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Chapter 19

Mia Garcia

Carrying me from his car into his house while kissing me feverishly. Closing the front door he pushes me up hard against the door, grinding his arousal hard against my wet cunt.

Moving his lips from mine down my jaw towards my neck, biting and sucking my flesh while I ground my hips furiously against his moaning.

"I want you Ace" grabbing his hair bringing his lips to mine, biting on his lip and then explore his mouth with my tongue.

He then grabs the hem of my dress, pulling it over my head, leaving me in only my panties, he then goes to lick my nipple while he pinches the other one making me cry out in ecstasy.

Remembering where I am, I snap out of it, pushing him away he quickly puts me down "Whats wrong baby? Are we going too fast? Did I hur-" I cut him off "Where is everyone?"

He let's out a breath of relief "They all went out for the day, but let's take this to the bedroom" picking up my dress from the floor and throwing me over his shoulder making me squeal as he carries me to his bedroom.

Once we get into his room he throws me onto his bed and his lips immediately on mine kissing me while he kneads my breast, moaning into his mouth.

My hands roaming his body, irritated with the material covering him, he senses my irritation and immediately pulls off he's T-shirt.

Looking at his delicious body, I moan out in satisfaction. I run my hands across his chest, bringing my lips to his warms skin, leaving trails of open mouth kisses all over his chest and abs, his breathing rapid.

Pushing him to lay down, I straddle him, kissing his jaw and neck, biting and sucking on his flesh, groaning he squeezes my ass while bringing my hips hard down against him making us moan.

Slowly and seductively, I kiss down his stomach, while my nails lightly scratch against his chest.

My lips coming to a halt, when I reach his jeans I immediately go to get rid of the thing, he quickly complies discarding both his jeans and boxers.

My eyes widen at the size of his thick girth. I want to taste him. Licking my lips I look up to see him watching me, looking back at his impressive cock, I hesitate not knowing what the hell im doing before my tongue licks the tip, making him grunt.

Excitement courses through me upon hearing him, so I wrap my lips around him while grabbing him with my hand and start pumping his cock with both my hand and lips.

"Oh dear God, Mia" he grunts throwing his head back. I keep doing this for a few minutes before he pulls me up, flipping us.

He sucks and licks my tits and then start moving south with his lips, he adds two of his fingers inside me making me cry out in pleasure, then his mouth is on me, eating me like a starved animal.

Grabbing his hair, pushing him closer to me and aching me back pushing myself closer to him, he then rubs my clit pushing me over the edge and screaming his name out in pleasure as I cum.

He then brings his lips to mine kissing me, rubbing himself against me, feeling his warm arousal against mine makes me want to take it and shove it inside of me but I refrain.

"I need you Ace" I growl, frustrated "Are you sure Mia? I can wait, we don't need to" he says softly kissing my cheek.

"No, I want you now, I can't wait. Fuck me Ace" I demand, biting his shoulder. "You going to be the death of me Princess" he groans out.

He lifts himself quickly, grabbing a foil wrapper from his drawer. "You ready baby?" he asks kissing my shoulder.

I nod eagerly, if there's anyone I want to be my first, it would be him over and over. No matter what happens after this or between us I know I'll never regret giving him my innocence.

He then tears the foil wrapper open, rolls the rubber onto his thick girth and I moan at the sight.

He then lowers himself, hovering above me, he teases me with the tip of his cock, rubbing it up and down my slit. I snap my eyes shut in pleasure.

Feeling my juices drip, I can't take it anymore. "Ace" I growl out.

"Tell me what you want baby" he whispers into my ear, continuing to tease me with his tip.

"Fuck me Ace, take me and defile me" I moan out making him groan while he bites my shoulder.

"This is going to hurt, tell me to stop at any time and I'll stop" he says voice strained. I nod, just wanting him inside of me.

He then slowing pushes inside of me, making me cry out in pain because of the intrusion. He stills breathing hard.

He then thumbs my clit, making me moan, the pain quickly subsiding. Feeling him slowing push in again, it stings but the pleasure of him stimulating my clit with his thumb is more dominant.

Once his full length is buried deep inside of me, I let out a breath of relief, finally. He starts rubbing my clit faster making me moan.

"Fuck me" I say breathlessly, Ace starts moving in and out of me slowly, I close my eyes loving the feeling of him inside of me.

"Open your eyes, look at me!" he growls, I open my eyes looking deep into his while he plunges into me picking up the speed as I wrap my legs around him.

"You feel so fucking good, so fucking tight" he growls out, making me shiver. "Faster baby" I moan

He complies buring his cock deep inside me. Pulling out and then slamming into me hard. Making me cry out in pleasure.

"Ohh Ace" I moan loudly. He pulls out of me "Turn around" he demands, I immediately comply.

He then enters me from behind making me scream out in pleasure, feeling him better in this position. He slams into me and slaps my ass making me throw my head back.

"Yessss, yesss, yesss!" I moan loudly "Im going to cum" I scream "Me too love" he grunts.

He then starts rubbing my clit, his pace speeding up as he grunts and moans.

Cumming, I scream his name over and over, tightening around him while feeling him swell inside of me, cumming with me, he moans my name.

Collapsing he pulls out of me, discarding the used condom. "That was -" I stop unsure how to describe what im feeling.

"It was" he says pulling me into him nuzzling his face into the crook of my neck, covering us with a blanket.

"I love you Mia" he says kissing my neck.

"I love you Ace" I say smiling

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