Walking Between The Red Lines

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Chapter 9


“Good Morning sir, you said you wanted to see me?

“Yes, Dante I did it is coming to the end of your deployment and you haven’t made a decision on what you want to do yet?

“No Sir I have not I was looking up being partner with Jai in his garage when I go back home but have decided”

“Ok Dante I will give you 4 weeks enjoy your break” I salute and march out

I haven’t been home in 18 months but I have been away for 4 years Jai wanted to join the Army and do his part for our country and I decided that I wanted to do it also. Jai only had plans for 4 years then he wanted to go back home and focus on his main goal opening his own garage up, me on the other hand had no idea what I wanted.

“Dante Sears r helicopter is here to take you home brother” I then run for the helicopter and board to take me to my flight home I have not told anyone I am coming home I want to surprise them what a day to be coming home on the 4th of July, and I know already our family and friends are gathering at the beach.

I drop my gear at mum and dad house and head for shower to get changed nothing worse then smelling like the plane after a 12 hour flight I put on my board shorts, chuck a singlet and a towel into my backpack I call a cab and arrive at the beach.

God I’m glad to be on home soil! I see a lot of girls checking me and boy do I miss that too!

One girl accidently bumps into me she is stunning so naturally beautiful I watch her walk off in that skin strap bikini fuck her boobs and ass are popping!

I go back to trying to spot my family and friends then I spot the boys playing football near the water.

I walk over and bend down into mum ear and whisper “Mum did you miss me?”

She screamed like she just got murdered everyone is looking and she wraps her arms around me and kisses me, Dad is running over.

“Whats wrong Rhonda!!!! You nearly gave me a heart attack!”

She lets go off me and Dad jaw drops ‘’son!’’ And he hugs me too

“Why didn’t you tell us you were coming home Dante!!” mum scowls me

“I wanted it to be a surprise mum” and puppy dog eye her

Jai notices me and then runs up and hugs me ‘Bro’ that’s all that needs to be said at the moment between us

Chad and Annie come up there like my other parent I hug Annie and Shake Chad hand ‘’Sir’’

Don’t you call me ‘sir boy with a smile on his face’.

Xavier and Jordan walk over I shake their hands

“Boys you have defiantly grown up look how big you are!”

They start to laugh!

But there is one little girl out of this family I have not seen wonder where peanut butter is?

Fuck I love that nickname me and Jai gave her it because one time she was obsessed with peanut butter and had Oreos with them, and it would always be on her face.

“Lauren!!” Jai calls out

And then I see her it’s the girl I checked out that bumped into me shes walking over with her friend that has long black hair.

“What’s up Jai and stop yelling!”

“Dante is here!” he points to me

She slowly starts to look me up and down.

And I’m doing the same fuck she is not little Loz or peanut butter no more!

She is the peanut butter I want to fucking eat!

‘’Hey Peanut Butter, long time no see” she still checking me out until her friend nudges her slightly

“Hi Dante and don’t call me that “we hug and fuck I can feel her boobs pressed against my chest fuck when did she even get these!!

Come on Dante we will go show these boys how to really play football.

We play a game for a bit until I can hear Jai and Xavier laughing, they are talking about throwing Lauren into the ocean

She is standing their applying sunscreen to her body her hands running up and down her tanned skin they quickly run up to her throw her over Jai shoulders her ass in the air screaming at them to let her go and with that they send her flying into the water

All I can hear is her screaming to them pay back is going to be a bitch boys they high five each other and come back to the beach I see her resurfacing from the ocean trying to rinse the water out of her hair but fuck me all I am focusing on is the water droplets running down the valley of her breast down lower until her bikini bottoms how I would love to lick those droplets up!!! oh my god I think I’m starting to get a semi hard on over the little girl who wore power puff pajamas, I need to get laid and I need it as soon as possible how did Lauren grow up so fast see what 4 years away does!

Me and Jai see these girls run up and started flirting touching us they asked us whether we wanted to go out we exchanged numbers they were good looking girls but not up to Lauren she’s on a different plat form I need to get my mind off Lauren right now my best friend little sister who isn’t so little anymore.
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