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Chapter 3

Mia Garcia

Getting off the plane im hit with a strong round of nerves making me shiver, I shake it off and collect my luggage, walking towards the exit, I see them, my parents.

I run towards them "Mom, dad!!" I scream embracing them into a tight hug. "Mia" they both greet holding me tightly.

"Ohhh my baby, you've grown so much" mom says tearing up. I chuckle "Sharon let the girl breathe and don't be so dramatic, you saw her two months ago" dad says to mom making her glare at him while I can't help but smile, I missed them so much.

"Hush Ryan, she's my baby" mom says rolling her eyes "And she's my little girl" he says rolling his eyes mocking her. "I missed you guys so much" I say smiling sadly at them. Mom just pinches my cheek.

"Good thing I ordered you home then" mom says cheekily and I just shyly smile. Mom is not someone to mess with, when she wants something there's no room for discussion and she wanted me home, after 2 years of pleading with me to come back home, she finally demanded it and now im here.

Dad takes my luggage "Come on let's get you home" he says, grabbing mom's hand and walking towards the parking lot.

I follow suit, smiling at them, one day I hope to have a love like theirs, they perfect for each other. Mom was a cheerleader and dad was the star quarterback, mom and her best friend Ella Carter were cheering for one of their games when dad and his best friend Alaric Carter ran to them and finally asked them out after years of high school and they said yes, and then it was happily ever after for both couples.

Im pulled out of my thoughts when we reach the car, dad puts my luggage in the boot and mom and I get into the car. "Mia, all your brothers and the Carter brothers are away, RJ and Stephen had business to take care of in Hawaii so they all decided to make a trip out of it, they left a few hours ago they'll be back in a few weeks" mom says and I let out a breath of relief I didn't know I was holding.

"That's good, gives me time to settle in and get my things ready before they all come in and smother me, also time to prepare myself for their thousands of questions" I say and she nods but something tells me she put them to this "trip" she so calls it but I am grateful. Mom knows me well.

RJ is short for Ryan Junior and he's my eldest brother, 26 years of age, married to his high school sweetheart Leah and they share a daughter, my cute little four year old niece Shay, boy have I missed her.

And Stephen Carter is his best friend, also married and has a son, he is my brother's age, born a few months after each other, you would swear mom and Ella planned each of their pregnancies, except that one time, you know when I was born, I mentally chuckle.

Funny thing is I have four older brothers, and for each one of my brothers there's a Carter, each one of my brothers are best friends with a Carter of their age, born the same year around the same time. Everyone swears that this was Ella's and mom's plan. Our family and theirs are inseparable.

But when mom fell pregnant with me, Ella was not with child, when I was born everyone was ecstatic that I was a girl, they called me their golden girl because finally after 8 boys a baby girl was born, yes yes oh so adorable, not for me though, it's like I have 8 older overprotective brothers and they drive me crazy, even Ella and Alaric, a extra set of overprotective parents.

"Mia" mom calls bringing me out of my train of thought "Yeah mom?" I ask looking at her, while she's turned to the back in the passenger seat while dad looks at me through the rear view mirror.

"You okay back there honey? I've been calling you for the last 5 minutes" she asked concerned

"Yeah, yeah im fine was just thinking about the boys" I say smiling, she wriggles her eyebrows and smirks, "Nooo mom" I giggle and start blushing red as a tomato, ever since I can remember I've had a crush on the youngest Carter brother, Ace Carter, he was always so sweet and attentive, always looking out for me, but he always saw me as his little sister.

But even if he didn't see me as his little sister, he is and will always be my brothers best friend, my parents other son, and the fact that he's 5 years older than me will still be opposing factors.

"Hun im not even going to voice my suspicions or say a thing about your cheeks, but I will assure you none of them are boys, haven't been for years" she says smirking and I just roll my eyes, my mother.

We finally pull up at my home, I look opposite and see the Carters home and I smile, yess they even bought homes on the same street, opposite each other, psycho best friends.

Looking at my childhood home, it seems bigger than the last time I lived here, looking up at my three storey home, all my good memories come to life and I hear my giggles, the boys laughter as they chased me throughout the house,countless times after I stole their game controls. And I can't help but smile.

Just then my mother's phone rings "Hi, uhh yes this is she, okay be right there" she then kisses my father and comes to me "Baby im so sorry to do this but one of my clients just got arrested and I need to get to court" she says kissing my forehead.

"Yeah sure mom, see you later" I nod waving goodbye, my mother is a lawyer and has her own law firm, so alot of the time she's busy, good thing my brother Aiden Garcia, second eldest brother is training to take over and then my mother will have more free time.

Elijah Garcia is the third eldest, and then there's Liam Gracia the youngest , my favourite and closest brother, I love them to death but they are terrible, they both are fuck boys, heartbreakers also hasn't worked a serious job in their lives, they live off my parents and loving the bachelor life.

"Sweety let's get you in and settled" dad says bringing me out of my thoughts, lucky me I have dad 24/7 because he owns a few export companies and has people running it for him.

I go up to my room and immediately I feel like im home, and I can't believe I actually ran away from all this, from all of this love, my family all because of that bitch and her minions, lucky for me I have a few weeks before school starts to plan my sweet revenge.



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