Walking Between The Red Lines

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Chapter 6


It is championship game day for the boy’s football side the whole school and town have the school colors posted everywhere even mum has decked our house in green, yellow and white.

Me and Jordan have not talked, and I just want to avoid him as much as I can right now.

I did talk with Bec she is still cold towards me and I am done trying and I have now notice they we weren’t as close because she would have talked to me about her and Jordan sleeping together.

I have not told anyone but all this situation, but Lisa knows something is up and I can see her and myself being friend way after school is done.

Mum is calling out to us from downstairs we are ready to head to the game we all have our jerseys with Xavier number on the back of them including Lisa, did I mention Lake Forrest High School is versing them and it’s going to be tough considering they have been leading in first position all year and Blake has also been on fire alongside Jordan for Palms High.

We go to sit in the grandstand and look down and catch the eyes of Blake and he just winks and smirks, I notice Jordan looking at the exchange we just done.

As we sit down, and I also notice Bec with her other friends she glances towards me and I just plaster a small smile once she turn around I notice she is wearing Jordan number a lot of the girls at school are also wearing it but for some reason my emotions are all over the place with her wearing it.

“Are you ok girl? Lisa ask as she clearly can see on my face I’m not.

“Yeah Lisa I am”

I really do need to tell someone so I will tell Lisa when I do have the next chance.

10 minutes are remaining on the clock and we are down by 2 tries I see Jordan getting impatient and Blake is running all over him at the moment both are having a good game, but the opposite side have their defense better then Palms High School.

Xavier runs over to him hits him on the back and helmet and you can see Jordan shaking his head yes and his trying to lift his team spirit, Jordan looks up into the grandstand clearly at me and I just need to smile so he can focus on the game.

Xavier throws the ball and Jordan scores off the bat then with only 2 minutes to go, they lose possession and miss out sometimes you don’t get your fairy tale ending the boys were upset but you could see all the college recruiters sitting in the crowd and now going to pick the boys off one by one.

The head football coach Alabama has approached Jordan and starts talking they laugh shake hands then the Ohio Coach also walks up to him and shakes his hand and pats him on the back.

I move pass the crowd to find Xavier he looks so defeated but still puts on a smile for me and mum we wrap our arms around him and so does Lisa.

‘’I need to go shower ill will see you girls at Jordan house’ we just smile and nod.

“Loz are we just going like this?” I just nod back yes.

As we walk off we see Jordan parents and sitting and talking to him he looks more worse the Xavier due to Jordan is in love with the game.

He gets tapped on the shoulder and I see its Bec she leans in and kiss his cheek and hugs him I turn my head.

Until I hear ‘Hey kitten you would have looked so much beautiful if you were wearing my number”

I just smile “congratulations Blake” and hug him I see you were shaking hands with a lot of recruiters earlier “ were you perving on me Lauren?”

“wouldn’t consider yourself that lucky” and laugh.

“Have you decided on where you’re going?”

“Yes, UCLA gave me a full scholarship ‘that’s amazing Blake congratulations.

‘But before I go, I wanted to ask you would you go on a date with me?

‘U-u-um i don’t know at this stage Blake how about you put my number in my phone and I text you?

“Sure Kitten’’ he types his phone number in then hands my phone back.

‘wish you could come to our party were having’ with a smirk on his face, that god damn smirk of his.

‘Goodbye Blake’ we hugged then I left the football field.

We arrived at the Jordan house and the party was in full swing even though the boys did lose they also said they wanted to enjoy there last football party and sure enough they were loose.

Me and Lisa went to get our drinks as we were coming back, I noticed Xavier

‘Xavier are you ok what are you doing?

He was so drunk “N-Nothhhhinnnggg Sissssssssy!’’

‘How much have you had to drink? Looking at Lauren worried

Splurging his word ‘Me and Jordan drunk a whole bottle of Rummmmmm togetherrrr I love Jordan!

Yeah, so do a lot of people Lisa looks at me I just said that out loud.

‘Ok big boy let’s get you upstairs and you can sleep this off’ as I wrap one side of Xavier around me, Lisa is helping me on the other side.

I know Jordan house I use to come over here most of the time when I was little, Jordan had an older brother called Mike he lives in New York City, because Xav and Jordan would stay over each other’s house they practically have a room at each house Jordan Parents would work away a lot so he would stay over a lot of the time.

As we got Xav in the bedroom I took his shoes off and put the covers over him and I kissed him and said I loved him before I left

As we were leaving, I could see Jordan bedroom door was open this was one of the areas within Jordan’s house no one was aloud in his house was split up into areas it was a huge mansion!

I heard moans coming from it I looked to see a cooper hair girl lying down while Jordan was all over her Lisa gasped and they snapped their heads of course it was Bec and Jordan.

Jordan eyes meet mine his were soft and sorryful I quickly took off I felt sick I know I shouldn’t but I do which I just kept walking.

How could he say he loved me then do that? maybe all it was sisterly love he might have been confused. But I know what I just saw will always be that he is better off being my best friend brother.

We got downstairs and I wasn’t in the mood no more I went to go walk out with Lisa behind me when Jordan hand reached for mine.

‘What are you doing Jordan?

“You shouldn’t have seen that Lauren she came onto me and yet Jordan you retaliated only because I had seen you with Blake you didn’t come see me after the game or anything Lauren you pushed me aside” I could see it in his eyes again the sadness.

‘Look Jordan your Xavier best friend you guys are graduating and leaving for college soon I don’t want to complicate things as it is. Its fine with what ever you’re doing with Bec but just leave me alone now.’

‘I do not want Bec Lauren!

‘It didn’t seem like that minutes ago Jordan.’

I turn and leave out the door with my head held high
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