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Chapter 11

Mia Garcia

After an relaxing day sun bathing at the pool, Liam, Sadie and I are on our way to the club.

Ace drank a bit too much so he slept the day away, he and the rest of my brothers and his will be joining us when Reece and Jeremy get there, which should be anytime now.

Pulling up at the club Liam turns to me "Mia, please don't make any of us get into a bar fight" Sadie chuckles

Rolling my eyes "Don't hit anyone I dance with then" smiling sweetly, I quickly jump out of the car not wanting to hear more of his bullshit.

They get out, locking the car Liam says "I'm serious Mia, I wanna get drunk and not spend my hangover in a jail cell"

"Whatever, let's just get this party started" I yell in excitement while Sadie squeals.


Taking shots in the VIP section with my brother is sooo boring. "I'm dying of boredom, let's go dance like those people" I point to the dance floor below us.

I feel heat flushing through my body, knowing the alcohol is working. "Wait until everyone gets here, I can't watch the both of you by myself"

"We not little kids Liam" rolling my eyes, showing him my tongue. He chuckles "How very adult like of you M, ohh look there's the rest of them"

Looking to the stairs, my breath hitches. Since this is a high class club there's a dress code, and might I just say damn.

Walking like the God he is. Ace in a long sleeve white shirt, top three buttons open showing off his muscles and tattoos making my panties soak.

Not trusting myself in his presence, I grab Sadie, dragging her to the other staircase leading to the dance floor, while yelling to Liam that we'll be downstairs dancing.

Making our way through the mass of people, right to the center of the dance floor, purposely where Ace can see me. "Let's dance, bitch" I scream over to Sadie.

"You mean let's give Ace and Liam a hard on?" she screams back making me laugh. I nod.

We start dancing, I close my eyes letting my body feel the beat, dancing to the rhythm. Forgetting everyone around me.

Just then 'sexual' by Amber starts playing, Sadie and I then starts dancing close to each other seductively, feeling peoples eyes on me, we keep dancing when Sadie gasps and I see Liam dragging her away from me, dancing with her.

I chuckle and start dancing alone , running my hands along my body, shaking my hips, enjoying the song.

Ace Carter

Seeing Mia dragging Sadie to the middle of the dance floor and start dancing already had me wanting to take her.

But when Sexual by Amber starts playing, she starts moving her body seductively, my dick hardens. It's like she's purposely doing this to torture me, I can't keep my eyes off of her.

Liam growls "I know she's dancing with my sister but fuck, im going in" referring to Sadie he jumps up, rushing to the dance floor. The boys chuckle getting up to go dance too but I'm frozen in my seat when she stars dancing alone.

The way she's touching her body and shaking her hips along with the beat has me imagining her naked on my cock while letting her hands roam her body like that. Groaning, I need a fucking cold shower.

Opening my eyes I see a guy grabbing her hips, she turns around to look at him then turns back and keep dancing. What the fuck? Where are the boys? Looking around I see they all occupied.

Running down the stairs, I go up to them. "Get lost" I growl at him, he quickly moves away. "What the fuck was that about?" I ask turning to her, seeing she's still dancing, like she has no fucks to give.

"Dancing" she shrugs, she fucking shrugs. Quickly looking around, grabbing her waist from behind, she tenses and stop dancing. Making me lose my shit.

"You danced with a complete stranger, now dance" I growl in her ear, she shivers and I smirk.

Perfect timing, 'work' by rihanna starts playing and she starts grinding on me, I roam her body with my hands while she dances on me, throwing her head back on my chest she grabs my hand bringing it to her perfectly shape tits, instantly I harden, she arches her back, pressing her ass against my dick.

"Fuck Mia" I rasp out, she then turns around, dropping down low, so fucking sexy, coming up slowly, deliberately pressing herself against me as she does.

Then she takes my hand again guiding it to her ass, I squeeze making her moan in my ear.

I grab her face, kissing her hungrily. I smell the alcohol on her, she's fucking drunk. No wonder.

Pulling away from her breathing harshly. "Take me home Ace" she says, eyes full of desire.

I don't know why I do but I grab her hand, leading her outside to my car, im intoxicated with desire for her. I text the boys, saying Mia not feeling well and I'll see them at home.


Finally parking the car at the cabin, we get out and make our way in. The car ride home was quiet, me rubbing circles on her thighs while she watches me intensely while I drove.

Getting inside, she immediately grabs my face kissing me, I kick the door close, kissing her back passionately while she let her hands roam my body. I move my lips from hers, kissing down her jaw "oooh Ace" she moans making me groan out in pleasure.

"Jump" whispering in her ear, she immediately complies, wrapping her thighs around my waist, grinding her most womanly part against my cock.

She kisses down my neck, and back up to my ear, softly nipping my earlobe "fuck Mia" I growl out. Sitting us down on the sofa while she sits on my lap, bringing her lips to mine, she kisses me hard, grinding on me.

"Ace" she moans, I groan loving the friction of her clothed sex against mine and my name falling from her lips.

Flipping us, positioning myself in between her legs, kissing her hungrily. She moans wrapping her legs around me.

Rubbing my hand on her exposed upper arm. Loving the feeling of my rough hands against her soft skin.

Hearing something outside, I jump up quickly instantly missing the warmth of her body. Checking through the window seeing no one. I sigh in relief.

"What's wrong Ace?" she asks breathlessly I turn around looking at her, she's a hot mess, hair sprawled widely over the sofa, cheeks blazing red and her lips swollen, fuck me.

"Nothing princess, thought I heard something" I say smiling at her. We can't do this I need to stop. She's my best friends sister for God's sake.

I can't have her. I thought I just needed my fill of her and then I'll be satisfied but now that I had a taste I can't help but want to devour her as a whole.

No, I can't, this is bad, it's just going to blow up in my face. Nothing good can come from this. It has to stop now.

"Mia, we both intoxicated" me more on you than any alcohol "we shouldn't do anything, that we could regret in the morning" you not me, I won't be regretting shit "you also know that this wasn't suppose to happen" I say looking down at her but she looks away.

"I get it" she says in a monotone, storming off. She's just horny and angry that she didn't get some, she'll be glad she didn't in the morning I tell myself.

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