Walking Between The Red Lines

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Chapter 8


Cannot believe it is Xavier and Jordan Graduation day is here we were sitting in the kitchen when we could hear the front door bang, we all jumped up to see what it was and standing in our doorway is Dad and Jai me and mum just start screaming and fling ourselves around them I could feel tears falling down my cheeks.

“Why didn’t you tell us you were coming” while looking up at Jai.

“We wanted to surprise you all and especially Xavier on his graduation day well done bro” they hug.

“I missed you Daddy” I say while hugging him so tight.

“I missed you too sweety.”

“Okay guys let’s all go to the kitchen and eat breakfast before we go” Mum says were all sitting down and discussing how Dad and Jai Secretly planned this.

“so, as you know that was my last deployment and now, I will be home” I hug Jai so much harder and sequel.

“settle down peanut butter.” Jai says while trying to eat his food.

“Jordan that nickname is so annoying!”

“Come on you two we need to leave!” Mum calls out.

We make our way to our seats at the school, and we meet up with the Grey Family I see Cody I haven’t seen him for 4 years he is one year older than Jai, but they always hung out.

Jordan told me he lives in New York and works for a Law Firm.

“Look who is all grown up now and is as stunning as ever!” Cody says while hugging meanwhile my face is red.

Cody is different looking then Jordan he looks like his mum he has dark red brown hair with brown eyes he has an athletic build he also use to play football back when he was in High School.

“Cody”, Jai shakes his hand he greets Mr. and Mrs. Grey

“Jai do not call us that you guys know to call us Lucy and Mason!” while Lucy lets go off Jai hug.

“Sorry” Jai says with a smile on his face.

“Ok let’s take our seats now” lucy says.

When it finished, we waited until the boys reach us I ran up and hugged Xavier and then it became a family huddle cuddle!

The Grey family were doing the same thing with Jordan

They walk over to us and my parents hug Jordan and his to Xavier

Jordan and Jai muck around and hug

And then it gets to my turn I look up to him congratulate him with a smile and I go to hug him we take a little bit longer than expected and I quickly back away.

“Laureeennnnnn!”I see Lisa walking over she cuddles both the boys and congratulates them

“Lisa were now the seniors!!!” we both do a low pitch squeal, and the boys look and laugh

“Lisa, I have to introduce you to my Dad and my brother Jai” Lisa puts her hand out to shake theirs

“Hi Mr. Hudson, Hi Jai nice to finally meet you two.”

“Lisa you don’t need to call me Mr. Hudson Chad is just fine” Dad responded.

“Thank you I know Mrs. Hudson said the same thing too whoops I mean Annie”

We all just laughed.

“Okay you lot lets get going and get ready for a celebration dinner for these two and then you four can go celebrate at Amanda’s house afterwards” mum said so we left.

Me and Lisa were getting ready I decided on Sage Green Tie Dye Body Con Dress and a pair of nude strappy heels and my hair straighten it made my blonde hair pop since I got it re done and my tan stand out, Lisa wore an orange one with black heels and her black hair down in waves.

“we look hot girl” Lisa is twirling around in the mirror these last few months I have been so grateful to have her.

I told her all about the situation with Becky, Jordan and I and she knew the way Jordan looked at me was not a brotherly look but an I love you one, she also said Becky could see it too and its her fault she misses out on a friendship with me.

Mum is calling for us to go!

Once we are all in the restaurant, we see the Grey family sitting down they stand up when they see us arrive

“Well fuck me I thought she couldn’t get any more stunning” I hear Cody says Jai hits him

“Cody that is my little sister!” Jai stares him down.

“I’m just stating the truth Jai!”

and then I see Jordan jaw clench

After dinner is finished Cody nominated him self to take us to the party.

We entered Amanda house as she is hosting it and its and it was in full swing me and Lisa head straight to the drinks with the boys behind us we do a couple of shots together and see Chelsea come up to Xavier and start talking and Guilty by Sevyn Streeter plays through the speakers this is my jam I scream to Lisa lets go bitchhhhhh!

And we start moving then we see Xavier Jordan and Chelsea make their way over an we all start dancing Jordan comes up behind us and grinds into me Xavier not paying attention because his full on making out with Chelsea.

I don’t know how many drinks and songs later, but I need to leave.

Lisa is making out with Michael and I tap her saying I’m heading home she said she will stay I go and say bye to Xavier and to look out for Lisa as my Uber arrived

As I start to leave when Jordan calls out to me I turn around

“Where are you going?”

“Im heading home I have had a bit too much to drink tonight” while I’m swaying

“Okay I will come with you”

“Noooooooo it’s your graduation party you stay” I feel myself splurging the words

“No, I’m coming with you” as he leads us to the uber waiting

Ok I’m too drunk to argue with you.

It took 30 minutes to reach home I took my heels off while I was in the car

And we make it home mum and everyone must be in bed because there are no lights on and I don’t want to disturb anyone so I walk back to the pool house and I will sleep in there tonight Jordan follows me

“Goodnight Jordan thanks for helping me get home.”

He bends down and kisses me on top of the head “any time loz”

I turn around and close the door and reach inside the fridge for a cold bottle of water and some headache tablets

I go to the bathroom wipe all my make up off I undress I pull an oversize T shirt on that was in the cupboard and decide just to free it tonight no underwear I don’t care at this stage I fall into bed and make myself comfy that’s when I here a knock on the door it must be Jai just checking up on me?

I go to get up and Jordan is standing there and the next thing I know his lips crash onto mine and he picks me up by my thighs and closes the door and locks it.

He walks us towards the bed and hovers over us kissing me like he wants to steal all my oxygen his right hand trails up my thigh caressing it I’m getting so turned on right now and all I can hear is us moaning he leaves hot wet kisses down my neck then turns to my lips again his hands start to go up and starts to circle my clit oh shit!!!

“Fuck Lauren your dripping wet.”

I feel his hard cock pressing on my leg I can’t do this I break it off

“Jordan, we can’t, I’m sorry but I think its for the best if we don’t.”

“Ok Lauren just so you know I don’t regret anything with you” he kisses me then leaves.

I wake up the next morning and walk inside the house and upstairs to my bedroom for a shower I change into sweat pants and a tank top and make my way downstairs to eat something.

I can hear snoring coming from the living room and see Xavier and Lisa passed out on each other wonder if Lisa know if Xavier farts her nose will sniff it, I just leave them be.

“Good morning peanut butter someone looks hungover” Jai is smirking

“Not in the mood Jai!”

“Ok ok here have some toast”

“So jai what are your plans now your back?

“Well, this summer break I’m going to purchase a garage and start doing machinal work get my own team and Dante should be home to help”

“I can’t wait to spend this summer on the beach with you guys!!

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