Walking Between The Red Lines

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Chapter 11

Lauren POV

Dante re appeared from the bathroom looking as hot as ever he had on a black fitted top with light blue jean that hugged his ass and thighs and paired his outfit with white air forces, he wore the most intoxicating cologne a Calvin klein one yummy.

As he went to walk past me, he stopped and looked down at me

"The offers still there Lauren if you need someone to scrub your back" with a smirk on his face

"I'm fine Dante but thanks for the offer"

As I started to walk off, I feel hot and bothered, I could feel Dante looking at me, I wanted to get him back so I dropped my Bikini top to the floor while walking to the bathroom in just my bikini bottoms I closed and locked the door behind me

After I had my shower, I started to look through what I could wear I settled on a white propaganda dress so cute and paired it with my nude strappy heels and natural make up with clear gloss and I just wore my hair down

I hear a knock on my door and Lisa walks in

"Hey girl you are you ready? you look so cute tonight! and by the way I walked pasted Becky she brought Amanda and Mary with her and her parent are talking with all the others."

"Oh god the boys are going to love this! Especially with Amanda and Mary being here let the show begin!"

As we walked into the house and Dante's parents Rhonda and Rod are dragging me to them, they have always spoiled me when I was little they still do when I see them especially birthday's.

"Why haven't you grown up Lauren you look as gorgeous as ever do you have a boyfriend? because you being this beautiful would have boys fawning over you" Rhonda said as she hugged me and Rod agreed and I hugged him

My brothers were standing with all the boys Jordan and Dante looking me up and down

She will never have a boyfriend with us around" as Jai is puffing his chest out

"Thanks Rhonda and his properly right with these two I think the boys are scared to come near me."

Directing this at the group of boys with a smirk plastered on my face I excuse myself.

Lisa and I make our way to the back area to get a drink

The boys come out to us and Xavier and Jai give me a run down on them going out and me coming and no hooking up. We notice Becky and Amanda and Mary coming our way.

Xavier sings out "SHOTS!" and we all start to get this night started I only notice he done that as soon as he seen them.

The minibus arrives and we arrive at the club a short time later they only let seniors in and we know the owner Michael and the bouncers know Jai and Xavier so we all go in

We go to a booth and Jai bring over some drinks and the girls from the beach come over and start flirting with all the boys me and Lisa excuse ourself and move to the other side to have a look around and as we do we spot Blake he comes over with his friends and we start to flirt I think these drinks are really starting to go to my head Blake has his hand on my lower back I look back and see both Dante and Jordan are locking lips with the girls I see actually all the boys including my brother too.

The DJ starts to play Ariana Grande remixes 34+35 comes on and then Lisa grabs me, and we end up on the Dance floor grinding on each other as supports we have guys coming and trying to get our attention we brush it off and then Blake comes up and grabs me and we dance and I'm lip syncing the lyrics to him especially the part "can you stay up all night? fuck me 'til the daylight?..... Then he smashes his lips on mine and we start to make out then it only takes a few second, we get broken apart by Jai and I can see Dante with him

Dante POV

"Dante you can go get ready out at the guest pool house" thanks Chad I grab my bag and head for it but when I do I see items around the bedroom but I just brush it off

After my day with everyone this is what I need a nice shower plus a hook up tonight will do me the world of good after the incident with Lauren even thinking about her is making me twitch, I quickly wrap my towel around me and head to get my clothes as I do I see Lauren standing there and the look on her face is the same as mine shocked but I'm hiding it why not have a little fun with her

"I'm so sorry Dante I did not know someone was in here I've been staying in here I-I Im sorry I was just coming to take m-m my shower"

I walk up to her making sure I'm close to her but not touching her

"if you want Lauren, I could join you when you have your shower if you want?" I could see the blush on her face like a cute strawberry.

I smirked and winked and turned to get my clothes I headed back in to get changed, I walked back out and saw that she hasn't moved.

I loved that look on her face earlier I might say something else so I can see it again

"The offers still there Lauren if you need someone to scrub your back" with a smirk

"I'm fine Dante thanks for the offer" she doesn't blush but has more of a confident stand on her

I watch as she brushed past me and the next thing I know she drops her bikini top to the floor and walked right into the bathroom and now I want more.

I walk out and see Jai with a beer he hands me one and his telling me the plans for tonight and that the girls from the beach will meet us there it doesn't take long until the other boys join us and were all just catching up and laughing god I missed being home.

That's when I see her looking like the she looks stunning she is talking to my parents she's in a white dress making her tan skin pop and her legs are so toned and fine I need them around me.

We walk over and I hear my mum asking her about boyfriends her brothers didn't say she had one and when she said and directed this at us 'the boys are too scared to come near her' because of them and smirked she knew we picked up on it, if she wasn't my best friend little sister it would be so much easier but it isn't and I need to keep my distance from her.

We arrived at the club we use to come here when we were seniors as well so its only fair that Lauren gets to plus, she is 18 already that the legal age in some countries.

As we start to get our drinks into us we see the girls from the beach heading our way and there is a group of them. I end up with a brunette from the beach and Jai has one as well, the brunette leans in and we start to talk and my eyes just keep going back to Lauren the next minute me and the brunette are locking lips and this is what I need a distraction so I'm going at her pace.

Jai interrupts " Have you seen Lauren and Lisa??

We were looking around I spot them on the dance floor she looks like she is just enjoying her free spirted self the way she is moving her hip I just want to run my hand up all over her then I see a boy walk up and start rubbing himself up on her and she turns around and starts singing to him and then they start to make out I felt a surge of annoyance go through me.

Jai storms to them "like fucking hell this douche is touching my sister"..... we walk through everyone and Jai and I pull him off her she just looks stunned.

"What the fuck Jai? So its alright for you to kiss who ever but I cant? And just so you know this is Blake and we know each other.

"I don't care Lauren your not doing it while im here!

Jai looks directly at Blake "fuck off before I do something I don't want to do!

"I'm so sorry Blake excuse my ass of a brother at the moment, Don't worry Jai I'm leaving to go home I hope you have your fun with your blonde up there!

And she storms off Lisa and Jai exchange looks I'm looking at Blake

"I will see if she is alright" Lisa says as she takes off

Xavier and the boys come up to us and ask what had happened and Jai tells him the story but I was looking intently at the boys when they clenched there jaws there is a bit more to Blake.

The brunette from earlier comes up to me and asks if were going home and after this night, I agree I go and tell Jai I'm leaving I see Lauren and Lisa they turn and see me the brunette girl wraps her arms around me and kisses me once we parted I couldn't read Lauren she turned got into the taxi.
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