Walking Between The Red Lines

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Chapter 2


Lauren POV

We arrived shortly at school, Bec and I started to walk into School, but I could feel people staring at me.

I hear someone sing out to the boys,

“Xav, Jordan!” a group of boys come walking up to them, I remember only one within the group of them I could hear bits of the conversation between them the boy with short brown hair tells my brother something and points in my direction.

“Looks like we have a new girl damn she looks hot!” that’s when Xavier looks in my direction, he snaps his head back to the boy and I hear him say

“If you ever look at my sister or even say anything to her ill fuck you face up and you will be sporting a new one”

“I didn’t know that was your sister Xavier! god those past years defiantly worked in her favor.”

I watch all their eyes skim my body and they all nod in agreement even Jordan that’s when Xavier punches them!

“Eyes here boys!”

The conversation within the group changes to how Amanda is hosting a party this weekend.

Amanda Kennedy is our Cheer captain shes a senior along with Xavier and Jordan she has a little sister Mary who is spitting image of her she is in our year she is also in the cheer team.

The Kennedy sisters were obsessed over my brothers and would always act nice to me to get close to them.

And talk about the devils they shall appear!

They strut over in their uniforms blonde hair pulled up into a tight ponytail foundation lining there tops. They both should have been twins the only difference in telling them apart is Mary is a bit shorter than her sister

“Hi Boys, are you coming to our party this weekend?

She doesn’t notice me standing behind the boys and football boys

“We are thinking of it” Xavier speaks on behalf of the group.

“It will be good bring your swimming trunks!”

“Well well if it isn’t Lauren Hudson, I haven’t seen you in forever? why haven’t you changed”

I cannot stand her snarly voice

“You will have to come to our party! I know Becky will be there.”

“Sorry Amanda but no thanks”

I turn around and leave I do not like people like here that think they are better then everyone and I just done want to put up with Xavier telling me what to do at the party especially now since his group of friends have taken an interest.

I was not the smartest person with learning a couple of years ago that is why Mom and Dad choose to send me away to boarding school to get me the requirements to help me improve and I didn’t so much.

When I graduate, I want to be a pharmacist and now I know I can with now with the help I have gotten to hopeful score a scholarship to make my parent proud, but I also want to do what my brother have done and serve a term maybe before college or after in the military or Air force I always loved flying with my Pa on his little plane before he passed.

The next few weeks of school fly bye Jordan was around our house a lot more than usual we would always he would always flirt.

One of Xavier friends decided to chuck a party and I decided to let my hair down and go, I start to get ready I curl my hair and softly run a comb through it providing the wave effect that I love I have a black and gold glitter smokey eyes to match my leopard print Ruched slip dress and pair it off with my Black Dr Martins.

“Lauren I have your drink ready!

I see Bec she is looking amazing in her mini tight black dress with her straight copper hair flowing natural make up and a pair of nude heels simple but classy.

“You are looking stunning Becky”

We walk out into the back area were Xavier, Jordan and Michael who is Xavier other close friend are.

Both Jordan and Michael cough as soon as we walk in

“Hi guys” I say while taking a seat

Jordan is staring at me and Michael is full on eye fucking me up and down.

Xavier is on the phone to god knows who too?

Xavier walks back inside

“I just called us an uber they will be here soon!

Mine and Jordan eyes always happen to me when I’m looking around, and damn does he look good tonight! his in a black tight-fitting top with army pattern chinos, and he has paired them with a pair of Nike high tops god, and did I mention his cologne that is my one weakness a good smelling cologne I am a goner if they have one

“The Uber is here guys lets go!” Xavier yells

As everyone is walking out to the car I’m about to turn around and close the door when I feel a hand squeeze my ass, I look up and see Jordan Smirking and getting into the car I lock the door behind me.

While I hear Becky yelling

“Lets get drunk bitches!!!!
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