Walking Between The Red Lines

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Chapter 12



As I woke up, I had the brunette sleeping in bed beside me. Last night I needed this but now I all I feel is awful and guilty with it knowing I should not have done it with the way Lauren face looked at me her face is stuck in my head.

"Mmmmm Morning Dante" she rasps out as she flips onto her side and the sheet falls off her and her perky nipples are sticking out she moves forward and starts to feel me I guess one more time won't hurt.

After that eventful morning and the exchange of phone numbers with Charlotte I decide to head over to the Hudson house so me and Jai can start working out on his business I want to go in business with him but with my decision with returning to the Army is a stressful situation and I don't want to put Jai out as well with worrying about me.

I arrived at the Hudson house and walked into the kitchen and see Jai, Xavier and Jordan and Annie fixing up plates of food for them.

They all look as hung over as me right now "Dante dear do you want a hamburger I made plenty.

"Yes please Annie" I grab my plate

"Hey Guys" they waved while stuffing their faces as I am stuffing mine

The door flies open to the kitchen, and in walks Lauren with a neon hot pink bikini on and Lisa with a black one who follows behind her and all of us are staring

"Girls would you like a hamburger I made plenty for these boys and there hangover?

I met Lauren eyes and I cant read her

"No mum we are fine we were just going to hang out in the pool" she goes and grabs waters from the fridge and a bag of chips

I watch her bend over god how I would love to be behind that! Lost in my thoughts Lauren speaks up

"Actually, Mum there is something I wanted to ask you? Blake invited me and Lisa to his beach house this weekend his parents will be there, and Mary is going do you think it will be alright if I can go? 'Lisa Mum said she could go only if I was aloud?" my jaw clenched in place so hard

"Sure Lauren but you will need to be careful and I would like to talk with Blake beforehand?

"Ok I will invite him around!

"you ARE NOT! fucking going Lauren!!!!!I know boys like him and what they want! Jai yelled while standing up and Xavier stood up too.

"So it was alright for all you guys to hook up with all those girls last night? and when a guy I actually know invites me somewhere I cant go? ' I am going whether you guys like it or not get over it!

And with that she headed to the pool we turn all turn to Annie

"Just remember Jai and Xavier I'm her mother not you and I remember you two doing a lot worse than Lauren ever has and I trust my daughter" Annie walks out towards Lauren

Us boys headed into the lounge room and started to watch Avengers.

I see Lauren walk past and then Jordan excused himself straight after now her brothers didn't notice but I'm not her brother and I did.

"Hey guys I'm getting a drink you want one?"

Both mumble a No

I walk into the kitchen and notice Jordan is talking harshly in a low voice but he has his hand on her hip he quickly removes once I walk in

Lauren looks at me and walks off.

We hear the doorbell ring and Annie has opened it and in walks Blake with a friend

Annie greets him and we all just stare him down the tension in this house is so high

"Lauren! Blake and his friend are here"

Lauren and Lisa make their way over to greet them

Blake kisses Lauren cheek they spin around and head for the pool he leave his hand on her lower back

I feel so angry right now and I notice Jordan jaw clench so hard

I excuse myself to go to the toilet and I see her in the pool with Blake shes dunking him under water I see him grab her and wrap her legs around him and she is pressed up close to him

"Get the fuck off her now Blake" I hear Xavier and Jai yell

"Can you both go back inside and watch your stupid ass movie!" Lauren lets go of Blake

I am fuming and I have never in my life have gotten jealous over someone, but she just isn't someone to me she has just grown into a beautiful intelligent woman she reminds me of a sun flower

A couple of hours have past the boys have passed out sleeping off there hangover and I see Lauren heading to the door she says goodbye to Blake and they cuddle and he peaks her lips and turns around and leaves

Nup fuck this I say in my head that's topped in for me

She is heading towards the pool house Lisa and Blake other friend left earlier so I know she will be alone

I follow her to her room I walk straight in after she does

"what are you doing with that douche Lauren?

"Are you serious right now? you have the hide to talk about him and your just as bad? Who was the girl you took home last night Dante? I don't ask you those questions nor get involved in your relationships get out of my room Dante I'm not a kid no more!"

"whatever Lauren" my chest is rising to a rapid pace I'm so angry and the next thing I know I grab her face and lips to hers it's the most sweetest intense kiss I have had we go deeper and both battling with each other I put my tongue into her mouth and she moans she runs her fingers through my hair and pulls it gentle and I trail my hand down her body and to the back of her thighs hoisting her up she instantly wraps the around my waist I break the kiss and we both are heaving breathing I take a step towards the door and her still in my arms I lock the door behind her.

She gentle puts her lips on mine and I kiss along her jaw down her neck to her chest then I look at her and while holding her up with one arm I undo her bikini strap and pull it to the floor I take one her pink perky nipples in my mouth swirl and suck it not to hard fuck these are amazing.

BANG BANG BANG!! Goes the door

Thank fuck I locked that all I am thinking

"Lauren we need to talk now!" I hear Jai voice from the other side of the door

We both look at each other I gentle put her onto the floor she is pointing towards the bathroom she wraps a big fluffy white towel around herself

She whispers " stay in here he wont come in" she turns around and closes the door

She opens the door "Jai as you can tell I am going to have a shower and I am heading to bed"

"Well tomorrow Lauren we need to talk" I can hear through the door

"We will tomorrow goodnight Jai" she closes the door

What the hell have I gotten myself into she feels like home when I kiss her like I need her more now......
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