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Chapter 4

[A few weeks later]

Mia Garcia

Today is the day, today is a very busy day, today is the day I go back to school, today is the day I face my fears, today my family comes home, not only that, not only did I find out that Ace was home and in hospital but also that he too will be joining my family here today, everyone decided that Ace and I should celebrate our welcome back party together, at my house.

To say im nervous as fuck would be a major understatement. But one thing at a time and first thing being, school today. This means getting my arse up out of this bed and getting ready.

After showering and dressing into a dark blue skinny, white crop top, with the words bitch in bold on it and my white boot converse and leather jacket, im good to go.

When i get downstairs my parents are sitting at the table, "Breakfast young lady, and im loving the T-shirt" mom says winking. I chuckle "No thanks mom, im too nervous to eat" I say and she just nods.

"We got a surprise for you, let's go outside" my father says excitedly, mom squeals and drags us out. When we get outside I start screaming in joy and excitement there in a black bow is a white BMW F80 M3 modified and I can't stop screaming. Now yes I got my licence and have driven countless cars before but I've never had one of my own.

"Oh My God, thank you mom thank you dad! I can't believe it! Its mine right? Its mine?" dad chuckles, nodding he gives me the key. Ohh yesss this baby is mine. I take a step back taking in every single detail of this perfection.

I go to hug them and I know im tearing up but im giggling at the same time "Go on now, you going to be late for school, and remember tonight's party don't be late, go now have a good first day" mom says kissing my forehead.

I get into the car, throwing my school supplies in the passenger seat, starting the car, purring as it comes to life, I shiver in delight, revving it, loving the sound, pulling out of my drive way like something out of the fast and the furious. Did I mention I have a thing for fast cars?


Ten minutes later im pulling into the parking lot of Princeton High, at the sound of this beauty pulling up everyone in the parking lot turns to stare, my ride must be looking hot.

Finally finding a parking space, I grab my things and get out, taking off my sunglasses, I lock my baby up and turn to head to the building when I see all eyes on me, I smirk.

Walking towards the building, stopping short when I spot the bitch and her minions blocking the entrance. I begin walking again, 'You strong, you beautiful, you got this' chanting in my head as I make my way to the entrance. And obviously they block my way.

"Katherine Rose, Queen B" she puts her hand out. I rolls my eyes and walk around her knocking her shoulder, audible gasps are heard,I keep walking, head held high with a smile.

Just then I feel someone grab my shoulder, turning around its none other than the bitch herself. "Excuse you, this is designer" she points to her silk pants "and your dirty cheap bag just knocked it, also who the fuck do you think you are barging into my school like this?"

By now we have a crowd surrounding us and I'm not about to let her walk all over the new me, and I'm not surprised she doesn't recognize me, I think I'm going to keep it a secret for a while.

"KACY, nice to meet you, im not interested in your designer clothing, or your fake friendship and quite frankly I don't give a fuck who you are, also I assure this school won't be yours for long, get lost slut" I say sweetly putting emphasis on her name I so purposefully said incorrectly, once again knocking her as I walk away.

Like clockwork "Ahhhhhhhh" she screeches, throwing a tantrum, stomping off while everyone snickers. Walking down the rest of the hallway to the office, I get looks of disgust, envy and even lustul ones from the boys and I can't help but feel good for standing up for myself.

Once I get to the office, there's another girl filling in a form for a schedule. Mmh new girl.

Just then the secretary comes to the desk. "Hi I'm Sharlene, new student?" she smiles sweetly "Uhm hi, kind of, my name is Mia, Mia Garcia." I say smiling back just as the girl next to me gasps.

"No way, Mia!" she screams hugging me tightly, im frozen in shock not knowing what to do while this crazy girl is choking the life out of me. She then pulls away and just stares at me as I stare back at her in confusion.

She's actually really pretty, tall, blonde, heart shaped face and she's smiling like a psycho but pretty none the less. "Mia it's me Sadie, Sadie Matthews" she says and then it clicks.

Sadie back then was so skinny, she could probably jump into a straw with her legs wide open and she had dull blonde hair and wore enormous glasses but the girl in front of me now is fit to be America's next top model.

Sadie always tried to stand up for me when Katherine and her minions use to bully me, a week before I ran away Katherine pulled my T-shirt up exposing my top body to the whole school and then kept calling me names while I cried, Sadie came and dragged me away from the crowd.

Two periods later when I came out of the ladies room when I finally stopped crying I bumped into Sadie who was hurriedly trying to get away, she had that glint in her eyes, just then Katherine's screeching voice could be heard and then Sadie chuckled, she had just cut Katherine's hair in class, she was too tired of being bullied and seeing me get bullied.

Sadly that same day she was suspended and her parents shipped her off to boarding school.

"Oh my god! Sadie im so glad you back!" I say going in to choke the life out of her this time.

She chuckles as I pull away "Girl you look good, damn, what you doing back here, last I heard you were in NY" she says while smiling

"Thanks you look great too, mother demanded I come back but im also here to get my revenge, how about you?" I say smiling evilly

She smirks "Same babe" and my body erupts in excitement. "Partner in crime" I say while holding my hand out and she shakes my hand "partner" she replies.

Just then the secretary comes with my schedule and we leave to our first class, seeing as we have all our classes together.

When we get there I go to sit in the middle desk in the middle row, when a boy stops me "That's Katherine's seat, I wouldn't do that if I were you" he says walking away

I look to Sadie and smirk "Is it now" I chuckle lowly, then I go to my bag and get my glue from my art supplies and use most of the bottle on her seat and then leave to find another seat with Sadie while she giggles.

Katherine walks in and plops her skinny ass on HER seat while Sadie and I giggle uncontrollably, she turns to us and gives us one of the dirtiest looks one could muster. We just smile back sweetly.


When the period finally ends, Sadie and I stay seated while we watch as Katherine gets up, hearing her silk pants tear, we burst in fits of laughter as she screeches. Her zebra panties on full display for the whole class to see

While the class stands watching, trying and failing to not laugh.

I get up and Sadie follows, I walk past Katherine "Now those pants are cheaper than my bag" I say with a condescending smile, while Sadie chuckles as we walk out of class.

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