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Chapter 18

Mia Garcia

"Mmmh" I moan sleepily, feeling warm butterfly kisses on my inner thighs. "Wake up princess" I hear Ace's husky voice.

"More" I moan out with my eyes still closed, too tired but still wanting him.

His lips suddenly dissappear, I immediately sit up ready to whine for more when I see him at my door smirking.

"Get up princess, we going out" I look from him to my clock and then back to him with my eyes narrowed.

"Where are we going so damn early on a Saturday morning Ace?" I growl. He chuckles

"Baby it's almost 9, stop being a lazy arse and get up" huffing I go to my closet, grab some shit and then head to the bathroom.

Coming out of the bathroom, he runs his eyes up my body and then nods in satisfaction. "Come on tiger" he beckons me.


Getting out of the car, he grabs a basket and then locks the car and grab my hand dragging me to the park.

Laying out the blanket, he lays out all my favourite fruits, my favourite chocolate and a container full of pancakes with maple syrup.

"Mmmh yum" I say smiling at the food. He then starts feeding me. Looking into his eyes while he feeds me strawberries, biting down on it slowly but hard.

"Mia" he growls "This is suppose to be a sweet romantic breakfast, you not suppose to make me want to take you" he groans out

I chuckle "Fine Ace, I'll be a good girl" smiling sweetly up at him. He then feeds me watermelon, his finger grazing my tongue and lip, he then sucks his finger clean, making me growl out.

"I thought we were going to behave" I ask raising a eyebrow, he chuckles "can't help myself around you princess" winking.

"Just feed me, im hungry" I whine "What you hungry for?" he ask smirking making me smack his head and laugh.


Hiding behind a broken down car, breathing harshly, heart pounding, praying to God Ace doesn't find me.

"Gotcha" he says in my ear making me scream and immediately start running to get as far away from him as possible

After a lovely breakfast in the park, Ace thought that paintball would be a fun game to take his girl to.

This is why I'm currently running and screaming like a psycho. What? I take my games seriously.

Hiding behind the broken wall, eyes searching frantically for him, not seeing him anywhere, fuck.

Running to the other broken wall, in full spy mode, I see him by another broken down car. I slowly make my way to him, trying to sneak up on him.

Now behind him almost on top of him, ready to put the paint gun to his head when he turns around quickly, gripping my waist and picking me up, making me squeal out in surprise.

"What? How did you know? I didn't make a sound!" I whine, he chuckles putting me down, kissing me passionately and squeezing my ass.

"By the goosebumps on my skin, I can always tell when you near" he says smirking making puddles in my panties.

"I don't know what it is but Mia Garcia you got me hooked on you and there's no going back, you drive me crazy, your smile lights up my whole world and your laugh is music to my ears. With you I feel like I can take on the world, even when I lose I'm winning. I never want to let you go. And I'm so madly in love with you" he says with so much emotion.

Oh my fucking God "I fucking love you Mia" he growls out kissing me, this kiss, its different though, its gentle and slow, with so much intensity, making my knees buckle and if it wasn't for his arms around me I would've fell over.

Pulling away looking at him, I know for sure that he is the one I never want to let go, never want to lose or live without "I love you Ace Carter, I always have, I always will" I say voice full of emotion.

He picks me up spinning me around, "She fucking loves me, this woman just said she loves me, me, Ace Carter" he shouts out making me giggle.


"That's my baby, that's my fucking baby!" screaming out and jumping in excitement from the sidelines as Ace just crosses the finish line first for the 5th time.

Chase chuckles besides me "Carter always wins, except for that one time he lost against you" he says making me chuckle.

Ace gets out of his car and comes running towards me. He picks me up and kisses me wildly. "Come on baby" he says dragging me to his car.

Opening the passenger seat "Get in baby, and get ready for the ride of your life" he says smirking, quickly complying I get in excitedly.

He gets in the driver's seat, driving to the line up. My body is racked with excitement, I've never ever sat passenger in a race. Im so glad I get to watch him.

I just hope I can keep my hormones in check, just watching him drive makes me want to jump him, I can only imagine what watching him race would do to me.

"You ready?" the girl ask pointing to our car, he revvs she then points to the car next to us "You ready?" she screams, he revvs.

"Go" she screams, Ace takes off, his face straight, focusing on what he's doing and fuck my hormones are going crazy.

Watching him shift the gears has me clamping my legs tightly close, he takes the corner, drifting and its so fucking sexy.

Over taking the cars on our lane, shifting gears, he turns to look at me and smirk. I just died. Looking behind us seeing the other racer two cars behind us trying to over take, just then Ace takes the corner.

Coming close to the finish line, I lift both my arms up "Woohooo" I cheer, excitement coursing through my veins, loving the adrenaline of being in this car with him, watching him do his thing.

Just then we cross the finish line, first, again. My panties are soaked. He switches off the car, ready to get out but I stop him.

"Let's go home, now Ace" I say wanting him right now. Jumping over into his lap, kissing him hungrily.

"Fuck Mia" he growls, pulling me hard against his hard cock, I moan.

He then starts the car and drive off. "Home, now" I growl kissing his neck while he speeds home.

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