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Chapter 12

Mia Garcia

Waking up with a pounding headache I groan. Im never drinking again. Brining my fingertips to my lips, immediately last night's events comes to mind.

His vice grip on my hips, me dancing with my ass all on him, making him grope my tits and grab my ass. Him feverishly kissing me, begging him to take me home. Heat rushes to my lower region making me blush and moan at the memory.

Then it all comes crashing down. Mia, we both intoxicated he said, we shouldn't do anything, that we could regret in the morning he said, you also know that this wasn't suppose to happen he fucking said!

So he regrets kissing me? Touching me? Why the fuck did he bring me home then? Why the fuck did he kiss and touch me then? If he regrets it why the fuck did he lead me on?

You know what I'm actually glad I didn't give my virginity to the piece of shit because after the way he acted for simply a kiss I don't think I could've survived. Still he had no right to do that.

Wasn't suppose to happen? Then why fucking let it happen. God Im too open and confident when I have alcohol in my system. The alarm bells went off warning me but I disregarded them, loving the feel of him.

Stupid stupid stupid, very fucking stupid Mia. Aggressively shoving my blankets off me, stomping down the stairs.

Reece, Elijah and the bastard himself sitting in the kitchen eating frootloops. Twats. "Good morning sunshine" Reece beams

"Morning" I grunt. "Who pissed in your porridge this morning" Elijah asks chuckling

"Shurrup dick head, where's the pain killers?" I ask deliberately ignoring Ace. He just sits there quietly looking into his bowl. So now he's embarrassed too? Am I that gross? He can't even stand to look at me?

Ughh "Top right draw M, lesson taught I hope, no more drinking" Elijah says chuckling.

"Eli I'm warning, shut the fuck up" I say grabbing the meds from the drawer, grabbing a bottle of water, swallowing them.
"Okayyyy moody pants" Elijah says rushing out, I pick up a banana and throw it successfully against his head before he can disappear around the corner.

"owww" he says turning around to face me knocking his head against the wall in the process making Ace and Reece chuckle.

"You just mean Mia, who got your panties in a twist?" he groans out making me choke and splutter the water. Making Reece cackle, Elijah raise an eyebrow and Ace smirk.

My cheeks heating like crazy I turn to the basin still coughing, the dick still has the audacity to smirk. I don't get him.

"Mia?" Elijah presses on. Calming myself I turn around and glare at him "No one's got my panties in a twist, now shurrup and get lost before I throw you with something heavier"

He scoots out of there before I can throw my water bottle at him. "Sadie was right, you sure damn are feisty" Reece says in a mockingly fascinated tone.

"Reece shut your trap unless you want my fist in it" I say narrowing my eyes into slits. Going to the fridge to grab some milk. Making myself some cereal, finally looking up to see Reece's mouth hanging.

"What? And close your mouth before it catches flies" I say taking a spoonful of cheerios "You nothing but a meanie" he glares at me mockingly before too rushing out.

I suck in a breath, immediately taking my bowl and rushing myself out of the kitchen, not wanting to be a second alone with that dick.

Plopping myself down in front of the tv, settling on 'bones' loving to watch Booth and Brennan.


After hours of binge watching bones, Elijah, Jeremy, Reece and Aiden creeps up on me, scaring the shit out of me. "You fucking idiots" grabbing the pillow and hitting the one closes to me, unfortunately being Elijah.

"You've abused me awfully alot today" Elijah says grabbing the pillow and then picking me up, throwing me over his shoulder.

"Aaaaaah, you big shit, put me down right this second or so help me god" I say hitting his back, wriggling to get out of his grip, while the boys laugh and cheer him on. "You all are so getting it" I threaten them as they run behind Elijah who's carrying me to the pool.

Looking up I see Liam, Ace and Sadie standing there taking a smoke while laughing at my misfortune. "Every single one of you will pay, I swear it!"

"We didn't do anything Mia" Liam screams while Elijah continues to walk, he's going to throw me in the pool, ohh God.

"Exactly! You aren't doing anything! You letting him carry me around like a rag doll. Elijah don't you dare throw me into that pool, I swear you will sorely regret it, mark my fucking words you twat!" I scream at them.

Just as im about to threaten them some more im thrown into the pool. Coming up from under the water, they all run into the cabin, while the bystanders on the balcony makes themselves scarce.

Trudging like a wet dog into the house."Oh dear brother Elijah" I call out sweetly, "She's going to kill you" Reece screams from somewhere upstairs.

"Oh come on M don't be that way, It's almost 4pm and you were still in your PJ's, you needed a bath. Plus we going out tonight so I rest my case my actions were justified" he yells, hiding somewhere in the kitchen.

I'll get them back tonight "Okay Eli, your case is dismissed" I call out to him innocently "I won't be going out though, I think I just caught a cold, you guys go have fun though" I scream out not in the mood to leave the cabin.

Just then Liam, Sadie and Ace steps out into the hallway, while I stalk towards them trying to make my way to the stairs. Liam and Ace's eyes widen before quickly adverting their gaze finding the ceiling and walls fascinating while Sadie smirks raising her eyebrows.

"What?" I ask examining myself, seeing my white Tee is now completely see through and my tits sticking to it, on full display and my nipples visibly hard from the cold. "Shit" I say quickly covering my tits "blame Elijah for my flashing of the tits" I yell out while running to my room.


After taking a long ass relaxing showing, doing my nails and curling my hair for no other reason than boredom I get up, regretting not leaving with them when they invited me out, again before they left.

Making my way downstairs to the kitchen in the eerily quiet cabin has my heart beating erratically and goosebumps all over my exposed arms, legs and thighs.

Going to the fridge to get some juice and left over pasta. Being the thirsty nut I am, I jug the juice down straight from the bottle, opening my eyes I scream loudly in fear.

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