Walking Between The Red Lines

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Chapter 7


Jordan POV

It’s been a few months since the incident with Lauren, Becky and myself, I have tried numerous times to talk with Lauren, but she just doesn’t want a bar of me at the moment always put her head down and leaves when she sees me in a room the only time, I get a Hi is when were around our parents.

Its Prom night and Becky done a prom proposal to me a couple of weeks ago, Lauren was there to witness it she turned her back and walked away with Lisa, Becky put me on show in front of everyone at school, Xavier had to step in and save the day as I just did not know what to say or do and now, I had to attend prom with the one person I never wanted.

Lauren and Becky friendship ended the night she walked in on us in my bedroom. Xavier had always asked Lauren what happened she just said they grew apart.

Xavier and I got ready at his house we headed downstairs as the girls arrived, I was dressed in a dark purple velvet jacket with black trimmings I paired it with a black top and tie and black pants Xavier wore navy velvet jacket like mine with black trimming he paired his with a white shirt with black buttons and black bow with black pants.

Becky and Xavier date Chelsea turned up Becky had a white gown on it had a cowl neckline with spaghetti strap and open back she had hair and her hair in a ponytail and a cake full of makeup that just didn’t complete her look and Chelsea had a baby pink glitter pink dress that had a split up the leg with her hair down.

We were sitting their taking photos and the next minute the doorbell rings and Mrs. Hudson opens it, and Blake is standing there in a black tuxedo his brown hair combover completing his look.

“Lauren! Blake is here” Mrs. Hudson walks to the stairs and calls out.

And there she is walking down the stairs taking my breath away as she descends it, she is wearing emerald, green fish tale dress with diamonds scattered all around the boob tube area her beautiful blonde hair which has been done to look blonder has that wavey look all along her tanned back her makeup is done perfection unlike cupcake over here.

I am standing here memorizing every detail she looks beautiful more then the word beautiful.

“you look beautiful Lauren” I hear Blake say as he collects her, he places her corsage on her wrist I my heart feels like shit right now.

I can hear Becky Scoff in her jealous manner.

“Xav did you know Blake Michael asked her to prom?”

“Yes, she corned me with mum and mum said she could go” while looking at Lauren and Blake.

“Okay Xavier I want to take a picture with your sister” Mrs. Hudson while holding her iPhone.

They do as she asks and then she asks me to join them, and I walk to Lauren side and place my hand on the end of her lower back I see her inhale.

I lean in and say to her “you look incredibly beautiful Lauren”

She just bits her lips I can see Becky in the corner of my eye looking Lauren up and down wanting to say something.

Blake says they need to leave after they had their photos done and there, she goes walking out that door.

Xavier and I decided to get drunk on a flask we ditched the girls at the party and ended back at Xav’s we talked and talked and Xav passed out.

I knew where I wanted to go and I headed straight there to her room I wanted to know if she came back, and I tried to keep as quiet as possible while I entered, I had sobered up after me Xav talked four hours I just needed to talk to her.

I could see her body in her bed.

She looks up to me but then rolls over.

I do not say anything at first, I just slide in next to her and wrap an arm around her waist from behind her body tenses.

“What are you doing Jordan? you shouldn’t be in here.”

“I need to explain things to you Lauren and I don’t want to go away in a few more weeks regretting that I should of talked with you about it.”

“Yes me and Becky did sleep together but it meant nothing to me. Me and Xavier went to a party we both got totally wasted that night she was their trying and trying to get with me, but for some reason I felt like I was more drunker then usual even more then Xavier was, I didn’t know at the time if I had been spiked all I remember was everything went blank and I woke up the next morning naked next to Becky, Xavier is the only one that knows about the situation because I was so upset that I don’t remember anything I tried to talk with Becky about it but all she said was she was drunk as well, I tried so hard to think of any recollection that night but I couldn’t I was ashamed and still am’’

Her body moved around to face me.

“Do you think Becky might have spiked your drink?” she asks while looking into my eyes.

“I don’t know Lauren?”

“And the situation at my house as you know the rules no one besides my family and close family comes to that side of the house I need to have a shower after the game and I was getting ready when Becky walked into my room and pulled me down, I did kiss her back there is no fact about it I had done it out of spit towards you because you didn’t come near me after the game or since this isn’t and what top it was you and Blake hugging and me wishing it was me. I got carried away with it and the I heard Lisa and then I saw you, I don’t know what would of happened if I didn’t see you girls. I never went back to my room I ended up in Cody room as he called me and asked me about my game and that he was coming home to see me graduate.”

“I’m sorry Jordan but I just don’t know what to say” looking at me with doe eyes.

“I just want to say you looked like a princess tonight.”

“Thank you, Jordan, you looked alright too” as she bites her lip.

“Why are you home early? why aren’t with Blake?”

“I had a headache and let him go to the party plus he started to get a little too touchy as well and I felt a bit uncomfortable.”

My hand balls into a fist but I do not say anything I just stayed laying their looking into her eyes and my hand on her waist until we both did not realize but we feel asleep.
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