Walking Between The Red Lines

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Chapter 3


Jordan POV

Holy crap I think in my head I have not seen Lauren for 2 damn years! And I cannot take my eyes away from her as everyone know your best friend little sister is off limits, but I don’t think I can resist the pull to her she has matured so much.

I just want to run my hand through her wavy blonde hair and I cannot stop looking at her beautiful hazel eyes and those strawberry lips to her c cup breast don’t ask how I know the size, ok maybe I think because every girl that has tried to get with me has thrown there boobs in my face I guess I’m really good at it now my eyes then travel to her delicious toned tanned legs that I want so bad to wrap around my my waist.

I have been coming over to the Hudson residence a lot over these past few weeks just so I can catch up and get my daily dose with Lauren I know she feels something too ever since the first Hello.

As were walking out of the house to the Uber I cannot help myself and end up squeezing her cheeky ass that’s on display how could I not with her in that sexy dress

Once I reach the Uber I wait until everyone is in because I want to sit next to Lauren, but Becky is bossing me around and making me sit in the car first followed by her, great.

We arrive at the party and Xavier has decided to split from the girls I groan in annoyance in my head I just want to stay close to her I have seen the way the boys have been looking at Lauren I hear them at school talking about wanting to hook up or take her out on a date, I get so cranky because I want too and I know I can’t.

Here comes Queen C AKA little Mary Kennedy he has a nasally voice just like her older sister she’s always wanted Xavier but I know Xavier only wants to run miles away from her I can see he has heard her voice

“Hi Xavier!

I have never seen Xavier give a lightning speed response.

‘’Hi Mary, sorry I have to go find Lauren it’s her first party and all bye!

As his walking off his cringing I start laughing.

We spot Lauren near the pool talking to a guy we know the dude is a cronk his name is Blake Michaels the Running back for Lake Forrest High School his also their captain is the dirtiest player ever! We walk up to them

“Blake what are you doing here?

“Well, if it is not the golden star Jordan Grey! I am talking to this beautiful girl”

I see a Lauren cheek’s turn red Xavier steps in

“No Blake you were just talking now come on Lauren we need to talk!”

We leave Blake standing there looking stupid


“No Lauren do not yell at us! you do not know that guy! like we do his nothing but trouble maker and his the biggest snake!”

Xavier tone is harsh

She just looks at me with soft eyes

“I am older enough to do what I want Xavier and if he wanted to talk to me that my decision!

“Yeah we will see about that Lauren” he huffs and walks off.

Before Lauren has a chance, I catch her wrist

“Just don’t Lauren I have never met a shader person then Michael’s”

“Why do you care?

“I care more than what you think I do especially with you.”

Someone then bumps into me which I take on more of Lauren personal space our lips are softly touching all I can smell is strawberry lip palm then we were interrupted by a cough.

“Lauren can we go this is boring and I just broke my heel” Bec looks at me angry.

And just like that our little moment is now playing on my mind.
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