Walking Between The Red Lines

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What happens when you capture the hearts of both of your older Brothers best friends who do you choose? Lauren Hudson Returns home after being at boarding school for 2 years after begging her parents to complete her junior and senior year back home she has grown up over those 2 years and her Brothers Best friends know especially their wondering eyes . They both want her but who does she choose she's walking between the red lines as they are both forbidden will she take the leap and make herself be happy but with who. follow the double troubles.

Romance / Drama
Cassi B
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Chapter 1

Laying in my bed looking scrolling through my phone I hear a knock on my door and Mom opening it up

"Time to start getting ready Lauren" as she smiles then turns around and leaves

I walk into my shower and let the hot water run down I love hot showers they are in my top 3 things I could stand in one all day

As I start to get ready, I decide to blow dry my hair I have sandy blonde hair I look exactly like my Mom with hazel green eyes. This is my first day back at Palms High since going away to boarding school for 2 years Mom decided I can come back and graduate back at home due to my continuous begging her so her I am about to start my Junior year.

I can hear Mom calling out to me "come on Lauren you need to eat something before school"

I put on a check skirt and black top and slip-on my Dr Martins.

As I come out of my room accidently run into Xavier

"move dip shit!!"

"fancy you calling me that dumb ass Xavier!"

As I head into the kitchen Mom has Toast and fruit ready

"You two seriously need to get along!! I can't wait for your father to return home."

My Dad a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army I'm so proud of him his spent more time with the Army then seeing us grow up I know I have issues with Dad over it, but it got worse when 3 years when my other brother Jai enlisted he is currently serving in Afghanistan I always send care packages or we try and face call when he can.

"Lauren, sweetie I'm leaving now for work so I will see you this afternoon." She kisses my temple as she leaves

Mum is a top lawyer in the state of Florida everyone wants her to represent them, she has recently become partner in her law Firm it was previously called Enderson Lawyers now it renamed Enderson & Hudson Law Firm.

"Hurry up Lauren we need to leave for School" as Xavier grabs his backpack and heads for the car

'Hey Xav, do you think we can pick up Becky up on the way?" Becky is my best friend we have been friends since first grade when I would come back from School we would always hang out.

"Yes, we will pick her up while we pick Jordan, text her and make sure she is ready!"

We arrive at Becky house

"Hey Becky!

Bec is the same height 5 ft 3 Copper red hair blue eyes and nice tan skin she is skinny but has muscles through her arms because she plays Volleyball and is the captain of the team.

"Hey cockhead Becky thanks for the lift" Becky grins at Xavier and winks at me.

"Hey big tits!" I just snort Becky does not have big tit they just love teasing one another they have done it since we have been kids.

Xavier has grown up in the last 2 years he looking more like Dad actually both of my bothers do they have raven black hair and blue eyes and all are strong build and over 6ft in height me and Mom look like midgets when we stand near them.

Xavier and Jai are good at sports when Jai was in High School, he Captained and played Hockey he could of went pro but he had a knee injury then he decided enlist in the Army for 4 years of deployment then after his duty he would come back home and open a garage he always loved motors at home now in the garage is his precious GTA car and Harley.

Xavier, he loves football but after he graduates in a few months he will enlist into the Navy for few years he has always loved the ocean and boats since he was little. Dad was a bit disappointed when he heard but I knew Xavier didn't want to follow him and be in the shadow of our father Chad Hudson Lieutenant Colonel of the US Army.

Beep Beep ....

"Come on Jai we are going to be late!!" Xav sings out

Xaveir and Jordan have been best friend since preschool.

Xavier and Jordan got there graduation presents early this year yes they got similar pickup trucks Xavier's is black while Jordan is silver.

I have not seen Jordan in 2 years when I would come home, he would be at football camp or we just never saw each other.

Jordan is the star Running back of Palms High he is also the Captain too I heard he got a scholarship with Ohio State University.

He hops in the tuck

'Hi Jordan"

I say he turns around and just stares with his mouth hanging open we just intensely stare those 2 years have given this boy the world of good!!

That shirt his wearing is hugging him in all the right places and those arms.

Jordan has shaggy brown hair and golden-brown eyes like honey with tan skin he would have all the girls at school falling at his feet

Bec clears her throat.

"H-h hi Lauren long time no see your looking good" he says.

"Thanks, you are too"
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