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Chapter 17

Mia Garcia

Today is a fucking drag, tapping my foot impatiently waiting for the bell to signal lunch.

Im dying of fucking hunger too.

But I can't stop smiling. Ace and I have been spending almost all our free time together over the last few weeks.

When I get home everyday, he's there in my bedroom, with snacks and my favourite chocolates. Then we will spend all day watching movies and cuddling, making out.

Never doing the deed though, he will pull away from a heated kiss, and continue watching the movie, or my brothers will get home and shit like that always cock blocking.

But all in all I'm happy, he makes me feel like the only girl in the world, he turns me on like no one ever has before and fuck he's perfect.

I love his bad boy exterior, and the way he talks dirty, his kisses, the way he cuddles me, the fact that he loves him some cars and racing and him behind the wheel is fucking sexy, everything about him is perfect for me, down to the way he fucking dresses.

"Thinking about lover boy eh?" Sadie shoves me chucking and I can feel a blush taking over my cheeks.

"Yeah, I think I'm in love" I giggle which makes her squeal "When are you telling everyone, you know im partially lying to my boyfriend for you" she says making me sigh

"We want to wait a bit, stay in our own little world for a while before we let everyone have opinions and objections about our relationship" I say deep in thought.

The bell rings, signalling lunch "Well im happy for you, everyone else should be too" she says gathering her things.

Walking out of class "Your boyfriend is going to take it the hardest and have objections" I say rolling my eyes making her sigh heavily.

Walking down the hallway making our way through the the mass of students walking about.

Katherine comes running towards me screaming hysterically at her now green hair, which has me in fits of laughter, oops.

She stops right in front of me, shoving the books in my arms to the ground "You bitch, you swapped out my hair spray for fucking dye, you cunt!"

Sadie is laughing in tears next to me, with everyone else standing around, gawking and laughing at Katherine's hideous green hair.

Sobering up, I glare at her "I warned you twice not to fuck with me, you didn't listen, you walked all over me, you called me names, slapped and shoved me, you fucking hit on my man and you still walk around these hallways talking shit behind my back" I tell her looking her dead in the eye.

"You lost Katherine, I made it so that no one fears you anymore, I made that everyone now see what you truly are, which is nothing but a big insecure bully.

Im the girl you bullied and humiliated for almost my entire school career, but I came back, stronger and better and I am now everything you always ever wanted to be, how does it feel Katherine?

The girl you bullied being everything you want to be? I have the friends, the respect and the man and you have nothing.

I told you the first day I got here that this school won't be yours for long, its officially no longer yours, you don't run this school or own anyone here. Queen B my ass you nothing but a bully" I say in the coldest tone.

"You ugly weak bitch" she screeches, lifting my sweater like she did two years ago, luckily I wore a bra this time.

"Katherine Rose!" Mr Willows, our principal screams in horror from the end of the hall, all the student spectators making their way far away from here.

While I roughly pull my Tee from her hands covering myself.

"Do I look weak to you Katherine? And do you honestly believe I'm ugly?" I whisper chuckling before the principal reaches us.

"You three in my office right now!" He demands Katherine, Sadie and I.


"Katherine, you know we do not tolerate bullying at our school, not in the slightest" Mr Willows lectures after hearing what happened in the hallway and me denying having anything to do with her now green hair, total lie.

Turning to Sadie and I he asks "I have a feeling that you two left 2 years ago because this" he says.

"She bullied the both of us, she exposed Mia's nude body in front of the whole school two years ago too, so thats why that same day I cut her hair" Sadie says looking down, acting ashamed. I so badly want to laugh, we all know she's not in the slightest ashamed.

"The day I ran away, she dunked my head in the piss pot, then she and her minions stood around me calling me disgusting names and body shaming me. That was only one of the many horrible things she's done to me." I say angrily.

"Okay Mia, Sadie I want you guys to write out a report and then we going to have a hearing, where we will have people who were witnesses to what you guys went through.

As for you Katherine, you going to be expelled, I'm going to call your parents" he says tiredly

"WHAT?" Katherine screeches "No you can't do this to me! This my school, my fucking school" she screams, getting up launching for me, I stand up and push her the same time Sadie punches her.

"Girls! Stop this right now" Mr willows demand pulling Katherine away from launching at us again while she's still throwing tantrums.

"Sadie and Mia, return to class, we'll be informing your parents as well" he says shooing us out of his office.

Walking to class I sigh "Well that went from 0 to 100 real quick, I didn't expect expulsion"

"Mia you too sweet, this is what she deserves for making our lives horrible all those years, we finally free, this school can finally be a happy place where we get to go through our senior year having the time of our lives without Katherine messing it up for us" Sadie squeals shoving me playfully.

Rolling my eyes "You right, we so making the rest of this year our bitch and good left hook by the way" laughing I say, she laughs and jumps excitedly.

Finally Im free, this is what I came back for, I got my revenge.

Not only did my childhood bully get what she deserves and is finally out of my life for good but I also got the man of my dreams by my side.

All that is left to do now, is to come out of the closet with my big tattooed boyfriend who is, my brothers best friend and brother from another mother.

In fact all my brothers are gonna kill me because all of them are like brothers to each other.

Ughh I'm screwed.

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