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Chapter 21

Mia Garcia

"Well? Come on now we are waiting" Aiden says impatiently while everyone looks at me expectantly.

Ace squeezes my hand, I look up at him, he gives me an encouraging smile. Taking a deep breath in and out.

"He's my ex boyfriend, met him my first day at my new school in NY. At first he was sweet and charming, as time went on he became obsessive, controlling and emotionally abusive. When I started losing weight and boys started noticing me he became worse.

One day after school we went to eat out when he went to the bathroom, came back seeing Jason and I talking and laughing. So he dragged me out of there and started calling me a whore, I got mad and gave him a piece of my mind. He lost his shit and slapped me so hard, I feel back hitting my head, falling unconscious.

Jason found Nate standing over my unconscious body, screaming at me to wake up, he immediately took and rushed me to the hospital. When I woke up in the hospital, his parents were there apologising for him and had said they sent him away" I tell them deep in thought

"That was the last time I saw Nate until tonight, he blamed me for him being shipped off and told me I was going to pay for Jason ratting him out. That is why I'm in this bed" I say tiredly.

"That piece of scum" Liam sneers "He's lucky I pulled Ace off him, he would've been 10 feet under ground"

"Mia banged him up pretty good too though, I was shocked" Reece says chuckling making everyone join in.

"What? Is it so damn hard to believe I can kick ass? And Ace beat his ass too?" I enquire.

"Yeah Ace dragged him off of you and then beat the shit out of him, it took me, Elijah and Aiden just to get Ace off of him" Liam says chuckling.

"Boys" Ella says shaking her head. "Well hun you get some rest, Im going down to those police officers to make sure that scum gets what he deserves" mom says "I'll come with" Ella says.

Both of them kiss me goodbye before leaving. "We'll all just go downstairs, get some coffee and something to eat" dad says kissing my forehead.

Everyone goes to leave with dad, Ace stays behind. As soon as everyone disappears, Ace grabs my face and kisses me fiercely.

"You know how worried you had me? I didn't know what to think when he was standing over you, but all I could do while beating the shit out of him was pray that you were okay" he says kissing me all over my face.

"Ace I'm okay, im fine, im here with you perfectly healthy" I say grabbing his face looking into his eyes.

"I don't ever want to lose you Mia, I fucking love you!" he growls "I love you so much baby" I say back grabbing his face, kissing him passionately

"What the fuck?" Liam growls making me pull away from Ace. He launches for Ace and knocks his fist square against Ace's jaw.

"Liam you better calm your fucking ass down" Ace growls rubbing his jaw.

"Liam!" I scream when he launches for Ace again but Ace dodges his punch this time.

"You fucking my little sister man? My little fucking sister? What the fuck is wrong with you Ace?" Liam growls out, as everyone's gasps from the doorway while Sadie just looks down to the floor.

"It's not like tha-" Ace growls out but is cut short.

"You! How can you be so fucking stupid? You know he's just going to fuck and leave you. You see how we treat girls and you still go open your fucking legs for him!" he points at me making me flinch.

"Liam calm the fuck down" dad says the same time Ace growls out "Don't you fucking talk to her like that!"

"Everyone calm the fuck down or get out of my fucking room. And you Liam you don't fucking get to lecture me, jump off your fucking high horse and take a look at who you with, my fucking best friend.

Who might I just add is the same fucking age as me. Then take a good fucking look at me and tell me where the fuck you see little?

You don't get to tell me who I can and can't fuck, I fucked Ace and so what? You will do well to fucking talk to me properly and just you lay another finger on him, I'll knock you on your ass myself" I growl out furiously.

"You standing up for him? He doesn't do the relationship thing, he just does the sex thing, he's going to break your heart Mia. He's my best friend, I fucking know him!" Liam growls right back.

"You use to fucking know me, because if you knew the new me you would know that I'm fucking madly in love with your sister and in a serious committed relationship with her. So no I don't just do the sex thing, I fucking do the relationship thing too and just for her. Because there isn't anyone I want or need the way I do her.

After all the shit I've been through, she's the light in my darkness. She makes me happy and there's nothing I wouldn't do for her and I would never intentionally hurt her because I can't bear to see her hurt, emotionally or physically.

Im sorry if I betrayed you or anyone else in this room but I won't apologize for loving her and there's nothing any of you can do to change that" Ace says in a serious and sincere tone. Stunning everyone into silence.

"Well that wasn't cheesy at all" Reece says chuckling

"Shut up" everyone says in unison to Reece, this making everyone laugh.

"Well now that's out in the open, I give you my blessing son" dad says coming to Ace patting his shoulder.

"I can't speak for your brothers Mia, but on behalf of mine, we happy for you guys, and Ace I don't care if you are my brother, if you hurt her I'll kill you myself" Stephen ends off seriously making me giggle

While Reece and Jeremy nod in agreement. "What Stephen said" Elijah says shrugging

"As long as you happy Mia, im happy for you. Ace is like a brother to me, I know he'll take good care of you" Aiden says smiling.

"And I can't be happier, he couldn't of picked a better daughter in law for Ella and I" Alaric says chuckling making my heart swell.

"Well I see everyone just sided with them, thanks for having my back guys" Liam says rolling his eyes playfully "This is going to take some time to get use to but I guess if my best friend and my baby sister is happy then I am too"

This making everyone cheer in excitement.

"Guess mom and Ella will have to plan both those weddings after all" Reece says cackling.

"Shut up Reece!" we all say again.

Just then mom and Ella walks into my hospital room "What did we miss?" they ask in unison.

After filling them in, they are quiet for a moment before they squeal :

"Double wedding!"

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