Walking Between The Red Lines

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Chapter 10


Lauren POV

Me and Lisa decide to drive to the beach and catch up with everyone we had a Horror movie marathon last night and got to bed late, so I told Mom we would meet them there.

“What are you wearing today?” while Lisa is adjust her bikini top

“I might go with my green snakeskin bikini that has a wraparound neck pushing my boob together and I will match it with my black sarong”

We park the car and start to unpack the car with our stuff as I start to walk to the beach looking around for the family, I noticed I accidently pumped into someone I didn’t really pay attention and mumbles a sorry and kept walking we are already late mom is going to kill us.

Once we reach our family and friends, we hug everyone and as I’m scanning the beach I could see Becky and her friends sitting further up from us but I noticed her parents were sitting near mine.

As me and Lisa start to lay our towels lay done we start to do what girls do best and are checking all the guys out in just their shorts and my eyes stop at Jordan isn’t his body putting on a show for everyone!

God, he has a good body 6 pack that all girls would beg to touch I could feel his eyes on me when we were laying down.

Then all of a sudden we see all the boys run and Rhonda screaming that’s Dante Parents there as close to my parents as the Greys I didn’t go over because they were telling the crowd everything thing was ok, I couldn’t see the person who they were hugging and standing around shaking hands with I saw Xav and Jordan laughing.

Then I hear my name getting yelled out by Jai god he needs to shut his big mouth I start to walk towards the group where Jai is standing

“what’s up Jai? And stop yelling!”

“Dante is here” I look up at Dante

It cannot be literally fuck me I have not seen Dante in over 4 years and by god he has changed I feel my stomach tighten for some reason he is a Greek god he has sandy blonde hair that is really short on the sides but a bit longer on the top he has muscles on muscles he has all his chest tattooed and one arm covered down on his right arm he has tanned sun kissed skin and he has the most amazing emerald eyes you so intense like the forest

I will see woman all day throwing themselves at him

’Hey Peanut Butter, long time no see” Lisa nudges me slightly to snap me out of my eye fucking right now

He knows I hate that name him and Jai call me

“Hi Dante and don’t call me that” I lean in and hug him and fuck his chest feels perfect against mind

The boys mention a game of football to Dante, and we break apart

I start to walk back to our towels

“Lauren!!! You did not tell me Dante is a Greek god! Aww I would so totally go there! Lauren he is a snack no no his a big snack!! I could just eat him up!!

I sit down and just stare at him under my shades how is it possible to have abs like that his back muscles are hypnotizing where the hell did all these tattoos come from? I notice on one chest area he has an American flag tattooed and on the other a lion with some writing around it then on his arm he has pieces of all different art I want to run my finger over them! What am I thinking!

I stand up and start to apply my sunscreen and then all of a sudden, I’m over Jai shoulder screaming at them that’s when both Jai and Xavier throw me in the water “pay back is going to be a bitch!” once I pop my head out of the wave fucking brothers!

I drag myself out of the water and run my fingers threw my hair trying to drain the excess water out I feel a pair of eyes watching me and I look over to see Dante looking my way with his glasses on, so I just smirk and walk off.

There are some girls I talking to all the boys but I notice Jai and Dante handing phones over to the girls.

Mom comes over to me and Lisa and says we have to leave to start getting dinner ready for everyone to come around, but I know Mom has the caters at the moment she just wants to do the once over

Once we have helped Mom Lisa head our separate way to start getting ready I leave Lisa in my room to shower and do her thing and I will do the same but In the guest pool house I have been staying in here a lot lately I might ask Mom if I can move out here.

As I walk through the door, and put my stuff on the bed I here the bathroom door open and Dante walks out with a towel wrapped him dipping so low to his V line I cant help but stare at this amazing body I know for a fact right now my whole face is bright red and I snap back to his face

“I’m so sorry Dante I did not know someone was in here I’ve been staying in here I-I Im sorry I was just coming to take m-m my shower” What am I stuttering for

Dante walks up so close to me

Holy shit his going to yell out to Jai to get his crazy little sister out of this room instead of just telling me! But he put he leans his face towards my ear

“if you want Lauren, I could join you when you have your shower if you want?” in his low rusty voice

Holy fuck I’m so gob smacked he had just said that and I can feel my mouth open

He winks and smirks grabs his clothes and walks back into the bathroom

What have I got myself into I’m walking between the red lines with both Jordan and Dante now


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