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Chapter 20

Mia Garcia

It's been a week since I gave Ace my innocence and we've been at it ever since, he's insatiable.

If you ask him he'd tell you the same thing about me but I can't help it he's just so fucking good.

Laying on my bed not wanting to get up, school today was nothing but assignments and homework and then I come home and Ace is not only here with chocolates but a hard on.

So now I'm laying on my bed unable to move, Ace slipped out of my window when he heard my brothers downstairs arguing about a stupid game.

Groaning I reach for my phone seeing a text from Ace

I love you baby, see you tonight, xx

I love you Ace, see you then, xx

"Mia!" Sadie comes barging into my room squealing. She plops herself onto my bed and smiles.

"You look creepy, stop smiling and what do you want?" I ask throwing my pillow at her.

She catches it and throws it on the floor "Come with us tonight, we going to the carnival" she says with puppy dog eyes.

I chuckle "Anything for you, just make sure the Carters are tagging along too" I say wriggling my eyebrows.

"Liam doesn't go anywhere without Ace, he'll be there" she says rolling her eyes.

"Then it's settled, we going, let's get ready" I say shoving her off my bed making our way to my closet.


I decided on a ripped jeans, grey pull over with grey sneakers, putting on the watch Ace bought me.

Sadie decided to wear a navy blue sweater, ripped jeans, red and blue sneakers.

Once we ready we make our way downstairs to meet the boys. "You girls took your time, everyone left already" Liam says rolling his eyes "You look sexy love" he says winking at Sadie.

"Rightttttttt, well Im going with Ace, you brought your car right?" I ask him smiling, he nods. So I drag him to his car.

Once inside he turns to me "You look fine as fuck baby" he growls grabbing my thighs.

"Ace, we need to go. Please don't make me make you pull over, and I have a jeans on" I groan making him chuckle.

When we pull up, we quickly get out and make our way inside, buying our tickets.

"The boys are at the food court, let's go" Liam says looking up from his phone and start walking in that direction.

"Finally, what took you guys so long?" Jeremy whines. "The girls" Liam and Ace grumble in unison making Sadie and I dramatically roll out eyes.

"What do we do first?" Reece asks "Tea cups!" Elijah screams.

We all make our way towards the tea cups and stand in line. "Where are Stephan and RJ them?" I ask Ace

"RJ and Stephen thought it be best they go by themselves, because of the little ones" he says shrugging, I mentally agree those two are a handful and can't go on most of the rides.

After the tea cups, I drag Ace to the Target game. He chuckles "You just use and abuse me" I giggle

"What? Noo, I got a trained sniper on my arm, I just want him to get me a big Teddy bear" I pout making everyone laugh at my antics.

"Anything for you princess" he whispers smiling down at me.


After several rides and games, and stuffing my face with junk food, Im now tiredly following the boys around with my big ass Teddy bear and lots of small ones while Ace keeps snapping pictures of me looking like a 'cute baby' as he put it because the Teddy bear is almost as big as me.

Giving my Teddies to Sadie "Im going to the ladies, meet yall at the ferris wheel" I say jogging to the public toilets.

After finishing my business, I hurry out of there feeling uneasy, it's too quiet and far away from everything and everyone.

Walking towards the carnival, someone puts their hand over my mouth, pulling me behind the small toilet building.

Screaming into my kidnappers hand is useless, so I kick and struggle. He keeps dragging me until we out of sight.

No, no, no I can't let this happen. So I throw my head back successfully knocking my skull against his nose. He grunts out in pain.

He immediately loosens his hold on me, I rip myself away from him and start running but he pulls me by my hair dragging me back behind the building.

"You fucking bitch" he sneers. Oh. My. God. No. No. No. Not him please. Immediately stilling.

"Miss me Mia?" he sneers gripping my hair harder. Pulling me up, he turns my body so that I face him.

"What cat got your tongue? Did you honestly think that me off to boarding school and you leaving town would keep me away?" he spits venomously

"Honestly no, I thought boarding school alone was enough, coming home had nothing to do with you" I spit back with just as much venom.

"Still so mouthy, I see you haven't learnt your lesson huh? You going to pay for making my parents ship me off to boarding school, I only fucking slapped you once it's not my fault you knocked your head and fell unconscious.

Anyway like I said you going to pay, because of your friend Jason I got shipped off to that hell hole" he say slapping me.

Making my anger boil, I launch at him, tackling him to the ground, punching his face, left hook, right hook and repeat.

"You fucking arsehole! You lucky he didn't fucking drag your arse to the police station and put you where you belong. You got off easy being shipped off to boarding school after putting me into a fucking hospital!"

I scream at him while punching his stupid face. "Mia!" I hear someone call making me let my guard down, he takes advantage, throws me off him.

Standing up quickly, not seeing him coming as he launches at me, which causes me to fall hard against the wall knocking my head.

He then gets up and kicks me in my stomach, he grabs my hair again but suddenly he is pulled off from me.

My vision blurs but I make out the distinct voices of my brothers and Ace yelling. Then everything goes black.


Groaning at the pounding in my head, I open my eyes. The light blinding me for a few seconds before I see that Im in a hospital. Ughh.

"Mia!" mom jumps up coming towards me "You okay baby? You need anything?" she hovers over me.

Everyone is suddenly at my side, Ace looks at me and smiles, he grabs my hand, I squeeze his.

"Im okay mom, just got a massive ass headache" I say smiling weakly. "Call the doctor now!" dad says growling at no one in particular.

Reece quickly complies. "Guy's I'm fine, I've dealt with headaches before" I say rolling my eyes, dad just grunts while Alaric shushs me.

"Ms Gracia" the doctors says walking in looking at my file. "Good news is that you going to be fine, no serious head injuries, bad news is that you got a concussion and we have to keep you over night for observation" he says smiling at me.

"Here are your pain meds, take 2 after your three meals a day and you'll be good as new. I'll be back to check up on you in the morning" he says before leaving.

"Now tell me what the hell happened, who the hell the police locked up and why the hell he did this to you?" Mom demands.

Here we go again.

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