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Chapter 16

Mia Garcia

"Mia" I hear him calling after me, but I ignore him

Running to the nearest bathroom, breathing heavily, I can't believe I actually thought he would change for me. Or even fucking like me and want me like that.

He was fucking looking into her eyes, of course it had to be fucking Katherine Rose.

She was fucking blushing and then she still had the audacity to smirk at me. She fucking saw me with him earlier today and deliberately went after him.

He had to fucking want her of all people her! Turning to close the door, he pushes the door, forces his way inside.

"What happened Mia?" he growls moving around, closing the door. "What the fuck you even doing here?" still growling.

"Why? Did I get in your fucking way? Me being here fucking inconvenience you? Cock block you, huh?" I ask screaming at him.

"Is she maybe the special girl that you don't have yet huh? Looking into her eyes, making her blush, here at my fucking school party, have you no shame? No wonder you wanted nothing but a good fuck and nothing more, im so fucking stupid, I confess my feelings and you just fucking told me how I make your dick hard. Im such a fucking idiot!" yelling furiously at him.

"You a fucking arseho-" Im cut off mid sentence by him furiously kissing me, im momentarily in a bliss of passion before I remember what he just done, snapping out of it I push him away and start hitting his chest

"Im not one of your fucking whores! Don't treat me like I'm a fucking idiot, kissing me doesn't fucking make everything alright!" I say wiping my lips furiously.

"Shut up, shut the fuck up!" he growls silencing me. He stalks towards me like a predator, caging me between him and the bathroom sink cabinet.

He kisses me again, hard. Pushing him away with no luck, he tries to pry my mouth open with his tongue but I don't give in.

He squeezes my ass, lifting me up, setting me on the cabinet, making me gasp, successfully giving him access to my mouth, as he runs his tongue across my mouth.

I melt into him, forgetting everything as he pushes himself between my legs, setting my whole body on fire, moaning.

Wrapping my legs around him, grinding my sex against his, needing him. He then lifts my dress, pulling my panties off, rubbing his fingers up and down my slit.

Moaning "More Ace, I need more" he growls adding two fingers inside of me, stretching me, grinding my hips against his fingers furiously throwing my head back.

"I only fucking want you" he says as he plunges his fingers deep inside of me.

"I told your mother that there wasn't any special lady yet, because I haven't fucking made you mine, yet" he growls, pressing his thumb hard against my clit. Making me cry out in ecstasy.

"I don't know what you saw downstairs, but I fucking told that barbie caked in make up to take a hint and get lost, embarrassing her" he bites down on my neck making me scream in pleasure and pain "not making her blush" he growls

He then takes his fingers out, making me whimper, he grabs my feet and puts them on the cabinet spreading me wide. Then goes to kiss my thighs, moaning I grab his hair.

He then smashes his face between my legs, kissing and licking my pussy, making me cry out in pleasure, trying to clamp my legs shut.

It's too much, ohh my god. Im going to die of pleasure. While kissing and licking, he uses his thumb and rubs my clit.

"Im cuming Ace!" I cry out as he goes faster, cumming, I scream his name over and over in a mantra, body shaking in pleasure.

He then cleans me off, putting my panties back on. "You are mine and mine alone and I'm fucking yours and yours alone! Got it?" I nod "Say it" he growls

"I'm yours and yours alone, you mine and mine alone" I say breathlessly "Good girl" he kisses my forehead.

"I'm not sure how to do this, I know this is definitely not how, but I can't wait anymore, be my girlfriend?" he says giving me a swoon worthy smile.

I giggle "You back to front, but yes a thousand times yes" I say grabbing him and kissing him passionately.

He kisses me back with just as much force, the kiss quickly getting heated and making me horny all over again.

He picks me up from the counter and I quickly wrap my legs around his waist while he turns and pushes me up against the wall, rubbing his crotch against my core, making me moan.

His hands roaming all over my body, while he's feverishly kissing me all over my neck, grabbing on my hair, bearing my neck to him, he sucks and kisses all the while grinding his cock against my sex.

Scratching his back and moaning his name, loving the feel of him roughly rubbing up against me.

Ohh God "Im going to cum again Ace" he grunts rubbing harder and faster against me, making me throw my head back in pure pleasure.

Cumming hard for the second time, screaming his name, he stills, moaning my name as he slightly jerks against me.

Putting me down, he chuckles "You little vixen, just made me cum in my pants" making me giggle.

We clean ourselves up and then make our way downstairs. The party is still in full swing, I see that Liam and Sadie found each other and are now practically licking each other's faces. We weave our way through the mass of dancing people over to them

"Get a room" Ace chuckles making them look at us "we were waiting for you two to show up to leave, where were you?" Liam asks.

"I had a bitch fit, Katherine got under my skin, Ace made me come to my senses before I strangled her" I say shrugging, staying close to to the truth.

Sadie chuckles, while Liam shakes his head "well we'll be off, Ace keep a eye on this idiot" he says pointing at me. "Enjoy the party" Sadie says winking, dragging Liam out of here.

"Let's dance" I say dragging Ace to the dance floor, making sure Liam left, we start dancing. Shaking my ass for him while he chuckles and shakes his head.

He starts busting out moves making me laugh and act the fool with him "Go baby, you got it" I say still laughing and having the best time of my life.

Grinding and twerking on him, laughing. Katherine and her minions comes up to us, I stop dancing and groan.

"So what? He feeds you his cock and all is good? Did he tell you how he told me to go to the room and wait for him there?" she sneers. Ace goes to say something but before he can.

I burst into fits of laughter "Ohh my god, you are so delusional, hun go take your meds, stay away from the liquor and find your own damn man, mine clearly wasn't interested" I smile at her "Ohh and just so by the way his cock was delicious and filling, too bad you couldn't experience the pleasure I did" turning around letting my hair hit her ugly ass face.

While Ace smiles and shakes his head, still feeling her presence behind me, I give her a side glance "Run along now" shooing her away. She storms off huffing.

Giggling I turn to Ace who's smiling down at me "What?" I ask suddenly blushing.

"You didn't hesitate, you didn't believe her, trusted me and told her like it was without any doubt" he says still smiling.

"I trust you Ace, with my life and heart too" pecking his cheek.

"Delicious and filling huh?" he says smirking, now I bury my head in his chest shyly. His chest vibrating with laughter.

"It will be" I mutter "I don't disappoint baby" his voice low and husky making me shiver.

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