Walking Between The Red Lines

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Chapter 5

Lauren POV

I didn’t see either Bec or Jordan around these last couple of days they would just mumble a hello at school and then leave with other people, I’m glad I have met Lisa otherwise I would be alone I feel like me and Bec are drifting apart and she won’t tell me what I have done.

I send her a text when I get home from school asking if she can come around, she texted me back that she would be here soon.

I walk into the kitchen to grab a drink and see Xav and Jordan making a sandwich.

‘Do you want a sandwich loz? Xav asks

“yes please”” I sat down and ate with them I could feel Jordan staring at me.

‘’Xav has anything happened with Becky with anyone since I had been away? Jordan fidgets next to me I can see he looks at Xavier ‘not that I know of Loz.

I excuse myself from them they know something.

Becky walks into the kitchen and her eyes dart to the boys sitting there. I feel tension and I do not like it.

Come on Bec lets go to my room I want to talk as I close the door Bec lays on my bed.

“have I done anything wrong to you Bec I feel like you can’t even look or talk with me no more?” I noticed her chest rising and falling dramatically.

Ok Lauren I just feel like we have grown apart a bit but to be honest Lauren I am in love with Jordan, we hooked up before you came home and ever since you have come home, he has been eye fucking you! You walked in on us at the Halloween party that was him.”

“My heart is pumping in my ears you mean Jordan was the one in the Zorro costume.”

“Yes, I hadn’t seen him all night and then I had noticed talking with Xavier then I seen him going to get a drink and I followed him, and I wanted to know if his feel were the same as mine?”

Holy fuck is all I am thinking in my head why the fuck did Jordan dance and kiss me the way he did this is too messy!

“Well, Bec just so you know I don’t see Jordan as anything more than Xavier best friend and another brother to me but if you think that and want to throw away our friendship I’m not going to stop you I will give you time to think”

She nods her head and turns around and leaves.

I just sat in my room quietly and let the tears fall from my face it is -not my fault is it?

I hear my door open I look up and see Jordan.

“I just want to ask why, and do you love Bec? “as I look up to his eyes

No, I have never loved Bec, nor do I like Bec in that way she is a cool girl and all but I have always had feelings for a girl that I could never have who has blonde hair and hazel eyes that when I look into them I see the whole world them in.

We can’t Jordan I think its best off if we just don’t start something, I don’t want to let my brother lose his best friend.”

he grabs my side of the face and smashes his lips straight into mine it is like the night on Halloween but just sweeter every time.

I break it off as much as I didn’t want to as it felt right but wrong.

“We can’t Jordan, Bec is in love with you, and at the party I had seen you both kissing I don’t want that.”

Lauren you need to know that she put her lips on me, and yes we hooked up before you came home.

Wait did you guys slept together?

“Yes but I need to explain what happened that night”

“I need you to leave my room now!” I had my hand balled into a fist.

He turns around with sorrowful eyes and I hear him say ‘’we were both drunk Lauren I will always be in love with you. Then he leaves.

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