Brandon Grande, 32, considers being a playboy, enjoys life to the fullest and lives in the present than history. He is the highest-paid model in the modern world and so far, one of the most attractive men alive; according to the social Internet. His body looks metallic in Vogue magazines, one of the strong reasons behind such fame and attention was his talking skills and heavy manly voice. He has been a face of many popular brands, his fans are dying to know about his private life, but certainly, he keeps it behind the newspapers and cameras. Though, he is confirmed to be an exceptionally bold person in front of the lights and movies world.

But in reality, he has a distinct character than on screen.

He is rumoured to be dating his co-star of a recent movie; Stella Swanson. An all gorgeous and elite couple on the screen. In many articles, they’ve been pictured together; many times at dinner and attending Hollywood parties as a couple. Some say they’re engaged which Stella confirmed but Brandon openly denied, he further clued that he and Stella might not be dating but keep it as good friends, this news went hot on the trending list.

He doesn’t like women to boss him around. Prefers young, humble, vulnerable, inexperienced, petite and submissive kind of females, who he can train as he desires them to see. He is a punctual man both; inside and outside of the bed. His every move is considered to be calculated and smart. The way he judges people has always been accurate. He carefully observes them and reads every minor detail on their faces, like God has given him an extra gift. No one could even think of cheating him or if they ever tried to, they ended up losing the battle.

If we talk about his family then, he lost his mother when he was a little young boy. His father didn’t care much for him and instead of acting both parents for him, he chose to become an abusing father to him.

Having no siblings around made it even harder for Brandon to survive as alone and abused. He used to feel lonely and damned because his mother died giving birth to him and his father slandered him for her death. He was too young to understand his father’s hatred for him.

His childhood life was a curse to him. Even if he had cousins and friends around him, they were always distant and a bully to him. He had no such friends or cousins to talk or play with. His father knowing his son used to be scared of darkness, dry and vacant places.

That’s how his father decided to punish that little boy, wherever he wished something from his father, he used to lock him over in a room which he named it ‘a darkroom’, he scared him way too much that whenever somebody asked him if his father is treating him badly, he could only think of his own shouts and plead to his father. Never dared to tell anyone about a single abuse. Brandon knew if he opened his mouth and his father got to listen to complaints against himself, he would be a dead man by the next day.

Years passed by and he crossed his 15. His father remarried his classmate’s mother, both boys equally hated each other. He was angry when his father told him his new wife and his annoying son would live with them. Later on, her stepmother gave birth to a boy again, named August Grande.

At 19, Brandon finally ran away from that house and left his family behind in Arizona.

Struggled for years and started a new life in LA as an actor. Never could he imagine his life would turn upside down in the city of light and he would become someone wanted and loved by his fans.

His dark past has always been a secret he buried deep in himself. Something between that period happened to Brandon which made him a man who he never wanted to become,

And that mystery is yet to be revealed...

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