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Chapter 13

Mia Garcia

Gasping for air, holding my heart that's thumping, ready to jump out of my chest and glaring at Ace.

"What the fuck Ace? You almost gave me a fucking heart attack at the newly age of 18!" I screech out of breath at the handsome devil in nothing but grey sweatpants.

He just shakes his head, chuckling. Grabbing the juice, he looks me dead in the eye and puts his lips on the bottle, leaving it there for a minute before gulping down almost all of it.

I suck in a breath, watching him, his throat as it swallows, his lips that clung to the opening and his hands firmly gripping the bottle. Heat rushes to my core, standing there watching him as he watches me watch him.

"So damn good" he says setting the juice down but his eyes roaming up and down my sorry excuse of a baggy Tee and exposed thighs.

"Thought you went out" I whisper out, voice hoarse. "Thought staying in would be much more fun" low and raspy he voices. My eyes flutter close, clenching my thighs tightly together.

He ignored you all day, he said he'd regret it in the morning, he said it wasn't supposed to happen, and lastly he is a dick. Get a fucking grip you horny teenager. Snapping out of it, I turn to get my pasta from the fridge.

Ignoring him, I go to warm my food up. I feel his heated gaze on me, I do my best to ignore it. Trying my hardest to come across like it's not affecting me when really my insides are on fire.

Finally spinning around, fed up with his bullshit "WHAT?" I huff out, glaring at him. "Do I make you feel things Mia?" He enquires, his voice not sounding like his usual voice.

Immediately making me blush, "N-no, no" I stutter out, making him deeply chuckle.

"Your body tells me otherwise Mia" he says walking towards in me in slow but deliberate steps, making me take a step back each time he takes one forward.

But as my luck would have it, my back hits the counter. He stops right in front of me, his body firmly against mine, which is locked between his rock hard abs and the stupid kitchen counter.

He looks into my eyes, then his eyes drops down to my lips, which instantly feels dry. Biting my lip, he growls. "I'd stop that If I was you"

"S-stop what Ace?" I ask, voice trembling with nervousness from his closeness "biting that fucking sexy lip of yours, makes me want to bite it too" he says now licking his lip like a hungry wolf.

I don't where the confidence comes from but I bite my bottom lip again "Then why don't you?" I blurt out before I can stop myself.

He growls, grabbing my face and kisses me hungrily, grabbing my thighs, picking me up and putting me on the counter, positioning himself between my legs, pulling me impossibly close to him.

Raking my hand through his hair while my other one roams his back, loving the feel of his muscles under my palm, gripping and scratching his back as he kisses me hungrily while I match his hunger with my own tongue.

He then cups my face, pushing my head back as he run his open lips along my jaw, moving towards my neck where he softly nips my skin. Moving away momentarily to leave soft wet kisses on the other side of my neck.

He slowly teases my neck making my need for his touch grow. Causing a undeniable need for him in between my legs. "Ace" I moan out, arching my back, pushing my hot cunt against his cock.

Moaning loudly now at the friction, also frustratedly at my thin panties covering me from him.

Still teasing my neck with his tongue now, he grips my waist with his hands bringing me hard against his crotch, groaning my name loudly, oh God yes.

Bring my hand to his exposed chest, running my nails up and down his chest before reaching down and grabbing his cock through his sweatpants making him groan but immediately pull away.

Breathless, eyes wide looking at him confusion almost crying out at the sudden loss of his touch. His jaw clenched, looking at me angrily before storming off.

Fuck no, hopping off the counter, I run after him "Ace!" I grab him but he pulls away from me "Ace!" I growl again trying to grab him again but he shoves my hand away turning around and shoving me against the wall.

Looking up at him, breathing heavily scared shitless at he's sudden mad handling but at the same time turned on. "What?" he growls lowly. What?

"What the fuck do you mean what? This is the fucking second time you got me all hot and bothered and then just shut me down like I threw myself at you, YOU GRABBED ME, YOU KISSED ME, YOU KEEP STARTING SHIT AND THEN PUSH ME AWAY!" I scream in his face"What the fuck do you want Ace?" I ask now softly looking down.

"Mia ever since I saw you that day after 2 fucking years something changed, you no longer like a fucking sister to me, whenever I see you I want to fucking rip your clothes off and shove my dick so hard in you, I want to fill you up and cum all in your hot tight cunt, I want to bend you over and slap your ass for dancing with that guy, I want to pleasure you until the brink of cumming and then walk away for thinking naughty things about someone else in my fucking car next to me! I WANT YOU SO FUCKING BADLY BUT YOU ARE AND WILL ALWAYS BE MY BEST FRIENDS FUCKING SISTER, LITTLE FUCKING MIA!" he growls in my face.

"And I've fucking wanted you for as long as I can remember, but now more than ever! I was fucking thinking about YOU in YOUR car next to YOU,imagining you taking me in your car. Dancing with that fucking guy wishing it was you. Standing fucking here wishing you could see me for the fucking woman I am instead of Liam's fucking little sister and fuck me hard!"I growl right back at him

He stares at me for a minute, I can see the wheels turning in his head, "I do I see you for the fucking sexy woman you are" he says grabbing my face, kissing me hard, picking me up carrying me back to the counter.

Squeezing my ass, pushing his aroused crotch hard against me "This is what you fucking do to me Mia" he growls out, biting and sucking on my neck.

Pushing my panties to the side, while bringing his hand down on my now wet and exposed pussy "and this is what you fucking do to me" I moan out as he runs his fingers up and down my slit.

"You so wet for me baby" he groans out while I moan as his fingers work magic. He then slips one finger in making me cry out in pleasure, then adds another.

Sobbing out in pleasure, grabbing his hair as his thick fingers pump in and out of me, while his thumb stimulates my clit. Oh my god I can feel the growing intensity in my abdomen.

Dazed in pleasure, mumbling out gibberish, as he whispers out naughty things in my ears "You like my fingers in your tight cunt, don't you princess?" voice low and intoxicating.

"Ace im going to cum!" I scream out, scratching his back "Cum for me baby" he growls out pushing me over the edge.

"Ace!" I cry out out in pleasure, my body writhing and shaking as I cum and hard, screaming and moaning out Ace's name.

Laying back on the counter, legs spread wide, exhausted. Ace goes to kiss my stomach making me need him all over again.

"Ace take me to the sofa" I demand. He immediately complies, picking me up making our way out of the kitchen.

Just as he's about to set me down, we hear car doors slamming shut, loud chattering and giggles. Fuck I groan out loud.

"Go baby! I'll see you in the morning, go before they see you" he chuckles.

I nod and kiss his cheek, running up the staircase but not before he spanks my ass, I giggle making my way to my room.

Remembering I got to get revenge on all of them, I grab a pants, go to my bathroom, fill a bucket full of water and creep downstairs.

Just as I get there Ace is unlocking the door and opening it, when they all hurry to get inside, I throw the bucket of water on them.

Making Sadie squeal and the boys grunting out profanities while im laughing with tears in my eyes at their horrid expressions.

I then quickly run up the stair case to my room but not before screaming "Got you suckers"

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