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Chapter 15

Mia Garcia

Sitting in English class, last period of the day which is fucking dragging I groan. With my work finished there's nothing I can do but think about Ace.

I done everything in my power today to keep busy and not think about the confusing mother fucker and our unpredictable whatever is is we have.

I even filled Katherine's locker with stink bombs after she stole my gym clothes and thought I wouldn't find out.

And let me tell you, it was a mission getting her locker pin and sneaking, running and hiding in the hallways.

I was successful though , she stank like shit all day, everyone too scared to say anything to her and me quite enjoying myself . The things I do to keep busy, ughh.

This morning I successfully got out of having to talk to him on the drive over to school, telling him I'm not a morning person and still extremely exhausted while admiring his beaty. Dodge Challenger SRT hellcat, grrrr.

I didn't want to speak to him afraid I'd work myself up and and then blow a gasket, asking who the fuck he seeing, was he just using me, did he just want sex, did he not like me like that.

All that shit has been constantly on my mind so keeping to myself was for the best, even though seeing him in his ride made my panties soak.

Uhgg, men are arses! "Mia to earth" Sadie says in a song song tone. "hmm?" I hum in response

"Let's go out tonight, to Jake Johnsons party tonight, I hear its the biggest back to school party in history" she says excitedly.

"Sure let's go" Not missing a beat, I agree. I need a distraction this will be good. "Don't tell Liam" I grumble. She chuckles

"You always going to be my best friend Mia, Liam isn't going to change that." she says and I giggle rolling my eyes

"No you dumbass, I need to distract myself from driving myself crazy over thinking about Ace so I need a Ace free night, if Liam comes, he's going to drag Ace along too" I groan.

"Ohh, sure bestie, I'll just inform my boyfriend we going out, no other details and he's not invited" she says saluting me, just as the bell rings.

Shaking my head at her antics, grabbing my things and making my way out of this prison.

Walking to the parking lot, I see Ace leaning against his car, with his shades on, a jeans and a black Tee, fitting him just right, showing off his ripped abs and all his sexy tattoos, damn he looks fine.

And im not the only one who thinks so, girls all around are openly staring and ogling my man. Wait what? He's not my man. Still though im green with jealousy.

To put the cherry on top, Katherine is standing by her car which is parked near him, with her minions, checking him out. Im so going to knock the bitch out.

Jealousy running through my veins, I walk towards him, throwing my arms around him when I reach him, he immediately wraps his arms around me. He chuckles and kisses my forehead.

Pulling away he opens the door for me, take that bitches. Girls still staring, Katherine staring daggers though.

"You sexy when you all jealous and possessive" Ace chuckles getting in, I just roll my eyes, blushing.


Ace Carter

Liam dragged me to this stupid party like typical Liam fashion. He was whining that his girl was going out with Mia and he wasn't invited.

So he decided to take his football buddy up on his invitation and come to this damn party. Everyone here looks like they still attend high-school.

Now he's out here playing beer pong, getting wasted while I fucking stand here and annoy myself with these idiots who can't a fuck for the life of them hold their liquor.

I just want to spend time with Mia,cuddle her, kiss her, touch her and appreciate her fucking body instead I'm stuck here with a bunch of horny, drunk imbeciles.

Lately something has been up with Mia, she barely spoke to me ever since we got back from the cabin. She was still fine yesterday, today, in the car, at her house she's just quiet all the time.

Im beginning to think she's having doubts about this. I hope she's isn't though. I feel bad for going behind everyone's back but at the same time sneaking around with Mia is thrilling and exciting.

I love making her squirm, when everyone's around. Deliberately saying things only she and I will catch on making her blush and stutter.

Snapping out of my thoughts, just in time to see a girl walking up to me, with what I suppose she thinks is seductive expression? Her face caked with make up, I hate that fake, misleading shit.

She's basic looking, with her assets on show leaving almost nothing to imagine. God where's the mystery?

"Hey there handsome, Im Katherine" she purrs touching my chest, I take her hand off me, trying my best not to be rude and wrinkle my nose in disgust.

"Im not interested" I say plainly, really not interested.

She leans in and whispers in my ear "Come on, I'll make it worth your while" she says in what I suppose is a seductive tone.

Any other day I would've gladly just taken her upstairs, get my release and then leave and forget about her.

But Im disgusted with even the thought of fucking anyone. Except of course having Mia beneath me and pounding into her tight cunt.

"Really Im not interested, try and take a hint" I say looking her dead in the eye, showing my sheer annoyance with her presence.

Surprised at my answer,her cheeks red in embarrassment, frozen in shock for a few seconds before catching on and turning around to walk away but stop short looking at something, she then goes to into one of the rooms.

Revealing Mia standing in the doorway, hurt masking her features, she looks away and runs up the stairs.

Wanting to know who the fuck hurt her, I quickly follow her.

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