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Chapter 14

Mia Garcia

After a week of clubbing, sun bathing, getting drunk and secretly touching and kissing Ace, we now making our way home.

I don't know what Ace and I are but we both made it clear we attracted to each other, knowing I can turn him on so easily excites me and knowing that he doesn't see me as his little sister any longer is a big fucking relief.

Exhausted from the early morning rushing and packing. I steal a glance at Ace who's driving. What is it with me when he's driving, fuck.

Squeezing my legs close tightly, cussing under my breath. Stupid teenage hormones.

"You okay there Mia" Ace asks smirking "Fine" I nod blushing while he chuckles. I can so kick his ass right now.

Elijah and Aiden are driving with us home, sick and tired of Sadie's and Liam's 'lovey dovey shit' as they so put it. So Ace making me squirm like this is intentional. He has been making me squirm in front of both my brothers and his all week.

Talking about Sadie and Liam, they are dating! One night Liam asked her out on a date, they came back boyfriend and girlfriend and been attached by the hip ever since.

I done my duty as a best friend and warned her and threatened Liam. But im really happy for them.

Bringing me out of my thoughts is my favourite song playing. I squeal and begin singing along dramatically.

Ace chuckles, while my brothers join me in high pitched girly voices. I continue singing, dancing as much as I can sitting in the front seat.

I look to Ace to see him already glancing at me every few minutes smiling at me. I giggle feeling happy.


Finally pulling up at my house, I jump out stretching my stiff body. I turn to grab my handbag to see Ace already looking at me biting his lip. I lick mine winking at him.

"Mia help us" Elijah groans from the boot, I chuckle "What a strong man you are" I say sarcastically grabbing my bags from him walking off.

"Mia!" Ella squeals embracing me in a tight hug "No more trips without us, I missed you too much" she says squeezing me "I missed you too" I chuckle.

"Im your son mom, I was away too mom" Ace says rolling his eyes making Ella and I chuckle "Come here my big baby" she coos, hugging and smothering him with kisses.

"I should've kept my big mouth shut" he says grumbling making me laugh and the boys calling him mommas boy.

Just then my mother comes running out grabbing them and kissing all of them "my babies" she screams

"Who's mommas boys now?" Ace chuckles pulling out of his mother's embrace. "let's get inside and catch up, you little shits" mom says grabbing me inside while smothering me with kisses.

Sitting by the kitchen counter, eating mom's famous lasagna, Liam and Sadie comes in laughing. Mom looks to me with a raised eyebrow smirking. I smile.

"Now that everyone's seated, fill me in all about your trip" mom says smiling at us.

"Sadie and Liam are dating" I scream out first smiling at them wriggling my eyebrows "You know Mia, Im too going to embarrass you when you one day bring a guy home" making me instantly sober up, bringing Ace home, that's going to be a shit show more than anything.

You talking like he actually sees a future and wants you like that, my subconscious so correctly points out, ughh.

"Ohh Mia, don't look so down, we won't let him embarrass you baby girl, right Sharon?" Ella says smiling while my mom nods in agreement, I just nod with a tight smile, not daring to glance at Ace who's eyes I can feel on me.

Liam snorts "Anyway Sadie and I are together, I found the one I want to settle down with" he says kissing her temple making the moms and I awww.

"Mrs Garcia, Mrs Carter, I really like Liam and I just want to thank you both for raising such a great man" she says smiling at them

"Oh we so keeping her, Sharon you start planning the wedding" Ella says, we all burst out in laughter

"Sure thing Elle and then we need to find Ace a wife shortly after, you know their babies need to be born in the same year" mom says chuckling, everyone still laughing, I quickly sober up.

What if all he wants is sex? He never actually said he likes me. He told me I turn him on, not that he actually likes me. Fuck I hate this shit.

"Mia" I look up seeing everyone looking at me, I look to Ella "hmm?"

"I've been calling your name for the last 2 minutes, where do you always zone off too? Also I asked how was your week away, find any cute guys?" she asks smiling at me

"Sorry, was think about school and stuff" im such a bad liar, Ace just raises his eyebrow at me, I ignore him. "The trip was good, I got a tan, loosened up abit and no I didn't find any guy but I was dancing with someone when A-" I stop mid eye roll and sentence too "When I got sick and asked Ace to take me home" I say quickly catching myself. Yeesh.

Ace smirks secretly at me and I blush, then I catch my mother looking between the two of us a smirk forming on her face too. I groan.

"Boys?" my mother turns to Aiden, Elijah, Reece and Jeremy "Good" they all reply in unison.

"No girls though" Aiden says

"We don't do that lovey dovey shit" Reece says

"Players for life" Elijah says

"Amen" Jeremy coughs out making me roll my eyes and everyone laugh.

"Ace I didn't hear you adding to the player mantra? Got anyone special? " mom asks smirking, while I glare at her.

He chuckles "Not yet mam" cryptically he says. Yet? Did he meet someone while he was away? Or is he pursuing someone else?

Because im pretty sure with the way I wantonly acted and told him I wanted him made it clear that I was his and his alone? I just wanna curl up in a ball and cry.

Coming back to reality they all laughing about something, not really interested, I clear my throat "Well thank you guys for the trip but im beat and got school tomorrow, so im going to get ready, Sadie thank you for coming, even if it was for my brother" I say playfully, getting up kissing mom and Ella goodbye.

"Ohh Mia can I borrow your car tomorrow? I have to take mine into the mechanics, mom can drive you to school and back?" Liam asks

"Yeah sure monkey" I say "I can drop and pick you up" Ace says.

Im about to protest, "Thank you Ace, im quite busy tomorrow" mom pipes in quickly. "Okay then" I say leaving

Trudging up the stairs in my own bubble, not hearing Ace follow me until im in my room and about to close the door when I see him.

Before I can say anything, he grabs my face and kisses me hungrily, "See you tomorrow" pulling away he says and disappears before I can say anything, ughh im still mad at him.

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