Walking Between The Red Lines

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Chapter 4



Its Halloween I love it, its my favorite time of the year! Jordan is hosting this year’s party! me and Bec are deciding on what we want to wear and choose. We became friends with a girl called Lisa this week she is new here just like me her Dad is in the military and her mum works as a primary school teacher she has a little brother in primary school also she seems chilled out she has black hair and blue eyes and freckles over her nose and some on her cheeks she is also curvy.

“So, Lisa you will defiantly be coming to this party with us!!! and because it is the 3 of us this year should we go dress up as a group or individually dress? I asked the girls.

“Maybe we go individually this year and since its our last year next year we will go as a group” Bec responds while looking around at racks of clothes.

Bec has been off with me lately I do not know why I keep asking and she is just ignoring me like nothing as well.

Ok well I need to get home I have a face time session booked in with Jai tonight and I really do not want to miss it Bec brought her car and so did I, I offered Lisa a lift home and dropped her off.

I waited for a little over 3 hours for Jai and nothing I know how not to get disappointed I have grown up with it from Dad.

I did not realize but I dosed off he sent me an email apologizing and we would catch up as soon as he can.

The end off the week went quick Lisa at my house getting ready and Bec will meet us here and we will catch up with Xavier and Jordan at the party.

Lisa went as wonder women with her gorgeous black hair cascading down her back, I decided on Harley Quinn the bad ass she is we started to pre drink to take my nerves off this tight outfit as we make our way down stair Bec is here she dressed up as Jessica Rabbit “Bec you look Hot!”

‘’thanks Lauren you girls look good too!’’

We arrive at the party Mum dropped us off we make our way through the crowd and it is going off heaps of people are dancing we make our way to the drinks section.

I see Xavier he dressed up Joe Exotic and has a stuffed tiger his holding and a beer in his other hand his talking to some girl we make our way over as were all busting out laughing.

“Oh my god Xavier this is the best!

“Well Lauren at least I am covering myself up unlike someone!

Get over it Xavier!!

we walk off and grab our drinks and start mingling we have a lot of the schoolboys coming up and talking but I’m not interested I want to go dance I’ve had a lot in my system now I ask the girls but for some reason Bec is looking around trying to find someone “no you and Lisa go ahead”

Were on the dance floor and Goosebumps is playing by Travis Scott this is putting my mood up and I just start to dance on Lisa and sway my hips when it switches to peaches by Justin Bieber his my Man my squeeze.

Someone’s hands touch from my ass to my hips and grinds into me and someone is doing the same with Lisa I cannot recognize him he has paint on his face Lisa is smiling back at me.

I try to move around to face the guy behind me but his hands pin mine down so were flowing the song then switches to khalid Saturday nights.

He leaves one hand on my hip still and drags the other one across my chest and lightly leaves feather kisses along my neck while swaying we part for a bit and I have the chance to turn around he lands his lips on mine it is the most softest sweetest kiss ever it was like I just wanted more we broke away and just as I was about to say something he moved away he had a zorro costume on and I couldn’t recognize him at all.

I went to look for Lisa and Bec I wanted to leave now I am getting a bit to wasted and I texted mum she will be here any minute I find Lisa then we head into the kitchen to find Bec crashing her lips into the same guy who just kissed me.

I just left with Lisa as I saw her on my way out and text Bec that I was sick and left I knew she would be ok as Bec other friends were there and Xavier and Jordan.

I cannot wait for you all to meet Jai and his Best friend in the coming chapters
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