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Chapter 22

Mia Garcia

It's been three weeks since I've been discharged from the hospital.

Everything has been great, school was finally like how they are in movies.

Liam has finally come around to Ace and I being together. We now go on double dates with him and Sadie. Ace and I also took them to one of our races and it's safe to say we got Liam hooked and Sadie loves sitting passenger besides him.

Mom and Ella are literally planning our future weddings and driving the four of us nuts.

Dad and Alaric are trying to keep them at bay but hopelessly failing.

Noah was furious with his uncle and I because Ace 'stole me' and I 'let him' as Noah so put it.

But he too came around after a while and then told Ace he could have me, he was going to marry Shay and now he doesn't leave Shays side.

Ace and Liam are also putting on their big boy pants and going to start up a car business, selling everything a racing car could need.

The rest of the boys are well they are just being the boys, also driving me crazy with their jokes and jabs about my 'boyfriend'.

And yes while everything is rainbows and unicorns, I'm fucking sexually frustrated. Ace hasn't touched me intimately ever since that incident with Nate which landed me in hospital.

When I ask him about it, he tells me he doesn't want to hurt me. Now that is very touching and all but fuck I want some dick.

So today now that the bruising on my stomach has finally cleared up, I'm going to seduce my boyfriend.

Everyone is going to some charity gala this evening. I already told my mom I had other plans but told her to make as if I was going.

So now when I message Ace last minute telling him I'm not feeling well he'll come rushing to my aid, where I will be getting some dick, whether or not he wants to.

I'm not feeling well love, go on without me. Im going to stay in. I love you baby, xx

I quickly put my phone down and go to stand by my bathroom sink, bending.

So when he walks in, he'll think im rinsing my face or some shit in my very sexy underwear.

Like clockwork he comes barging into my room "Baby what's the mat- holy shit, what the fuck are you wearing?" he growls making his way to my ensuite bathroom.

Coming behind me, pressing himself hard against me, caging me between him and the sink. Looking up from the basin into the mirror back at him, smirking.

"Like what you see love?"I ask seductively making him suck in a deep breath.

"You not at all sick are you, you naughty little thing" he says gripping my waist, grinding himself against my arse.

Moaning, a "No" breathlessly leaves my lips.

"Mia we leaving now, see you later" mom screams from somewhere downstairs.

"Bye" I squeak out making Ace chuckle lowly in my ear.

"Get dressed baby, I'm taking you to the movies" uhhh? The fuck he just say?

I turn around as he walks to my bedroom, sitting on my bed, busying himself with his phone.

Alright then, slowly walking into the room, stopping right in front of him, I run my fingers from my thighs up to my chest. He stopped typing so I know I got his attention, I just need to get him to look now.

Wrapping my fingers around the straps of my bra, I pull it forward and then let go letting it hit against my skin.

His eyes snap to mine and I smile sweetly. Reaching to the back, I loosen my bra and then let it fall to my feet.

His eyes trail from my eyes, to my teeth that's seductively biting my lip and then to my now very naked hard nipples.

"Mia" he groans out, throwing his head back, tightly shutting his eyes. I then climb on top of him. Taking and throwing his phone on the other side of my bed.

I kiss his neck, rubbing my hands along his chest, I bite and nip his skin making him groan.

Grinding myself on his arousal, moaning "Fuck me Ace" he grunts, grabbing my waist he pulls me tightly towards it.

"Mia, I don't want to hurt you, please stop baby" he moans into my ear.

"You not going to hurt me Ace, im fine, completely healed, just fuck me hard already." I growl out biting his lip.

"I miss the feeling of you inside me, making me scream and moan" I say now biting his earlobe.

"Fuck" he growls, lifting me up and then throwing me on my bed. "You want me to fuck you huh?" growling he asks.

"Yess!" I scream as he buries his face between my legs on my soaking wet panties.

He then rips my lace into pieces, leaving me bare. He then blows on my cunt making me moan in pleasure. "Look how wet and ready you are, missed my cock?"he asks licking up my slit.

"Oh God yesss Ace" I moan loudly "That's my girl, let me hear you" he groans, send vibrations to my core making my body writhe in pleasure.

He adds two fingers stretching me "mmmh so tight baby" he grunts. "Fuck!" screaming, clamping my legs tightly against his head in pure bliss.

"Ace I'm cuming!" I moan out cuming hard. He then gets up, pulling my legs to the edge of the bed.

"Get up, bend over" he demands, I excitedly do as he says, while he throws off his clothing leaving him bare. He grabs a condom from my drawer, he slips it on then pushes my head down on the bed.

He takes the tip of his cock, and rubs it up and down my slit, moaning and groaning at his teasing.

"Tell me what you want baby" he growls against my back, sending shocks through my whole body.

"I want you to put your big cock deep inside of my wet and ready cunt and fuck me so hard" I moan letting my hormones speak.

"Dirty, sinful things coming from such sexy lips" he groans, shoving his cock deep inside of me, roughly.

I scream out in pleasure at the intrusion. He did exactly what I asked and fucked me hard.

He pulls out and rams into me hard and roughly in inhumane speed. Making me scream and cry out his name in pleasure.

He then grabs my hair and pulls me towards him, fucking me hard.

He bites my neck, and sucks on my flesh, marking me his as he rams into me.

"Ace" I moan over and over, not even able to explain the pleasure he's giving me.

"Aceeeeee!" I scream cuming, as he cums with me "Mia" he groans my name.

Collapsing on my bed, him shortly after me. Coming down from my high, I quickly clean clean us up.

Crawling under the covers, he follows. Facing him, he wraps his arm around me.

"I want you, this, forever" he says looking into my eyes. "I love you" he kisses my forehead.

"I love you too, Ace" closing my eyes, holding his waist tightly, knowing that this man right here, is and will forever be mine.

"My princess, always" he whispers.


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