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"Why are you blushing Mia?" I shiver at the sound of his voice, get a grip. "No reason" I squeak, thinking about all the ways he could take me right now in this car. "Why are you crossing your legs so tightly Mia?" his voice low making me squeeze my legs tighter, my lower region on fire. "Ace" I whine, Im not sure why though. "What is it Mia, tell me what you need" ***_*** She was big, curvy and bullied She left running with her tail between her legs Now she's back and out for revenge He left home for his country He was the sweetest But war changed him Now he's full of smirks, covered in tattoos He was her childhood crush, she was like his little sister. They both are in a world of shock seeing how much the other has changed. WARNING Mature themes Mature language Mature contents

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Mia Garcia

Running to the ladies while the brats are chasing after me calling me horrible names and all i can hear are the laughing students watching me as i run. I can't breathe.

I run to the first open stall but before i can lock the door, the bitch herself, Katherine Rose steps in and smirks shoving me towards the toilet.

Her minions come out from behind her and holds me down, Katherine takes my head and shoves it into the toilet, while i struggle, trying to get up and at the same time trying not to swallow toilet water.

She brings my head up looks me dead in the eye "you nothing bit a worthless fat bitch, you ugly slut" i mentally snort, im a virgin. She then dunks my head again, after what feels like hours of torture she let's me go, i take the chance to run only for her minions to block the exit.

They start laughing and calling me degrading names and there's nothing i can do but look into the bathroom mirrors and cry, looking at my big hips and stomach, my double chin and my flabby arms, i cover my ears to block out their insults,crying, praying to God to end this torture.

I gasp sitting up at lightening speed, it's just a dream, it's just a dream i say in a mantra. I look at myself in my bedroom mirror, seeing my beautiful tiny face, it was just a dream i tell myself, well a vivid bad memory of my last day of my 10th grade year at Princeton High. But a distant memory it is.

"GRANNY IM GOING TO KILL YOU!" I scream from my bed at my grandmother, and yes my nightmare was her fault! After all it was her who told me that I'd be going back to my hometown and old school, where all my bad memories were made.

"Darling what's wrong, what happened?" she comes running in, drama queen, i mentally roll my eyes.

I sigh "I had a nightmare, well not a nightmare since it actually happened, well it was a replay of what happened the day before i came running to you" i say softly, hating the sound of my weak and pathetic self.

"Oh my sweet baby, you are nothing like the girl you were when you came running to me almost two years ago, you are now a grown beautiful, young, confident and smart woman, also you are one bad ass bitch, and frankly you no longer have anything to fear, those bitches got nothing on you sweet pea" she says holding me.

And she's right, im no longer the fat, chubby, pathetic weak excuse of a girl i once was, i now have the body of a model, the most desired woman at my current school and quite bad ass if you ask me.

"You right granny, im going to make those bitches wish they hadn't done what they done and im going to show everyone just how wrong they were about me and i assure you no one will be laughing at me this year, over my dead body" she chuckles after my promise.

"Good sweety, let's get you up and ready for today, you got a few hours before your flight home, breakfast is ready downstairs" she says kissing my forehead and leaving my room.

I came here almost two years ago running away from the very people I'm returning home to. My family misses me and wants me back home to finish my senior year and there's no changing my mother's mind this time, Sharon Garcia can be one scary woman and im not about to push anymore buttons.

With that said i start getting ready, packing my shit, leaving the rest here for when i visit. I look at myself in the mirror, starring back at me are those happy grey eyes, scanning my hourglass figure, in my ripped skinny jeans with a black crop top, showing my flat tummy and belly ring, looking down at my black combat boots. Pleased with my appearance i make my way downstairs for breakfast.

When i get down i am surprised by all my classmates here to give me a farewell. Can't say any of them are actually friends but they were good classmates. We all sit around and talk, im going to miss this place.

Well i guess that the one real friend i made here, Jason Collins, went back home to Riverside, makes going home alot easier. One of the upsides going home, the others being my big ass family and our big ass group of family friends, God i wonder how Ace is doing or if he's even back at all.

When everyone had wished me a farewell, hours had past and sadly it was time to leave Ney York and granny and go back to that awful town Riverside.

When we reach the airport we grab my luggage and go to my gate. "Darling you do well to remember that you are no longer that girl you once were, and you are strong never forget that, now that you all this and more, they all going to want to be your friend, you do well to remember that they aren't truly your friends and what they done to you, and don't let them push you down ever again, yes? " granny says holding me tightly

Holding her back just as tightly i nod" Yes granny, and thank you for taking me in, caring for me and always being there for me, thank you for allowing me to love myself again, for that im truly grateful and forever indebted to you" i say tearing up.

"Nonsense you silly girl, that's what grannies are here for, now wipe that tears, chin up and always remember that your opinion about yourself and only yours is the only one that matters" she demands and i nod, unable to speak.

Im going back home and im going to make those bitches pay, i am no longer that weak little girl they so thoroughly bullied, I am now a young, beautiful, confident woman and im going to get my revenge even if its the lady thing i do, this is a promise.

With my mind made up, i hug granny tightly saying my last goodbyes, with that i hop on my plane. Im coming home bitches.

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